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Cool Picture.

Ran Nexus. Had an almost wipe. I was way back doing my ranged thing. Everyone died when Keriwhatshername was at 1% Health. She came running at me. I shot her BETWEEN THE EYES. She died. Slid to a stop at my feet. When everyone rezzed. Nexultor bowed and took this screenshot.

Please enjoy.



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First off! Yay new blog look. Epic Dwarven Blogger’s taken a turn towards the different. Why, you might ask? That’s an easy one to answer.

Davlin is never happy with the look and thus its always under new direction. Tell me what you think. If y’all hate it, Davlin might change it. He also might just grab a pint and cuss you all out, take your chances.

Second on the agenda today is Dav’s absence from blogging for almost a week? (A week? Lemme check…nope…only 4 days…wow…seemed longer.) I’ve been kind of sick. “Kind of sick” equaling out to Dav can’t even sign onto WoW for much longer than maybe one Heroic a night! Oh the shame! But no worries my friends and fans, Davlin feels as though he’s on the mend, as this light hearted (yet could turn out ominously dark) post implies.

In other news, Yay Hunters loot! Got me some nice bracers last night that just ROCKED MY SOCKS! Seriously, my socks are still shaking. Yay Heroic Nexus. Sadly though, in a fit of Davlin doesn’t want to take it all (Need roll on bracers, greed and win on Frozen Orb) I passed on Sphere of Red Dragon’s Blood, because I thought the DPS guys I was running with could use it. Turns out they already had it or something better, and our wonderful healer Zaralin ended up with a useless trinket to sell off of a greed roll. Let that be a lesson to you, Davlin, being greedy’s ok when everyone you’re running with has run these Heroics a few more times than you.

Oh yeah! Naxxramus is coming up for my guild. For all you guildies of mine that read this, start doing your homework. First of all, you all need to start gearing up. Some of you are fresh 80’s, right out of the box, still smelling like the guy at the factory with the greasy hands and the cigarette who inspected the plastic wrap before you got shipped. You need to go out and you need to hit heroics, HARD! You also need to go out there (ie WoWwiki.com) and you need to read up on Naxx now now now!!!As stated in previous rantings, I don’t use Vent, even though our Guild does have a channel (thanks Zaralin), and I’m sure some other folks out there might not either, so save us some typing time and learn the fights. Yes, I will take the time to do a short refresher course before every attack, but that’s no excuse, I love you all, go read.

And finally, I’ve decided that I want to beg and plead, but since I’m lazy, I’m going to rant about what I want WoW to do in an upcoming patch and hope that by ranting about it, it’ll leap from my mind to some Blizzard Employee’s and become reality. What am I begging and pleading for?

I want a Cavern’s of Time: Gnomeregan.

You heard me right. Take the largest, most fun instance ever, and revive it.


Easiest way: Raise the level of the bosses and trash. Done. Davlin’s Happy. Jaffa Rejoices. Frejya does a little Spirit Dance. Bubba Pounds Chest in Elation.

Better way: We’ve already seen thousands of quests where you fight with or against a copy of yourself. In Old Kingdom there’s even a point against that final boss where you fight phased evil versions of your party. So here’s my plan. The same Gnomeregan map, all the baddies are the same, but the levels are bumped up so that they’re a challenge. In the little safe zone in Gnomer, instead, you find that the gnomes all holed up there were replaced by those evil blackish time dragons and they’re about to kill some hostages. Who? You and your teammates. That’s who. From the past. I’m currently unsure of if their levels should be different, but we’ll work that out in the beta testing. So the first half of the instance is a timed race to get to the hostages, and the fact that they are you is a surprise the time lord guys never told you. You get there and you have to fight a boss to free them. That’s your first boss. Then you’ve got 5 new members. Its a ten man raid! Woot! Now you and your counterparts have to make it through the rest of the instance, where every other boss is also some time dragon. The kicker? If your counterpart dies, you die. So yeah, you get extra heals with your healer’s double, and extra dps with your dps double, but if the double dies, you’re out of luck (Maybe for this reason the counterparts should be the same level as you in normal, but in heroic they are level 70’s). The final boss robot guy with the bombs can be different, sure, why not. And we’ll have it where he randomly takes a counterpart and offers them up for some sort of sacrifice thing like that chick in Utgarde Pinnacle. Oh yeah, that would rock.

