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Know your Role!

There are tons of different types of guilds. Recently, my guild’s role came into question from some of its members. Several members were upset that we don’t ever get any good raid groups together, or plan for anything that’s a guild only run. At this I scolded “Read our Rules Page!”

Our guild is a self-proclaimed “Family Oriented/Social” guild. Our focus is to have fun and chat. That’s it. If a raid happens: Great! If not: So?

That being said, it brought to my attention that, no matter how many times you ask people to do it, its rare for guildies to actually go and check out any webpage that you might have put together. Because of this in-guild lethargy, many might be surprised when you say “Stop the chatter, we’re trying to PVP here!” or “Stopest Thou Chatter-est! We’re Attempting to RP here…est!”

So here’s a memo: Remind your guildies your guild’s role.

If you want, you can use this example I used:

Guilds are like towns, in which different job opportunities are available. If you come to my town, you’ll find a social type of job opportunity. But if you go to monsterjobs.com and find that a better job is being offered from some PVP or Raiding town, we aren’t going to chase you to the gates with pitchforks. Instead, we’ll wish you luck, and keep the phone lines clear for when you wanna call and catch up on old times, or maybe for when you need some folks for a PUG.

My guild isn’t a prison that you have to stay in until you die. My guild’s a home. Sooner or later, all the little birdies leave the nest.



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ooo Neato

Euripides, over at http://outdps.wordpress.com/ brought this to my attention today. And it looks like it was brought to his attention by Brigwyn at http://www.brigwyn.com/:


Kinda neato. Shows you who you’ve killed….has me a little confused though. It says that I haven’t downed the boss for Drak’Tharon Keep on Heroic mode…but I know I have, like thirty times (Disclaimer: Dav Exaggerates…a lot…his ego is a magnifying glass for his achievements, you’ve been warned).

Awesomely enough, its also brought to you by www.WoWheadlines.com creator and http://www.alteracvolley.com/ creator, Nance.

Rock on!


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Just remember…

On the cusp of the new year and all that jazz there are some things I’d like everyone to remember.

–Pugs, even the worst ones, aren’t bad. You learn playing styles and strategies, or (worst case scenario) you learn who ISN’T fun to play with.

–If you offer “free with mats” they’ll offer “free with mats.”

–No matter how much of a NOOB, or jerk, or whatnot someone is being, be the better person and be nice, never miss an opportunity to teach them a better way or lead by example. Be a Hero!

–10 days away from WoW leads to insane withdrawals that also lead to crappy blog posts about things to remember on the cusp of the new year.

–Set fun goals for yourself that fall outside of the realm of achievements. Want a special reputation or drop only cloak? Work for it. Want your profession up by a certain time? Do it! Want a Spirit Beast? Do it! And don’t let anyone take away the fun of working for your goals.

–Help out a guildy. Whatever guild you’re in, Heroes of the Alliance, or all the other…not quite as cool as HotA guilds, you’ve got members that, even though they might not ask for help, may want it. Offer. Usually it’ll end up being you just spreading a word or two of wisdom.

–Finally, REMEMBER TO JUST HAVE FUN. Who cares if you are hardcore or casual. I don’t. And you shouldn’t either. You play like you want to play. Its a video game. When I play Halo 2, or Age of Empires, or that Hulk Wii Game that I really suck at but love throwing people so I keep doing it, I laugh, I have fun, and down a brew and if I lose, I just keep playing, because its fun. It should be, and WoW is no different, except that there are 11 million other folks out there drinking brew with you too. *Clinky Clinky* Cheers.

A special thank you goes out to Furyen this week for helping a down and out fellow Hero out. When I was otherwise indisposed he helped me get some achievements I’d have otherwise missed. Thanks buddy.


PS: I’ll return to doing Macro’s of the Post when I get back to my home state and can properly put some much needed time into the blog. Woot!!!

PPS: Jaffa says hi and Happy Holidays. You should have seen him, Freyja, and Bubba wrestling over the reindeer antlers I wanted on of them to wear. Bubba one, only because of the opposable thumbs. It was really not fair.

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I hate 133t speak….

Anyways, long time no blog.

I’m practicing my adaptablity to pugs. Other than that, yay new engineering recipes and Mustafah’s sending me an Eternal Belt Buckle. Dude, you rock.


Death Knight Analysis: Brought to you by Furyen/Nexultor.

He and I dueled the other day, we’re the same level and I can tell you right now, it was close, but they aren’t overpowered. I defeated him at each duel, and he’s a damned good player. So, to all of you that think Dk’s are overpowered, they aren’t, they’re just different. Just like every other class, different abilities, same pilot.

Furyen’s report: LATER THIS WEEK! Be prepared!

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