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You read the headline correct! Ghostcrawler of the Dev team over at Blizzard announced today that they had all come to the conclusion that they “Over-nerfed BM.” They’ve planned to buff BM before the opening of Ulduar by making changes to Kindred Spirits and Serpent Swiftness.

What does this mean?

It means that, yes, while our shots have been nerfed, Blizz recognizes that the hardest punch to the BM gut was the nerfing of Pet DPS. Thus the improvement of Kindred Spirits will make pet damage better and Serpent Swiftness will give us a bit more haste, which is awesome, since if we shoot faster, we do more damage over time.

They won’t return us to anything near pre-3.0.8, AND I DON’T WANT THEM TO. Our pets were the problem and our current shot rotation as BM, while weaker than what it was, is more efficient. A boost to pet damage and haste is just what the doctor ordered.

We’ll still see a lot…and I mean a lot of QQ, but heck, I’m pretty sure that this pardigm shift that we call 3.0.8 was just shifted in our favor, so maybe the QQ will quiet down a little.

You’ll hear me rant more about this in next week’s podcast, I promise.

I’m so excited I could cry.

Eresin, I do hope that you haven’t respecced Survival yet.


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Ok, ran Heroic Utgarde Keep, again, as to see more of what might have been done to my dps. (Actually I ran it because it was the heroic daily and just so happened to be the exact same heroic I ran the night before and was all excited).

Anywho, my summary:

Yes, my overall DPS has dropped. By around 400 dps. What does this mean? It means that I still can be at the top of the charts, its just not as easy as it was. Pulling over 2000 dps is still easily done, as long as you pay attention to your rotation.

I use Serpent Sting and the Steady Shot glyph so that Steady Shot can proc 10% more damage, and I just tonight added the Arcane Shot glyph as to save even more on mana costs.

Before I ran into Heroic UK, I went and respecced. I basically robbed points from talents that I didn’t really think I needed and threw them into Improved Arcane Shot, as Arcane shot now makes up around 30-40% of my rotation damage. The way I worked it, I still have Aimed Shot, which I like having as its instant cast, aids my other shots, and ruins the target’s healing. Plus its only one point! What a steal. Anyways, so I respecced. I even got Frejya the Rabid ability in  her tree, which I had avoided previously for reasons I cannot begin to fathom.

Against Ingvar the Plunderer Punk:


Easy peasy. In the words of Pike: “Beast Mastery is not dead, my friends.

A quick call out to you all as well, hunter or not, how has the patch effected you? I’ve been noticing a lot of hunters are split on the issue, and my buddy over at Blogger (80 Elite) seems to have not seen much change for his spec in DK. What about the rest of you? (more…)

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Ok, General Thoughts on Hunter Nerf.

Pets are uber weaker. I’m a BM hunter. I notice pet damage. Pet damage is much less, especially in Jaffa (wind serpent) vs. Frejya (spirit beast). I’d almost say that Spirit Beast is actually better, but that’s just in comparison to my other pets I think, so I won’t make that assumption. Bubba (Gorilladin) did his job well, which was hold mobs for me to volley. I didn’t watch his dps.

That brings me to Volley.

30% decrease very easy to see. Ouch.

Steady Shot. Yes its nerfed, this is countered though with…

Arcane Shot. Buffed. Less mana cost. I’m very happy.

I normally drain mana like a dying man in the desert would drain a glass of water, but tonight Mana wasn’t drained so badly, and life was good.

Now for the numbers (or explanation of general numbers because numbers are the devil).

Against a boss target dummy, my dps with Jaffa was down by about 20 percent.

In Heroic UK, my DPS with Frejya was up by about 1000. It was nothing for me to top the DPS charts. I normally have to fight to stay even with my Fury warrior buddy. Not tonight, it was really easy to hold the top slot all night. Yay to new shot rotation. Yay “Serpent Sting, Arcane Shot, Rapid Fire, Steady Shot” Rinse repeat.

So…I don’t think it was a nerf. I think that abilities got nerfed, oh heck yes, but in the end, depending on your chosen shot rotation and play style, I think it might have either been a static change or…be careful….a BUFF.

*dodges nerf bat*

That’s my opinion for tonight. I’ve never had a heroic that easy. And I held the tops of the charts all night with little effort.


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*Runs in circles yelling “Woop woop woop woop!”

THE PATCH 3.0.8 IS HERE. Ladies and gentlemen, I can’t wait to start playing around with it. I’m so excited. Its like a new toy!

But Dav, You’re a hunter, you should be upset!

Forget that! I’ve discussed this patch and my confusions towards it before. Its a nerf, but barely noticable, and we kind of needed it.  Not to mention that they’re lowering of the mana cost for arcane shot makes life all happy by giving us Beast Mastery hunters a shot rotation. Ask anyone I play with “There’s Dav, Spamming Steady Shot again…” No more! Now I do other things. In all fairness, my tree has been worked with a 54/17 build to give me Aimed Shot as well (Its an instant cast, meaning I can cast it while rocket booting away, or jumping when fighting that Nexus punk dragon who casts that freezing Debuff). But I’m working on a huge post to explain my choices in my spec for later.

Plus engineering’s getting a bunch of great stuff. So all in all, Dav’s happy. And no one knows how to put a great spin on a hunter nerf quite like Pyke.

