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This is my arcane shot, steady shot rotation.  This macro is a modified version. Normally, the macro shoots one arcane shot, and then follows it up with 3 steady shots, after the third steady shot, the arcane cooldown is up and it re-shoots that. Of course, using this macro has more benefit to dps if you have the Glyph of Steady Shot and are applying Serpent Sting first.  You’ll see that at the end of the macro my modifications. I added “/cast Bestial Wrath /cast Kill Command” that’s because they are on separate cooldowns and don’t share the global cooldown. So as I’m spamming my rotation, it’ll reapply Bestial Wrath and Kill Command as their own cooldowns finish up. Tell me what you think, how I can make it better, or how its helped you. I love to hear it all.



PS: The podcast is up, be sure to tell me what you think about that.


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Ok, ran Heroic Utgarde Keep, again, as to see more of what might have been done to my dps. (Actually I ran it because it was the heroic daily and just so happened to be the exact same heroic I ran the night before and was all excited).

Anywho, my summary:

Yes, my overall DPS has dropped. By around 400 dps. What does this mean? It means that I still can be at the top of the charts, its just not as easy as it was. Pulling over 2000 dps is still easily done, as long as you pay attention to your rotation.

I use Serpent Sting and the Steady Shot glyph so that Steady Shot can proc 10% more damage, and I just tonight added the Arcane Shot glyph as to save even more on mana costs.

Before I ran into Heroic UK, I went and respecced. I basically robbed points from talents that I didn’t really think I needed and threw them into Improved Arcane Shot, as Arcane shot now makes up around 30-40% of my rotation damage. The way I worked it, I still have Aimed Shot, which I like having as its instant cast, aids my other shots, and ruins the target’s healing. Plus its only one point! What a steal. Anyways, so I respecced. I even got Frejya the Rabid ability in  her tree, which I had avoided previously for reasons I cannot begin to fathom.

Against Ingvar the Plunderer Punk:


Easy peasy. In the words of Pike: “Beast Mastery is not dead, my friends.

A quick call out to you all as well, hunter or not, how has the patch effected you? I’ve been noticing a lot of hunters are split on the issue, and my buddy over at Blogger (80 Elite) seems to have not seen much change for his spec in DK. What about the rest of you? (more…)

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