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I got a peek at the webpage (thus far) and darn!!! It’s awesome. Mostly the look is about the same. But it looks like he went and brought in our old buddy Deanger for a “Scavenger hunt” type game. Just watch that Deanger, he’s got an attitude. There was one time where I brought him a pile of orc skulls and he wouldn’t give me full price. We haggled for hours before finally he caved in and gave me a pile of bolts that I needed for a shrink ray. He can be stingy, but I’m sure Furyen will keep him in line. 

Don’t forget though, just because Davlin is an awesome guild master, and great with blogs, doesn’t mean that its the only one on the net. As a matter of fact. Furyen/Kateff has a blog too (check it out). He’s never been too fond of the title “blog” so its listed as a guild report.

Also, if you are offering your profession for the guild to utilize to its fullest potential than please send me or Furyen a mail explaining what you can offer.

Finally, Macros, I’ve noticed that a lot of abilities have been altered, changed, or renamed. Be sure to update your macros as such. I know that ranks are included in names now. So if you had /cast Phyllis Diller, now you need to have /cast Phyllis Diller (rank 9). I know there’s some new misdirect macros, as well as pet mend things that I’m going to be redoing tonight. Silly thing about being at work is that the ideas pop into my head here, and I’ll forget about them by the time I actually get to the computer with WoW on it.

I think that’s it for this post. Be sure to check the webpage regularly. We rock. Keep up the good work Furyen.



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Hey all, I’ve got great news. As it turns out, when you nag….and nag….and nag…and nag… Like I’ve been doing towards Furyen, he goes and updates the webpage. So! Sometime today you’ll see our webpage with a shiny new makeover. WOOT!

In other news, Jaffa and I joined up with Mustafah, Dezaras, Meleah, and Furyen last night to do Heroic Mechanar. It went surprisingly easy. I honestly think that it might have been easier than Karazhan was.

Say what?

That’s right folks, you heard it here. Heroic Mechanar, easier than Karazhan.Also noted, that firey meany head Nethermancer Sepethrea isn’t a very nice person. Actually she’s a very mean person, and she is much harder than the final boss to kill.

Mechanar also taught me that I should use feign death more for wiping aggro. Bad Dav, no dying.

Also, in recent times, I’ve gone and ran the Headless Horseman quest in Scarlet Monestary. He was insanely easy. That aside, everyone in my crew managed to get some main loot drops. Everything that he can drop did with the exception of his mount. Guess we can’t all be that lucky. Horse, my ram, would be upset with a trade in anyways.

A special hat-tip and thank you to Lunastar, a non-guildy, who has once again found herself offering to help our guildies level up. Luna is a level 70 shaman healer who definitely knows her stuff. She joined up with Mummler and Lotticey last night, right after Lotticey hit 66, to help them level and beat that instance. During this run, Mummler also leveled, hitting 65.

Woot guys!

And remember folks, if the women don’t find you handsome, then you’re not in Ironforge!


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