Besides, with a hunter nerf, maybe we’ll see the return of CC? Just a thought.

Yay Happy Dav Dance!

 Totally snaked this pic from Blogger (80 Elite)!

Anywho! Yay patch. Full notes are after the cut.


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Don’t Cry

Consoling Jaffa can be a pretty difficult thing to do. I mean, he’s kind of touchy, and if he cries, he has no control over his lightning breath. So now, in my rubber soled boots, and rubber coated gloves I’m holding him and trying to explain:

Its not a nerf.

Yes, Jaffa, they are making your dps about 20% less. But they are giving you a growl buff of 20%. So its really no different. You’ll still hold aggro, and I’ll still shoot and miraculously not hit you.

Oh, now that’s not fair. Don’t cry for me. I know they nerfed my steady shot. Yes, I know, I read the BRK blog post, too. You should have finished reading it though. It’s only a moderate nerf, instead of “tons and tons” of DPS, I’m only going to get to put out “tons” of sustainable dps.

But Jaffa, buddy, smile! I mean, look what they’ve done to my kill shot. It now has a 15 second cooldown instead of 35. Comparatively, how long do you think we have a boss in an 80 instance waiting at 20% or less to die? They just gave us the ability to spam kill shot. That’s awesome buddy.

That’s the spirit pal, don’t you worry your little scaly head.

What’s that?


Yeah, 30% less damage. I know. But look at it this way, now we can worry more about shot rotation than spamming that mana sucking volley shot. No, no no. Bubba won’t care. With his threat generation buffed up by 20% he won’t care how long it takes to volley mobs down, because he knows I won’t be able to steal them.

Of course I’m ok with this. Its not a nerf, its a paradigm shift.

What’s a paradigm shift? Haha, Jaffa, you silly old snake, what I mean by paradigm shift is that before this nerf and after patch 3.0.2, anyone could have done what we do. Gone out, held the tops of the charts and rocked the Kasbah,so to say. But now that this has come about, all of the posers out there are being foreced to step up, or step out. Its time to return to the days where experienced hunters were rewarded for their efforts by being invited along for being good at what they do, instead of all the huntards playing button masher and taking our raid slots.

Is that a smile I see little pal?

Now lets go out and use the jumper cables on an orc so we can kill him again. That’s the spirit.


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SAY WHAT?!?!?!?!

No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no. Say it ain’t so. Hunter Nerfdom on the horizon!??!?! Come on!?!?! You didn’t even give us that very rogue Camoflage you had promise. What’s this now you’re saying that we are doing “Way too much dps,” and that Beast Master hunter’s pets are going to be nerfed to 30% dps?!?! Do you realized that Jaffa is probably going to kill me upon hearing this?

Its not “just” a hunter nerf though. Its kind of a boost in some areas. IE: Hunter’s kill shot is getting a cooldown decrease, which is awesome against bosses. Growl threat generation was increased 20%, personally, I always thought they had it backwards. If Jaffa growls at you, it should make you run, not want to attack him. But I digress.

So all you other folk, <<<DEZARAS>>>, I hope you’re all happy. Hunters are getting a damage nerf.

In all fairness, I’ve noted that at level 76 I’ve been putting out almost equal to the amount of damage that my level 80 fury spec warrior buddy is putting out, so I understand this change, and will admit that its probably necessary. On the other hand, nerfs are never something to be happy about. The reasoning behind their nerf is pretty sound as well. I mean the nerf to volley is expected, I’ve been spamming that button since 3.0.2. And Readiness (removes all hunter related cooldowns) no longer working with bestial wrath just makes sense, I mean +50% damage for around a minute or more…? Even I think that’s nuts.


Mostly this nerf will return us to the good ole days where you actually had to know your class to do well, as opposed to pick up a gun, out dps a fury warrior, and still have no clue what you’re doing. It’s going to revive shot rotation, the need for a CC hunter (maybe?) over dps, and return hunters to their roll of Sustainable High DPS, instead of their newer roll of Nuclear DPS (is it sustainable? I dunno, everything dies too fast, lol). When the DK’s came out, and everyone was all excited that they were overpowered, whether they were or not, my initial response was “How dare they make a class that can out-do every other class.” Aiming that judgement gun at myself, Hunters can Out DPS every class when played correctly. As sad as I am to see the power go, the nerf, when looked at through the outrage and illogic, is probably quite necessary.

You’ll pardon me if the class Macro of the Post is hunter related….we currently need something to lift our spirits.

General Macro of the Post: Never tested this one, but it’s supposed to sell all of your gray items when you are at a vendor. Just walk up, open the vendor window, click this, and poof, no gray items.

/script for bag = 0, 4 do for slot = 1, GetContainerNumSlots(bag) do local name = GetContainerItemLink(bag,slot) if name and string.find(name,”ff9d9d9d”) then DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(“Selling “..name) UseContainerItem(bag,slot) end end end

If this doesn’t work, then say so, I’ll fix or just remove.

Class Specific Macro of the Post:HUNTERS

This should cast misdirect on your pet if you have no target, or on your target if you choose one. I use it (or one similar) pretty regularly and its awesome for making any pet a tank for PVE soloing.

#showtooltip Misdirection
/cast [target=focus,exists,nodead] Misdirection; [target=pet,exists,nodead] Misdirection
/cast !Aspect of the Dragonhawk


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