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Ok all, I thought I’d try to do a helpful post about important numbers that we should all be trying to reach for. So here goes. I’ve got a bunch of “this and that” caps. The numbers you should reach in order to max yourself out and if you go over them, its completely uselessness of doom. Or maybe more like uselessnesss of mediocrity. I don’t know.

Anywho: numbers.

Hit Cap! Been there, done that, there was a big post about it. Here’s the numbers again. These numbers work for everyone!

At level 60, you have a 90 hit cap. At level 70 you have a 142 hit cap. and at level 80 you have a 294 hit cap.

As in most things though, these are the max useful ratings for hit. You don’t always need max. When it comes to hit, I’m content with anywhere between 240 and 290. At my current rating of 222, I’ve got a miss chance of 2.2%. Yup, every 50 swings, I miss once. Whoopty-freakin-do0. I’m content at my current hit rating, so now I pour my efforts into leveling other things.

Hey you tanker tanks, here’s some numbers for you. DEFENSE CAP. At 60 you need 440 (210 defensse rating), at 70 you need 490 (330 Defense rating) and at 80 you need a whopping 540 (687 defense rating)! Good luck all you tanking fools.

Ok, now for the one that took me, literally, hours to figure out (ask Blogger (80 Elite)). Spell hit cap.

It took me forever because I just don’t understand it. I’m a hunter. I’m hit rating and attack power mixed with agility and more attack power. So here goes a very lost and weary explanation, don’t hate me if  I mess it up, just explain it, or better yet, write a long, very drawn out explanation and email it to me at davlinrocks (at) yahoo (dot) com. I’d love to have a guest blogger who knows a ton about this subject.

Dav’s attempt at explaining hit cap.

For every 26.23 of spell hit that you get, it gives you 1% spell hit at 80. And you need 17% spell hit rating to get the spell hit cap. This means that you need 446 spell hit in order to reach the cap. But if you’re raiding, there are tons of raiding buffs that raise your personalspell hit, and therefore, having 446 is kind of a waste of points (because people are going to raise it up that high for you when it matters). Because of this, an acceptable and encouraged spell hit rating is 341, allowing for you to place more effort into other areas of your character, as well as allowing for raid wide buffs to do their job. Magic number= 341!

I hope that all made sense. If not, Yay Guest Bloggers. Its a win/win situation. The only ones I like.

In other news, the patch didn’t come out on Tuesday, but we did see some repairs to the game mechanics. I hear that the biggest one was to a warrior and Dk threat bug. Defensive stance and Frost Presence would lose threat generation ability when people died, but would stay active in the buff list for the character. So unless the person reset their buff, they’d have much weaker threat generation and not understand why. Good news though! As previously mentioned, its been fixed! Grats to all you DK’s and Prot Warriors.

What else? Oh me? What have I been up to? I’m so glad you asked.

Running butt loads of heroics when I get the time, that’s what. In real life I hold two jobs. So I don’t get a ton of time to play. Mostly in the evenings I’ve been trying to make up for this with tons of heroicy goodness. Its like chocolate, only it doesn’t make me feel as fat. Thanks to Emblems of Heroism that I’ve been getting, I’ve finally got my crypstalker gloves (check a few posts back) and am loving the extra dps, but I’m not as freaking out about gear as I was before I got them. Beforehand, I was all very excited and anxious, not knowing what to spend my emblems on. I really wanted the chest piece, but the gloves were cheaper. To throw another wrench in my awesome conundrum, I also really wanted the Mirror of Truth, which was even cheaper. Well, I solved said conundrum and can rest easy for now. I solved it by looking at my rep. I’ve been wearing the Argent Crusade tabard into the Heroics I’ve been running. This has led to an almost exalted status. Argent Crusade has this at exalted: Polished Regimental Hauberk. This awesome chest piece isn’t quite the Crypstalker Chestpiece, but it’s awesome enough, and easy enough to get at this point, that I was encouraged to buy the gauntlets and a Pristine Monarch Topaz. This choice was made easier by looking at my rep reward options (I suck at working on rep, the Championing of rep is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me, now I can work on rep without even noticing) and noting that no really good gloves would be available for anything I was even close to exalted with. So I chose to get my Cryptstalker Gauntlets, do a few more heroics, get my chest piece from rep in a day or two, and then when I have enough emblems I’ll get the new Crypstalker one. Or heck, I might just wait for a 25 man Naxx and get the better one. We’ll see.

That leads into qualms with Rating Buster. Rating buster is an addon that I use to determine how good a piece of armor or weaponry is by converting all those little numbers on there into something simpler for me to understand (I really hate numbers). It uses green and red to tell you at just a glance if something is better or worse. My qualm comes with (and I think BRK mentioned in a post that he was hoping they’d fix a problem similar to this) the fact that it doesn’t determine how high it raises your DPS, specifically,  in reference to Armor Penetration. I had Interwoven Scale Bracers, which were nice, very nice. But when I went to Maxdps.com I found that Giantmaim Bracers added more to my dps, even though they lowered my attack power and crit chance. So I went ahead and did my homework. As it turns out, the Giantmaim bracers do increase my DPS (Which is all I , as a hunter really care about, more DPS). They do this by adding 2.23% armor penetration to my stats. While the rest of my stats drop (by small increments, I think attack power dropped by 13, etc) the increase to my armor penetration threw my DPS sky higher.

Don’t get me wrong. I love rating buster. Fast, mid Raid determination of if something is better? Oh hellz yeah! This is more of just a warning, be sure to know what your goals are and to understand that most addons can’t read your mind and know exactly what you want from them. So….yay new bracers.

As for the rest of my Week in WoW, I’ve been doing a lot of reading up on patch notes and such, I’ve been listening to all the newer posted podcasts, and (tonight) I managed to level Jaffa up to 80. Watch out all, he’s got lightning breath and will kill you!

This is super long winded. So I’m going to sign off and go to bed.

Oh! And its my birthday. So for a present I want tons of reader comments and one or two awesome guest blogs to enter my email box.


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