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I totally have a ton of stuff I wanna blog about, and meant to blog about this weekend, including one nice rant that was inspired by Mustafah.

That being said, I got lazy, so they are still coming…just bare with me.

In other news, Thank you Mustafah for giving me the loan I needed to get Epic Flying and use my new bronze drake from Culling of Statholme.


Pics are gonna be on here as soon as I’m less lazy.



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Bout Durned Time. Zaralin ended up with the drake. Maybe next time for me, no hurry, still need epic flying to use it. Please, admire my completely messy UI.

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Ok, You can finally subscribe to the podcast over at iTunes. They never tell you that after you submit it that it could take days to actually be available to subscribe to. But all that aside, you can now, and I suggest you do, its wonderful. Or you can just listen to it on the side there.

Davlin got a new belt!!! Rejoice and praise and all that jazz. Check it out!


Who needs a gem bonus when you can add that much awesome attack power in just gems alone. mmmm…./drool.

I also got the Incisor off of King Dred finally, special thanks to the guys and gal who ran me through it (Mustafah, Zaralin, Dezaras, and Nexultor).

Tonight I spent a large amount of time ignoring Jaffa my wind serpent and Frejya my spirit beast in order to level up Bubba my big butted Gorilla. He’s jumped from 76 to 78 tonight and I figure he’ll be 80 by Thursday.

In other news, I’ve decided to start fishing, as I think getting fish and selling them on the AH might be profitable and doesn’t really cost me anything other than my downtime between stuff…so yeah…it might not make me much money…but I’ve started to care a little about it.

So tonight we ran Drak’Tharon….incase you didn’t pick that up with the King Dred comment….and I took Bubba…incase you hadn’t pieced that together either. And I must say, we’re getting either super well geared, or just becoming an incredibly well oiled machine (I had previously already thought we were a well oiled machine, so I’m gonna say “Wow, we’re pretty durned well geared! *yeah, I know I used durned, I went all dwarf there…) because we walked through that place WAY easier than ever before.

And another thing, if you want to make sure that none of the adds in either boss fight, the one with Big Ugly Troll face dude who’s corpse buddies explode, or the one with big glowy angry person who calls for reinforcements while immune, then it helps to have an AOE pet like a gorilla. I don’t normally bring a tenacity pet into a heroic, but with Bubba up there hitting adds, it was a lot easier for me to yank aggro. Of course, Nexultor and Mustafah were throwing down their AOE’s and other attacks, but in comparing between Bubba versus my other pets, Bubba comes out on top at being able to hold adds and make them do what I want them too. That’s what a tank pet’s for, I know, but its awesome to be reminded in an actual scenario. Normally, as awesome as Frejya is, she’s no good at tanking multiple adds. And Jaffa’s just big into burning nice round holes into them. But Bubba likes to grab them by the scruff of their undead flesh and say STAND HERE.

Yay Tenacity pets. Oh how I fall in love with you all over again.

The entire run was easy, I think I was the only one who screwed up. I hit my arcane/steady macro too many times as we were fighting and pulled an extra big mob. We handled it well…but that’s one of those, hide your head and pretend you don’t know what they are talking about moments. Promise guys, it’ll never happen again.

/hangs head in shame.

That’s right up there with the time I disengaged right off of one of the high spots in Karazhan. I freaked out so bad I couldn’t find my parachute button. /facepalm

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Damage vs. DPS

So, I’m sitting at work (that place I go to between WoW and sleep) when an irate Mustafah comes storming into my office and starts ranting with gibberish and spit flying from his mouth and a furious red faced fury that can only be described as both scary and cartoonish ( Yup, I work with Mustafah, who also happens to be a fury warrior from my guild).
“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Stafah! Calm down, buddy, speak English, I don’t understand Rabid Orc.” (See…Mustafah in real life is exactly like Mustafah in game. He’s a fury specced warrior. He’s hot tempered and likes things that get him hot tempered to die. So, since he can’t legally get away with killing things, he tells me to make a blog post.)
“I am so (bleeping) tired of all those (bleeping) (bleepers) that don’t understand the difference between DPS and Damage (bleeping) output! Everyone gets (bleeping) dps meters and completely forget how to (bleeping) play! All that (bleeping) matters is being at the tops of those (bleeping) dps charts. Write a (bleeping) blog about that!”
Okie dokie!

Davlin’s Definition of DPS: A number that tells you the average amount of damage that you have done in 1 second.

Davlin’s Definition of Damage Output: The amount of damage that you do during an entire fight.

What’s the difference?
The confusion comes from the fact that people think that if they are doing high dps that they are the doing everything that is needed of them for that fight. Because of that they fail to realize all the negatives to being at the top of the DPS chart.

