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That whole live thing we talked about in the podcast? Looks like its coming true. Stay tuned for show times and all the what-not. When we know, you know. Jaffa’s nervous, but I keep telling him, its just like the podcast, sit back there and look pretty and I promise no one will laugh at you (or know you are there).

I’m taking a picture of Eresin’s gift to me, CheekyBeasty, tonight and posting it just as soon.

Other than that, not too much happened last night in WoW. I ran a few lower levels (78) through Halls of Lightning. Yay! Things died because I shot them. That’s about it. Then, as a premptive strike (since I’m sure someone is going to suggest some sort of Huge BRK run) I went and made another Davlin on BRK’s server and started leveling him up. He’s a 4. I only played for about 20 minutes. I was tired.

That’s about it. Tonight, I think, is OS 10 man and Archavon 10 man. Rock on!



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Ran OS

Ran OS ten man last night, and it was FREAKING EASY. (Thanks for the invite Forgotten Heroes and good job my guild!) We walked through it easy peasy.

Poor Boop, Poor Frejya. Durned boss fight sucks for pets. I’m constantly hitting follow/attack/follow/attack and most of the time its never fast enough.

That aside…

DUUUUURRRRNNN that was easy.


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Slow week

Its been a slow week for mine blogging. Not too much in the world has been going on. Tonight I’ve got my first OS run scheduled (yeah, its my first, I can’t seem to ever get anyone to go or I’m too busy). Other than that not too much else.

BRK went and showed a video expressing how the dual specs are currently looking in the PTR, I suggest all classes go and take a look. He also did a hunter training video, his first in a series, and it was really well done.

In Dav news, I’ve been helping a friend level her druid by playing an old Warlock alt named Davler. Its been kind of fun. I don’t mean it offensively when I say there are tons of parallels between hunter and warlock mechanics. I tried helping my friend with a warrior…its not for me… so I went back to my old warlock that I used to play (so much so that he was a whopping level 18 when I found him and needed to be respecced after the 3.0.2 talent wipe…lol). Its been fun. Of course when my friend (Hi Sondaris!) gets up near the late 30’s I’ll switch over to my priest (I like Lerytius a little more than this warlock), but until then its nice to run around and blast the heck out of stuff. I’d be remiss in saying that I didn’t like the whole RAIN OF FLAMING HELL I can drop on mine enemies. Plus I’ve been reading a lot of the Harry Dresden books lately and playing Davler satiates my need for wizardy magic.

Off of that topic, Davlin is totally stoked about OS. If guildies read this, me and Wandrit/Dezaras are going to pug that punk tonight, starting with guildies and then picking up whatever we need to fill the gaps. Dav wants OS like he wants epic flying (Still don’t have it…so sue me…).

Oh, and expect updates to my “Dav’s Approved Blogness” and maybe my banner, same concept, new design…we’ll see.

But if you’d like a link posted off to the side, I’ve got a few in mind already, then go ahead and drop a comment begging for my recognition of your awesomeness.

I’m easy. Just ask.

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