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Has been mighty fine.

I signed on, all excited…and got booted…and then signed on again….and got booted….and got booted and got booted…and then….RAN TO THE FLIGHT PATH IN DALARAN AND TOOK OFF.

As soon as I left Dalaran and all those lesser beings trying to sign on at the same time I was, I was fine. I immediately went to Stormwind via teleporter to Netherstorm and than flight path to Shattrah…because come on…Shattrah’s dead…

Call Stabled Pet, 25 gold. Respec Jaffa and Frejya, Dav happy. I’m 100% sure that I’ll be able to get more dps out of them then before, and thanks to Call Stabled Pet, I can afford to test Jaffa in an instance, and if it doesn’t work out, just trade him out for Frejya, she won’t mind sitting bench for a few runs.

Tried to get a good idea of my dps from a target dummy…but Nexultor wouldn’t sit still, so I hit up a real target dummy at Stormwind and the lag kinda made it difficult. I can generally say though that either my DPS is the same, or slightly more thanks to pet attacks.

I have not yet bought dual specs to institute my “attempt.” But as soon as I hit the next 1000 I might….or I might buy those awesome bracers off the AH that drop in Naxx as a BOE. We’ll see….depends on my day.

But mostly…


I spent last night farming.

Can’t do jack if you ain’t got money, and everyone needs stuff on patch day.

Oh, then of course I remembered you could get schematics out of Gnomer now, and ran there to do my monthly run.

I’m a proud owner of the Pet Bombling Schematic now…and soon…the world…

And I’m stoked about the awesome amount of bag space I have now. Seriously, Yay bullet stacking and autoshot haste increase. Dav happy. And everyone knows that a happy Dav makes the world a great place.


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That being said. I’m kinda excited about the patch. Can’t wait to download it. I can’t wait to never use an ammo pouch again. I’m so using Call Stabled Pet as soon as I can. I’m so excited. Gotta do some more show notes and get ready for the Rilgon prerecorded interview tonight. Show tomorrow, at Nukmnation.com at 9 eastern time. Feel free to join us in the chat room!


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New patch this week…again!

Hey y’all! How are you? Anything new going on? Well that’s good to hear.

Me? Oh nothing new at all. I mean its exactly the same today as last week. We’ve even got another patch to talk about.

That being said, before I give you the patch notes I’d like to do a quick “Hooray!” for the hunter fixes coming. Kindred Spirits increasing pet damage by 20% now instead of 15% and Serpents Swiftness with it’s beautiful 20% attack speed increase! BLAM me likey speed. Also a fast note about hunter PVP, I don’t like it, try to avoid it, but for those of you who care, lava breath and poison spit for pets was nerfed to a 25% casting speed debuff on the target as opposed to the previous 50%. Even I, Mr. PVPDoesn’tMatter, am all “What the Heck’s the Point Now?” I foresee Sporebats and other PVP pets making a comeback.

Now for your goody to goodness patch notes. Durn Blasted Patches, I swear to Elune, if patches could be see on our character’s armor, we’d have more holes in our outfits than outfits themselves. Probably running around all nekkid.

Patch notes…./grumble. (more…)

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Hey all, I’ve been talking waaaaaaaaay too much about a hunter nerf, and I like to try to not be just a hunter blog. I want to be an everyone blog with a touch of extra huntery goodness. So, I called up a shammy pal and said, “HEY YOU, Write for me!” And she did. Here’s the Shammy Perpective of Patch 3.0.8 from Shranea, a Shammy of Heroes of the Alliance (My Guild) on the Hydraxis Realm!

The patch changes for Shaman were mostly for elemental shaman. Since I’m one of those oh so lovable enhancement shamans, I only got a few things from it, but they were definitely useful.

The main thing that, in my opinion, effects my abilities is the increased damage of magma totem and the fact that it no longer generates threat. I used to hesitate to use it because when I put it down it would usually get destroyed after it’s first pulse, and the creature that attacked it would then go for me. That’s not good. Even when I’m soloing it’s not good because I’d have to repeatedly waste mana to put down more and more of these darn totems since they’d get destroyed so quickly. Now, I find myself actually able to help when aoe is need, and not die from it. Yay!

Another small thing, increased duration of Tremor totem. As we all already know, tremor totem is just awesome for those bosses and mobs that like to fear your party around all day. Sometimes when I’m in a fight, I’ll get distracted and don’t always watch the duration left on my totems and may not notice when one goes down, and Tremor totem just seems to go out so quickly. Now it matches the rest of my totems, so unlike not noticing when one is out, I’ll notice when all four go out.