If you are concentrating on being at the top of the dps chart, than you are using all of your hardest hitting attacks at the beginning of the fight. Hard hitting attacks cause large immediate quantities of threat. Therefore being at the top of the dps chart means that you have a high threat. Whether or not you are actually stealing threat isn’t important, because being at the top of the chart means that you are making the tank’s threat management much harder because yours sucks.

On the other hand, Damage Output is quite a different story. You can do a ton of your attacks that don’t put you at the top of the dps chart and put out tons and tons of awesome damage. Just ask any hunter. A hunter’s shot that does the most damage? Auto-shot. Why?  Because it fires a constant stream, never giving up and puts out the same amount of damage without stopping for anything. Its not a hunter’s strongest shot, it won’t raise the hunter’s threat level, but it does the most damage OVER TIME out of any hunter shot.

What’s the answer to putting out the most damage?
Sustained High DPS.
NOT sustained highEST dps.
Sustained High Dps. No bursts of “Oh (bleep)!” Damage.

Yes, being at the top of the dps chart is cool. Everyone loves to see that they made that number one slot, but dps isn’t what wins the battle. Dps is specifically meant to be a bench mark, so you have an idea of what type of damage you’re doing every second. If your dps drops, then you should note that you’re doing slightly less damage. If it goes up, you’re doing slightly more damage. You should use it just to keep an eye on your progression.

But if I’ve got a high dps doesn’t that mean that I’ve got a high damage output?

Yes and no. The difference between damage output and dps isn’t that dps doesn’t measure damage, its that dps is directly related to threat (a 1 to 1 ratio with threat per second, or TPS). Dps is an average, so if you do a large amount of beginning burst damage (making it hard for a tank to keep aggro) then you will look like you’ve got a high dps, even when your damage gets weaker throughout the fight. All you’ve managed to do is make the dps meter put your name at the top and make the tank angry because of your poor threat management. On the other hand, if you start with your attacks in a smooth rotation, doing high constant, sustainable, damage for the entire fight, you’re threat will be low, but your damage output will be huge. Yes, you’ll only be second or third on the dps meter, but what really matters is killing bosses, not numbers, because numbers suck.

This leads me into another point, the reason Mustafah was angry in the first place. On a recent Naxx run, the leader of the 25 man raid was threatening to boot people who weren’t at the tops of the charts. This was probably some sort of poorly thought out motivational speech or something, but all it did was illustrate his ignorance across the raid chat. What he should have done (to stick with his theme of rude and cranky) is threaten to boot people who weren’t at the top of the damage output. So what if everyone can make his or her averages look higher. Instead, recognize the amount of damage people are putting out. Keep the folks with high damage output (also known as sustainable high dps), not the people with the highest dps.

I hope that that makes sense, if not please leave a comment and I’ll try to clarify. I’ve read it about 4 times and it keeps making sense to me…but reading it to myself doesn’t make me see it from any angle but mine own.

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So other than brave a horde city and get a really wimpy achievement, what else did Davlin do last night?  He came to Teopolois’ rescue, that’s what. I ran in and helped him and his group take down the final boss in Sethekk Halls. Yay Bubba tanking, yay superduper hunter awesomeness, yay goblin jumper cables xl, and yay being the only one to survive. Here’s a pic.






I did promos and bootings last night as well…seriously I think I booted a ton of people, even my own alt, if you want them to stay in the guild guys, you’ve got to keep them active.

Next, we have what everyone else did. (surprise!!! I’m not the only person who matters! I know, I was shocked too. Jaffa still hasn’t recovered, and Bubba is trying to nurse him back to health with blood from an orc).  Our own Lotticey ended up joining with former guildy Kelipal and his guild to take down Onyxia’s Lair. WOOT! In her own words, if they could do it, then HotA’s gonna fly through it.

I’m also acutely aware of Dockery and Haetri getting a run-through of Scarlet Monestary with Zaralin and Mustafah. Good work all.

Next up is good ole Furyen. Being a healer has so many perks, I’m jealous. He ended up going to Serpentshrine Cavern, and “No, Davlin, I asked, they don’t need an extra dps…or a tank…” Here’s his discription of what went down:

Ran 3 bosses

– Hydross the Unstable- The Lurker Below

– Leotheras the Blind

Loot that I recieved was Idol of the Crescent Goddess

The Tokens of the Vanquished or T5 tokens dropped. I didn’t win mine.

The main guild we ran with was Legendary along with Immortal Crusaders, and several others.

They tried to recruit me, lol, but i declined. Got and reinvite however so yay.”


Yay indeed…

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