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Nexultor: They need more spirit beasts…like a boar or something…

Davlin: That’d be cool…


Its not a boar, but its a new skin, I’ll stick with Frejya, but I’m excited about hearing stories of this hunt. Plus…its just the first notice…their might be more…

I’ll bet Nexultor sends Kateff out for a boar hunt soon…

Also, I totally have a “What just happened…?” rant about my Second ever 25 man raid experience.

This is just more important, expect rant this afternoon.



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Ok, ran Heroic Utgarde Keep, again, as to see more of what might have been done to my dps. (Actually I ran it because it was the heroic daily and just so happened to be the exact same heroic I ran the night before and was all excited).

Anywho, my summary:

Yes, my overall DPS has dropped. By around 400 dps. What does this mean? It means that I still can be at the top of the charts, its just not as easy as it was. Pulling over 2000 dps is still easily done, as long as you pay attention to your rotation.

I use Serpent Sting and the Steady Shot glyph so that Steady Shot can proc 10% more damage, and I just tonight added the Arcane Shot glyph as to save even more on mana costs.

Before I ran into Heroic UK, I went and respecced. I basically robbed points from talents that I didn’t really think I needed and threw them into Improved Arcane Shot, as Arcane shot now makes up around 30-40% of my rotation damage. The way I worked it, I still have Aimed Shot, which I like having as its instant cast, aids my other shots, and ruins the target’s healing. Plus its only one point! What a steal. Anyways, so I respecced. I even got Frejya the Rabid ability in  her tree, which I had avoided previously for reasons I cannot begin to fathom.

Against Ingvar the Plunderer Punk:


Easy peasy. In the words of Pike: “Beast Mastery is not dead, my friends.

A quick call out to you all as well, hunter or not, how has the patch effected you? I’ve been noticing a lot of hunters are split on the issue, and my buddy over at Blogger (80 Elite) seems to have not seen much change for his spec in DK. What about the rest of you? (more…)

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Cool Picture.

Ran Nexus. Had an almost wipe. I was way back doing my ranged thing. Everyone died when Keriwhatshername was at 1% Health. She came running at me. I shot her BETWEEN THE EYES. She died. Slid to a stop at my feet. When everyone rezzed. Nexultor bowed and took this screenshot.

Please enjoy.


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A guild recently got himself a cat pet. So I thought I’d share some macros I use, this post is for all of you, and especially Manbarepig, of my guild Heroes of the Alliance.

Ok, these are the macros.


Ok, “On/Off” is the my Cower/Growl macro. When you’re soloing, click that macro and it’ll turn off cower (threat reduction). This’ll allow your pet to tank for you using growl (threat generation) and allow you to shoot as much as you want. That’s hunter soloing 101. When you’re in a group, click this button and it’ll turn off growl, which will stop your pet from trying to take aggro at every mob you come across and will also leave it so that your pet casts cower at every fight.

The second macro, “Prowl,” I use for controlling my pet’s autocast on prowl ability (Stealths the pet, reducing movement speed and allowing for the first hit while stealthed to proc for 50% more damage). Currently Prowl is bugged. Cat’s love running around with it and never are willing to just leave it turned off. Everytime you summon your pet cat, he/she will have prowl on autocast. Yay bugs. This macro is the fix. Left clicking this macro allows you to turn prowl on and off at your heart’s content, freeing up action bar space for other awesome abilities, like spirit strike for the spirit beast (yeah…I brought her up…she’s so pretty). The magic of this macro is the right click. If you right click this macro it’ll turn autocast for prowl off. So everytime you summon your pet, right click this, and bam! no autocast. You can save your concentration for other awesome things….like spirit strike.

I hope hunters everywhere love these with their hearts content. If anyone reading this has any modifier suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment. I love to fiddle faddle with macros.


Ps! I got the Sphere of Red Dragon’s Blood today! After that mess up from before where I accidently passed on it “Woot Me!”

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The Best?

Recently, I’ve found that there a lot of folks out there asking for the “best.” And I don’t mean they are asking for me….although they should be. What I mean is that they are going around asking what class is the best {Insert Group Role}.

Ie: A guildy recently asked me “What’s the best class for a healer?”
And of course, one of our resident shamans felt it necessary to boast his class pride. Sadly, before I could voice my lengthy and rather well-informed opinion about the subject, the curious guildy felt compelled to take his new information of “Shammy haz healz” to his Horde alt.

As to properly answer this, I feel as though I’m forced to instead address my belief in the term “the Best.”