Mostly I just want Gnomer to come back. I’d just be happy if they allowed us the option to make the current Gnomer heroic. No code rewrites, no huge patches. Just lemme go in there and have a challenge still. Jaffa hungers for lepers.

Ok, time to swallow my engineering pride (I’m too lazy to level the last 9 points) and send Nexultor the mats for the Nesingwary 4000. I’ve got me some Heroics to run.

Peace out!


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Wow, there’s so much to report on since the release has come out. I’ll try to sum up everything I’ve done and some of my goals.

  • I’ve explored all of Borean Tundra.
  • I saw a Tuskar repair guy, I went to repair, next thing I know I’m in Dragonblight…Turtle Boats, Dav want.
  • I’ve done almost all of the Borean Tundra Quests.
  • I’ve ran Nexus with Meleah, Mustafah, Furyen, and Dezaras. See previous post for Dance Party.
  • I guilted everyone into putting more money into the guild bank.
  • In a silly effort to find…flightpaths?…Dalaran…? I don’t remember….Mustafah and I searched most of Sholazar Basin. Found Nesingwary, and discovered that fighting level 77’s isn’t that hard….yay PVP gear and kickbuttedness.
  • Have only leveled to 71.5. I’m happy with that. Taking my time has been more entertaining than I thought it was.
  • I’ve made friends with Murlocs….it upsets and excites me….I can understand them now too….makes me want to go back to Wetlands and see if I understand them when they yell at me.
  • I’ve said the words, “They are so cute.” in reference to Murloc babies.
  • I’ve learned that Orcas will NOT teleport you to Dalaran….and am laughing because I told a bunch of people in General chat that they do… (thanks BRK)
  • I’ve taken screenshots that I need to post.
  • Thanks to Engineering, I now have more toys than ever (I’m Batman).
  • I’ve seen Jaffa level, and it made me very happy.
  • I got a Rhino, his name is Carl.
  • Gold is easy to get in Northrend, and I think this is why mammoth mounts cost 20k.
  • I’m still fighting the good fight against DEHTA (I killed me some mammoths….even the babies….it gave me the “covered in blood” buff….Yay!)
  • ….sigh….Made a DeathKnight. He looks exactly like Davlin, his name is Davlinster. I’m original like that. No Jaffa….that saddens me….this DK obviously lacks taste.
  • Helped a hunter find a kickbutt worm pet. Dueled him, defeated him. I still rock.
  • Made an explosive decoy
  • Ran Old Hillsbrad dressed like a female gnome with a Beehide hairdo because the Old Hillsbrad instance won’t let you enter as a Female Dranei. I was a female dranei because of a transporter malfunction….sadly….this happens a lot….
  • Went AFK in the middle of a bunch of level 70’s and 71’s to make dinner, came back ten minutes later and there were corpses all around my body, and Jaffa was just finishing with the last one…Good Jaffa…you still rock.
  • Thanked Elune for the Teleporters and Hearth stone, now I can make it anywhere with just the click of the button, unlike all you other guys who have to wait for boats or find Dalaran. HAHA. I WIN!

I’m pretty sure that’s everything I’ve done that’s noteworthy, although its easy to see that I might have been forgetting something. I’m contemplating moving on from Borean Tundra to the Howling Fjord or Sholazar Basin after I’ve finished this ton of quests (at about 10 left now I think, although they could easily be chain starts). We’ll see… But I shall fully explore every aspect of this game in all my Huntery Goodness. Death Knight Davlinster be Darned!


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