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Raiding Id’s…grrr…

Here at Epic Dwarven Blogger, our staff is constantly analyzing every aspect of the game and coming up with new and awesomely put together rants for your reading convenience…

What I really mean is that Mustafah and I got really annoyed at this thing here and he said “Blog it.” And I shall.

Raid ID’s suck! That’s it, flat out. We shouldn’t get punished for PUGging and ending up with a craptastically crappy group of folks, or a pile of ninja jerks, or, in the case of my first Saphirion (or whatever her name is) run a “Guild Run” that’s anything but.

I ran my first Saph 25 man, we’re kicking her butt, she does he little freeze blocks and Dav is well eDUMacated and finding himself having to tell the other hunters how to direct their attacks and pets. She dies. We hoot and holler. Loot drops. I say “Ooooh, Ahhh, That’d be awesome. Plus there’s been no hunter lewtz this whole run. I shall role.” I type /roll.

The freakin jerks say “Oh, Davlin, sorry, before you joined up we said that this would be a guild only drop, since this is a guild run.” I, frustrated, say ok, and recognize that my annoyance is in not getting my cool thing for my guild…

Until I mention this to my friend Wandrit and he asks me what guild…

And there’s no one from the same guild in this group. Not until later when we need more dps so I invite a guildy. So at best, its my guild run. At worst, they are lying jerks who need themselves a big ole taste of Nesingwary 4000!

My point is this: Because of the whole “Raid ID” thing, and how far we made it in certain wings, for me to finish this run without ruining it for other people, I have to keep coming back with these guys, or with people who miss out on all the other bosses. People who would, in effect, only get half a Naxx run, or less, that week.

That sucks.

I understand why they do it. Cuts back on farming or something like that. But it doesn’t seem fair that, in an effort to get a nice pug going, we have to sacrifice our good run because some jerks with noob liscences decided to join up.

That’s my grrr…



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Ok, first things first, Dav’s been a little MIA, in the last few posts. The show, the getting ready for the show, the frustration at not having recorded the show, all kind of contributed to Dav’s lazy postings.


What’s that Jaffa?

No…I haven’t been totally enjoying the spring fever and doing physical things like running…



No…The new Dresden Files book isn’t taking up all of my WoW time…


Durn it ya durned flying snake, No! I am not spending all of my WoW time using my new epic flight ability to make as much gold as possible through mining…


Ok fine! Fine! Fine! Durned wind serpent…more like a durned rat!

Yeah, I’ve been distracted. By both RL and Mining. Turns out that with Epic Flying and Mining you can easily make a TON OF GOLD a day. Also, the new Dresden Files book rocks. If you’re looking for something new to read, this is the series for you. Basically a wizard Dick Tracy. Who could ask for more? Oh, and I’ve been running during the time I usually go all blogerrific.

That being said all, we’re going to ignore Jaffa’s pining to go eat and I’m going to give you a little rant that’s been building up at the last 4 or 5 raids I’ve gone to:

Why the heck is it that when, I do my part, I pull the highest DPS in a 25 man run, against the hard bosses, doing all the tricks and bells and whistles, NO LOOT DROPS FOR ME!?!?!?!? Yeah, I get it. I really do. Its random (supposedly) and if the guys who did the best got the drops then of course the good would only get better and the bad would stay bad. I get it, I just don’t think its fair to me. I’ve ran a bajillion of these durned things and the durned things keep on dropping pally gear!!! THERE’S NOT A DURNED PALLY IN THE WHOLE DURNED RAID!!!

Or how about the Death Knight or Warrior I run with. One chooses to spec tank (DK) and the other chooses to spec DPS (Warrior) the specs that aren’t the norm, but are perfectly viable, and neither of them get gear for their specs. Yay, just what I wanted, a durned chest piece for a DPS DK, when I’m a freakin’ TANK, or a durned defense covered piece of plate that’s not gonna help me out with my dps at all.

Or how about the Druid Healer I run with, who has to wear cloth priest stuff because its the best in slot for her healing? I thought Blizzard just said “but the truth is our original design was that if druids want to raid, they have to heal. Our BC design was okay, you can try and raid with the other druid specs, but you are going to be inferior to other classes in tanking, casting or melee dps. We heard from plenty of druids who thought that was a terrible design and over time we decided we agreed and changed our vision for how raiding works. (Source)”

That’s my rant. I want loot that drops party specific. How hard is that blizz? Ok, Dav did the best on dps, but all that drops is a nice piece of mage gear, Dav smiles, because there’s actually a mage in the group. But if a durn-blasted pally piece drops on a durn-blasted pally-less run again I might just break Blizzard’s door down and let Jaffa loose…

Am I right buddy?


As a quick sidenote, I’ve gone and made Nexultor a contributor to the blog in the unlikely event that I just am unable to type, or unavailable to post something that is ready to post.

Stuff happens, he’s my backup, only because Jaffa still can’t look at a keyboard without hitting it with a durn-blasted lightning blast!

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DING! 77

Yeah, I know, its not important, there are millions of 80’s,but this isn’t a blog of what you think is important. It’s a blog of what makes me happy. So here ya go.



Helicopter, Oh how I’ve missed ye.

In other news, here are my new stats. I put my new point into my Serpent Swiftness to increase my haste. Me likey fast shooting. Jaffa’s right on my heals too, when he dings I’ll post his stats.



Woot me.

RAID IDEAS!?!?!?!?? THIS WEEKEND Someone gimme an idea. I know that if we’re shy folks that Henrik from Forgotten Heroes has offered his Guild’s help. 

I suggest one of the new ten man raids. I suggest Eye of Eternity. Saturday at 8:30 Server time. Whisper myself or Nexultor for any ideas and whatnot as well as to sign up. Or we’re just grabbing whatever punks…err…PUG’s we run across.

Grats everyone who got the Jenkin’s Achievement.

<<</SIGH>>> Hey all, Dietyman has gone and gotten himself stuck in a rut. He’s got the Avast Admiral! achievement. This means that all goblin neutral towns think of him as murderous scum, and at the same time, he needs goblin town access. While I’m fond of watching people wallow in the graves they’ve dug for themselves, I can’t stand by and watch one of our own suffer. So please send him all Mageweave cloth that you can. Deadwood Warriors in southern Felwood. Go there, kill them. <<<</grumble>>>>

General Macro of the Post:

/script SetRaidTarget("target", n)

where n is:

  1. Yellow 4-point Star
  2. Orange Circle
  3. Purple Diamond
  4. Green Triangle
  5. White Crescent Moon
  6. Blue Square
  7. Red “X” Cross
  8. White Skull

and 0 is no icon. It’s more helpful when used in the same macro call as preparing to sheep (when you as mage are leader) and other CC preps. Alone, this command line isn’t that useful unless with a key binding, since you can just rightclick the unit frame to change the icon.

Class Specific Macro of the Post: DEATH KNIGGIT:

Blood Bath

/cast Vampiric Blood
/cast Rune Tap

This is for Blood Spec. Death Knights. If you have 2 blood/death runes up, one click will allow a nice little heal. Each spell is on a 1 min cooldown. Takes your normal Rune Tap healing aspect and adds 50% to it. Great with Improved Rune Tap. This macro it mostly an “OH SHI-” button, but good none the less.

NEXT POST!!! DAVLIN Hands our most helpful allies the honor of  Honorary Hero of the Alliance!!!!

Stay TUNED!!!


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