Simply put, the Best is a myth. I think that there have been reports of it being sighted in Sholozar Basin, every six hours, and only for ten minutes…

Seriously though, the Best is relative. In all honesty, I can’t even say I’ve ever met anything I would say is the Best in terms of “all of Warcraft.” There are just too many variables and with the way the Blizzard has been revamping classes over the last year or more the classes for each group role all have the capacity to be just as good at the group role as any other class.

So here’s Davlin’s short list of the Best’s.

Healer: Anyone that can keep me alive through almost everything.
Tank: Anyone who can hold aggro through most situations and earned the title of “Dav’s Meat Shield.”
DPS: Anyone who knows how to properly ride an aggro wave without pulling aggro and causing a wipe.
Hunter: Me.
Pet: Any pet that’s special abilities and armor/health fits well with your play style.
Profession for making money: Any profession….period.
Northrend Starting Zone: Howling Fjord, don’t take my darned Cobalt Nodes and Steam Clouds in Borean Tundra!

This is, of course, all from my point of view. Over here in Hunter land, where I’m putting out DPS and trying to keep my mana up and pet alive, what matters to me is making it through a mob. As long as I’m watching the Aggro Wave, I’m the happiest little Hunter when I see that my tank is holding aggro, my healer is healing through the pain, and my other dps isn’t trying to steal aggro. If your choices for your group can carry you through every mob, then they’re the Best.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is:
What’s the Best? The Best is that small group of players that knows their class and their role in a group. The Best are also always courteous “good” players.  There is no best class for anything. You want the Best? Run with PUG’s until you find the Best. You want the Best? Run with Guildmates until you find the Best. You want the Best? Take me with you, cause it doesn’t get any better than this baby!

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Just remember…

On the cusp of the new year and all that jazz there are some things I’d like everyone to remember.

–Pugs, even the worst ones, aren’t bad. You learn playing styles and strategies, or (worst case scenario) you learn who ISN’T fun to play with.

–If you offer “free with mats” they’ll offer “free with mats.”

–No matter how much of a NOOB, or jerk, or whatnot someone is being, be the better person and be nice, never miss an opportunity to teach them a better way or lead by example. Be a Hero!

–10 days away from WoW leads to insane withdrawals that also lead to crappy blog posts about things to remember on the cusp of the new year.

–Set fun goals for yourself that fall outside of the realm of achievements. Want a special reputation or drop only cloak? Work for it. Want your profession up by a certain time? Do it! Want a Spirit Beast? Do it! And don’t let anyone take away the fun of working for your goals.

–Help out a guildy. Whatever guild you’re in, Heroes of the Alliance, or all the other…not quite as cool as HotA guilds, you’ve got members that, even though they might not ask for help, may want it. Offer. Usually it’ll end up being you just spreading a word or two of wisdom.

–Finally, REMEMBER TO JUST HAVE FUN. Who cares if you are hardcore or casual. I don’t. And you shouldn’t either. You play like you want to play. Its a video game. When I play Halo 2, or Age of Empires, or that Hulk Wii Game that I really suck at but love throwing people so I keep doing it, I laugh, I have fun, and down a brew and if I lose, I just keep playing, because its fun. It should be, and WoW is no different, except that there are 11 million other folks out there drinking brew with you too. *Clinky Clinky* Cheers.

A special thank you goes out to Furyen this week for helping a down and out fellow Hero out. When I was otherwise indisposed he helped me get some achievements I’d have otherwise missed. Thanks buddy.


PS: I’ll return to doing Macro’s of the Post when I get back to my home state and can properly put some much needed time into the blog. Woot!!!

PPS: Jaffa says hi and Happy Holidays. You should have seen him, Freyja, and Bubba wrestling over the reindeer antlers I wanted on of them to wear. Bubba one, only because of the opposable thumbs. It was really not fair.

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Me Haz Spirit Beast!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I, Davlin of IronForge have done the proverbial “it.” I’ve gone and stalked, trapped, and tamed the elusive spirit beast, Loque’nahak. I spent yesterday afternoon and this evening circling Sholazar, mining and sucking up Steam Clouds, as well as spamming the macro for targeting him if he arrives (/tar loque) and finally, at 9:45, at coords 20,71, I got her.

I’ve named her after Frejya, a Norse Goddess, simply because the name was uber pretty enough to match the awesome gorgeousness of said wonderful pet. And no worries folks, Jaffa isn’t jealous. He and her are getting along great. Just as well as Jaffa and Bubba get along. I’m honestly proud of him. He’s usually so tempermental when I bring home new pets.

Wanna see her?

OK! (more…)

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