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Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m conducting a sales pitch for what I believe to be one of the most invaluable items in the game. Heirloom loot. Not just any Heirloom loot though, I’m suggesting Shoulder slot Heirloom loot.


But Davlin, Tell us more!


Why yes, the shoulder slot heirloom loot, while not cheap, does come with some remarkable features. Allow me to point out the awesomely easy way it is to now twink out your alts without actually having to play them. These items are better than most you’d find and they adjust to your level.


Adjust to my level?


You heard me correctly; they adjust to your level. If you are level 1, the stats will be proportionate for a level 1. If you’re a level 34, the same stats will be proportionate to that level!


BUT WAIT! There’s more!


More?!?!? How could there be more?


I’ll tell you how. The items aren’t soulbound, but instead are bind on account. This means that if you buy one set of mail shoulder pads, you can send those back and forth between your shaman and hunter alts.


Yeah, but I bet they look like crap.


Not at all, all heirloom loot is based off of models from high end raiding loot. Your level 1 gnome warlock could easily look as though they’ve just ran Molten Core. You’ll be the envy of noobs everywhere.


Looks great? Adjusts to my level? Can be sent to anyone at anytime on my account? You’ve almost got me sold. But what’s the strategic value?


That’s the best part, and the reason you’ll want to buy these beautiful shoulder slot items as soon as possible!




But Dav, you silly oaf, I’ve never seen anything that’s labeled a monster in this game.


Oaf I might be, but not silly today. Everything that can be killed in this game of all games is a monster. Scarlet Crusade? Monster. Troggs? Monster. Baby Murlocs? Not Monster’s yet….but someday…


Wait…Why would you care Dav? I thought you were all “Yay hunters! Down with lesser classes!” Why would you care about items for alts? What are you hiding?


Shoot, you caught me. I do have a few alts, and I still hold to my pro-hunter stance. Every now and then though, servers go down, or you find your guild shy on a specific class and decide to roll one that ends up being not needed so you abandon him, return to him, abandon again, then heirloom loot makes you excited to go back to him.


His name is Lerytius. He’s a level 33 Dranei Priest of the Esoteric Order of Dagon (which is hilarious if you read H.P. Lovecraft). I’m leveling him as Holy and don’t understand the mantra “its impossible to level a holy priest.” First of all, before heirloom loot, he was leveling fast when I’d play him, which was rare. Second of all, since heirloom loot, I play him for an hour, BAM! Ding, leveled.


And yes, I do have other alts. I’ve got a level 22 prot warrior named Kaiserblade (I liked the movie SlingBlade), a warlock at level 18 named Davler, and an alt over on Venture Co. that is really just a low level copy of Davlin, a level 6 dwarf hunter that looks identical but I thought roleplaying would be fun. It’s obviously a hoot as he’s still a level 6… Oh…and then theirs my Death Knight…Davlinster…who gets on my nerves because he’s all “I sold my soul,” and I’d never do that. So….we’ll see if he ever gets played.


So now you know my dirty little secrets and I am still encouraging you to go out and get you some Stone Keeper’s Shards so you can be rocking that awesome heirloom loot. ROCK ON!


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Interesting Hunter Error….

So Jaffa isn’t leveling. He’s only earned 22 xp since I started the expansion 2 days ago…I’ve killed a ton of stuff. So I put in a ticket. This is what I got back.


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