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Know your Role!

There are tons of different types of guilds. Recently, my guild’s role came into question from some of its members. Several members were upset that we don’t ever get any good raid groups together, or plan for anything that’s a guild only run. At this I scolded “Read our Rules Page!”

Our guild is a self-proclaimed “Family Oriented/Social” guild. Our focus is to have fun and chat. That’s it. If a raid happens: Great! If not: So?

That being said, it brought to my attention that, no matter how many times you ask people to do it, its rare for guildies to actually go and check out any webpage that you might have put together. Because of this in-guild lethargy, many might be surprised when you say “Stop the chatter, we’re trying to PVP here!” or “Stopest Thou Chatter-est! We’re Attempting to RP here…est!”

So here’s a memo: Remind your guildies your guild’s role.

If you want, you can use this example I used:

Guilds are like towns, in which different job opportunities are available. If you come to my town, you’ll find a social type of job opportunity. But if you go to monsterjobs.com and find that a better job is being offered from some PVP or Raiding town, we aren’t going to chase you to the gates with pitchforks. Instead, we’ll wish you luck, and keep the phone lines clear for when you wanna call and catch up on old times, or maybe for when you need some folks for a PUG.

My guild isn’t a prison that you have to stay in until you die. My guild’s a home. Sooner or later, all the little birdies leave the nest.



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Hey y’all, I’ve had this sitting on the shelf for a day or two and thought I’d share.

Its a short story, inspired by a contest over at BigBearButt‘s blog.

Short synopsis: Prince Arthas asks for guilds to join him in his quest to destroy Mal’Ganis in Northrend. Davlin and Kateff attend as representatives of their guild and are taken aback by Arthas’ request that druids and hunter’s pets not attend. Click here for the full story.

Comment below on your thoughts, or on the site that the link goes to.


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