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I applaud, understand, and respect those who use Vent to communicate to each other during raids. I’ve never used it, never felt the need to, and have done quite fine on my own without it.

Please…when someone says something along the lines of “I don’t use Vent.” please don’t freak out, cuss at them and boot them from the poor hunter’s first Naxx raid.

That’s disrespectful and silly.

In other news. I was frustrated for reasons I have already mentioned, took out all my saved up epic flyer money and leveled my engineering to get my Truesight Ice Blinders. Yay to resolutions being crossed off. I outfitted them with suggested gems off of maxdps.com. I encourage everyone to visit that site.

Special Hat-Tip to Henrik from myself and Celess. Thanks for that pants.

Oh, and we’re listed now!!

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Resolutions? You betchya!! First I’ll give you mine, then I’ll laugh at you with crazy zeal, and then I’ll give you some suggestions.

Here are Davlin’s Goals for the New Year.

  1. Get Engineering to 450
  2. Get Chopper Schematic
  3. *drool* Nesingwary 4000
  4. Epic Flying would be nice
  5. Truesight Ice Blinders are something I need to build for myself
  6. Level Jaffa and Bubba to 80.
  7. Get a moth.
  8. Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
  9. Break 100 blog views a day!
  10. Convince Blizzard that the title “Hunter of Nesingwary” will make everyone love Achievements.(ie: Davlin Of Nesingwary)

I suggest everyone start throwing their resolutions around the area of reputation. I mean, come on…dude…Drakes…guns….rings of Kirin Tor (Just another Hearthstone). That’s my suggestion. Get exalted with everyone.

Get Exalted with Davlin…

I don’t know if there’s a rep reward for that…

We’ll see.


Davlin’s 80! DINGERIFFIC!!!

And he ran his first Heroic. Drak’Tharon or however the heck its spelled.

So here’s the story.

Zaralin: I want the Triage Achievement, so if when Nexultor uses his Jumper Cables on you Dav, I’ll try to bandage you.

<<Rez Dav>>

Zaralin: Shoot, you’ve got more than 5 Percent health.

Davlin: No worries! I’ve got Goblin Global Thermal Sapper Charge!

Davlin puts thumb on trigger while currently having just barely above 5% health. “BAM!” He says for effect.

Nexultor: No Dav!! Don’t do it!

Davling pushes the thumb plunger.

Davlin goes up in a ball of flame and flying body parts.

Nexultor: /Facepalm

Zaralin: <<Rez Davlin>>

Davlin: Didn’t work? Wow…didn’t see that coming. No worry guys, I’ve got another one.

Group: /Facepalm…


–Happy New Year! –Davlin

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