Shamans were almost nerfed though! Oh noes! Mental quickness was supposed to change to convert 70% of agility to spellpower, but it was reverted back to converting 30% of attack power to spell power. Good thing to. Think about it, I get in a raid, get all nice and buffed and I have over 6k AP. That means around 2k bonus spell power. On the other hand, I have around 700 agility. 70% of that is around 500 spell power. Which would you rather have in a group? Luckily, that was changed. Woot for getting saved from a nerf!

Finally, the last thing that Shamans got, was a free respec! Getting those talent points refunded can be a pain to go back through, but sometimes it’s nice, especially if you’re like me and realized too late that you wanted more points in something .

That’s awesome, I didn’t know anything like Mental Quickness existed. Sounds almost like the new shammy content was aimed at pushing shammy’s into raids. If anyone else would like to do a “Class Patch” Post, please send one to me, or if you don’t want a whole post devoted to you (Why Not?), then I guess you could just leave a comment.

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Ok, General Thoughts on Hunter Nerf.

Pets are uber weaker. I’m a BM hunter. I notice pet damage. Pet damage is much less, especially in Jaffa (wind serpent) vs. Frejya (spirit beast). I’d almost say that Spirit Beast is actually better, but that’s just in comparison to my other pets I think, so I won’t make that assumption. Bubba (Gorilladin) did his job well, which was hold mobs for me to volley. I didn’t watch his dps.

That brings me to Volley.

30% decrease very easy to see. Ouch.

Steady Shot. Yes its nerfed, this is countered though with…

Arcane Shot. Buffed. Less mana cost. I’m very happy.

I normally drain mana like a dying man in the desert would drain a glass of water, but tonight Mana wasn’t drained so badly, and life was good.

Now for the numbers (or explanation of general numbers because numbers are the devil).

Against a boss target dummy, my dps with Jaffa was down by about 20 percent.

In Heroic UK, my DPS with Frejya was up by about 1000. It was nothing for me to top the DPS charts. I normally have to fight to stay even with my Fury warrior buddy. Not tonight, it was really easy to hold the top slot all night. Yay to new shot rotation. Yay “Serpent Sting, Arcane Shot, Rapid Fire, Steady Shot” Rinse repeat.

So…I don’t think it was a nerf. I think that abilities got nerfed, oh heck yes, but in the end, depending on your chosen shot rotation and play style, I think it might have either been a static change or…be careful….a BUFF.

*dodges nerf bat*

That’s my opinion for tonight. I’ve never had a heroic that easy. And I held the tops of the charts all night with little effort.


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*Runs in circles yelling “Woop woop woop woop!”

THE PATCH 3.0.8 IS HERE. Ladies and gentlemen, I can’t wait to start playing around with it. I’m so excited. Its like a new toy!

But Dav, You’re a hunter, you should be upset!

Forget that! I’ve discussed this patch and my confusions towards it before. Its a nerf, but barely noticable, and we kind of needed it.  Not to mention that they’re lowering of the mana cost for arcane shot makes life all happy by giving us Beast Mastery hunters a shot rotation. Ask anyone I play with “There’s Dav, Spamming Steady Shot again…” No more! Now I do other things. In all fairness, my tree has been worked with a 54/17 build to give me Aimed Shot as well (Its an instant cast, meaning I can cast it while rocket booting away, or jumping when fighting that Nexus punk dragon who casts that freezing Debuff). But I’m working on a huge post to explain my choices in my spec for later.

Plus engineering’s getting a bunch of great stuff. So all in all, Dav’s happy. And no one knows how to put a great spin on a hunter nerf quite like Pyke.

Besides, with a hunter nerf, maybe we’ll see the return of CC? Just a thought.

Yay Happy Dav Dance!

 Totally snaked this pic from Blogger (80 Elite)!

Anywho! Yay patch. Full notes are after the cut.


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Patch News

I’ve said it a million times since WotLK came out. Literally, at least 1 million times. They need to come up with a newer and cheaper repair bot. Give it a cooler skin and make it really easy to make.

Well ladies and gentlemen, as of 3.0.8, and according to my reading of the news over at wowinsider.com , they give us just that.

“One of those gizmos is about to get significantly more useful: the Scrapbot will be able to repair your gear “in a future patch.” The smart money is on 3.0.8 for that future patch, since Scrapbot repairs were added to the latest build of that patch on the PTR just yesterday. This means that once again, Engineers are the providers of in-instance repairs, and this time around it’s significantly cheaper than last time, with 10 Saronite Bars giving you 5 of the little guys. ”

Now, I’ve just got to go and do the quest line that gives me the option to make the little guy.

If only I could convince Blizzard to listen to my other idea of giving me a percentage of repairs that my group pays for on that thing. You know…some money for my effort.


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