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This is my arcane shot, steady shot rotation.  This macro is a modified version. Normally, the macro shoots one arcane shot, and then follows it up with 3 steady shots, after the third steady shot, the arcane cooldown is up and it re-shoots that. Of course, using this macro has more benefit to dps if you have the Glyph of Steady Shot and are applying Serpent Sting first.  You’ll see that at the end of the macro my modifications. I added “/cast Bestial Wrath /cast Kill Command” that’s because they are on separate cooldowns and don’t share the global cooldown. So as I’m spamming my rotation, it’ll reapply Bestial Wrath and Kill Command as their own cooldowns finish up. Tell me what you think, how I can make it better, or how its helped you. I love to hear it all.



PS: The podcast is up, be sure to tell me what you think about that.


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Ok, I went and got myself a moth, her name is Boop.

She’s pretty.

Here’s the macro’s I made as well as my UI as it now looks.


To cast serenity dust manually. Otherwise she’s casting it a little late in the game.


To turn off Pet Auto Cast of Serenity Dust. So I don’t have to have it in my pet toolbar and can free up room for other abilities.


Good for any Ferocity Pet, allows for you to free up pet toolbar space. I’m pretty sure that’s the only reason I made it…


I made this second button to turn off its pet autocast. I didn’t feel like thinking too hard about it, but I’m sure there’s a way you can make it into one button that doesn’t cast it when you turn it off. I tried once, I failed, I made two buttons.


Once again, this is for any Ferocity pet and is only for freeing up space on the pet toolbar for other abilities that you don’t wanna have to macro. This one you can put both the Autocast Off command and the cast command on because you can only cast it when the pet is dead. So right clicking this only turns off the autocast.

Finally, my UI with the buttons added, the buttons on top of the ones they look like the “Turn off Pet AutoCast” buttons.


If you’d like to know about my other macro’s seen here, or about my UI feel free to ask. The addon for this configuration is Bartender4 over at curse.com or whereever else you can find it.

Also, if you have any suggestions for me, feel free to share them. I like macros and making my UI max out!

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More Macros

So here’s some more macros that I use, that I thought you might enjoy, mostly hunter, but I’ll start you off with some generic, everyone can use, macros.

Here’s the random companion macro, works like a dream and with one click you can summon a random friend to nip at your heals.


Here’s a nice coordinates macro, a simple clicky clicky gives you your coordinates right in your chat box.


Here’s a nice engineering macro for the Jumper Cables or Gnomish Army Knife. It lets people know who you’re rezzing so that other rezzers in the party don’t try to rez them too.


Here’s a Master’s Call macro that will cast Master’s Call on yourself if you left click, and if you right click it targets your set focus.


Here’s a generic Hunter Attack/Pet Attack Macro.


This is a Beast Mastery Macro I used to use until my recent respecc. Left click Intimidates the target, right click Scares Beast. Great for pvp against other hunters.


And finally, here’s a nice Pet Care macro that I made myself. It works for a three button mouse, where the third button allows you to summon your pet.  Left click casts Mend Pet, right click casts Revive Pet.


Hope these come in handy. If you have any macro requests, I’d be more than happy to help you figure them out.


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Macro Blog!!!

Davlin’s Quick and Dirty Macro Tutorial:

For this tutorial, I’ll show you a useful macro I use. It’s Self-Bandage. Normally you have to select yourself and then right click a bandage. This macro puts a bandage on you with one click of a button without you having to select anyone. Definitely makes the process slightly quicker.

Ok, first off open your macro interface


Type /macro. Then when its open click on the “New” button. This’ll pop open another smaller window. Type a name (ie: Bandage) and pick some icon to go with it. Then click okay.

Now, beneath the icon for your macro and the name you’ll see a box that you can type stuff into. Type this:

/use [target=player] Heavy Netherweave Bandage
 You can replace the “Heavy Netherweave Bandage” with any bandage you can make. This makes it so that this macro is useful for any level. Also, the fact that you can now one click and bandage yourself makes this great for PVP or Raids.

After you’ve typed the “macro code” into the correct spot, you can drag your button to your button bars and, viola! you’ve got a new button that you’ve made all by yourself.


If you’d like a button that [Left Click] does one thing and [Right Click] does another, you can use commands such as:

/use [button:1] Swift Brown Ram

/use [button:2] Flying Machine Control

That macro makes it so that when I [Left Click] I summon my ground mount, and [Right Click] I summon my flying mount. You can use this also for abilities, just replace /use with /cast.


/cast [button:1] Mend Pet

/cast [button:2] Revive Pet

/cast [button:3] Call Pet

This macro has three buttons, oh dear. That’s simple, if your mouse has more than two buttons, as they seem to these days, then the 3rd button is usually your middle mouse scroller. Now when I click that, Davlin whistles, and Jaffa appears.

These are simple macros though. There are more complex ones out there, and this is a very basic tutorial. I suggest you go to wowwiki.com click on the search area and type “useful macros for (your class)” or just visit the generic macros page here.

I’ve given you some of my macros, here are some suggested by the wowwiki site. Also google it, a lot of people have written very complex macros for things such as coordinates and other complex “addon” like programs. You can copy and paste any of these into your macro.

This summons a random Vanity pet from your inventory and announces it.

/script t=”CRITTER”i=random(GetNumCompanions(t))c,n=GetCompanionInfo(t,i)SendChatMessage(“Come out, “..n)CallCompanion(t,i)

This dismisses your vanity pet.

/run DismissCompanion(“CRITTER”)

This macro gets all money from your mail items. Just walk up to a mailbox, select it, and click this macro.

/script CheckInbox() for m = GetInboxNumItems(), 1, -1 do TakeInboxMoney( m ) end

Cooking Macro:

#showtooltip Cooking
/use [button:1] Cooking
/cast [button:2] Basic Campfire

And finally, here are some shortcuts if you want to make say or target macros. %t puts the target name in a slot, so that if I have a macro that says “/s Hail %t” when I select Furyen and click it, it says “Hail Furyen.” Say macro’s are the easiest. In the macro field you just type /g /s or /p or /raid depending on where you want it to post, and then you type what you want. “/g Hail heroes!!” will post “Hail heroes!!” in guild chat.

Hope this helped everyone.

One more thing. WOTLK comes out in two days (Less even) so get your professions maxed out asap. I’m pretty sure that anyone can go to Northrend at any level, and I know that when I get over there the first thing I’m going to do is try to find the next time of bandage to make!! (and then change my Heavy Netherweave Bandage in my macro!)


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I got a peek at the webpage (thus far) and darn!!! It’s awesome. Mostly the look is about the same. But it looks like he went and brought in our old buddy Deanger for a “Scavenger hunt” type game. Just watch that Deanger, he’s got an attitude. There was one time where I brought him a pile of orc skulls and he wouldn’t give me full price. We haggled for hours before finally he caved in and gave me a pile of bolts that I needed for a shrink ray. He can be stingy, but I’m sure Furyen will keep him in line. 

Don’t forget though, just because Davlin is an awesome guild master, and great with blogs, doesn’t mean that its the only one on the net. As a matter of fact. Furyen/Kateff has a blog too (check it out). He’s never been too fond of the title “blog” so its listed as a guild report.

Also, if you are offering your profession for the guild to utilize to its fullest potential than please send me or Furyen a mail explaining what you can offer.

Finally, Macros, I’ve noticed that a lot of abilities have been altered, changed, or renamed. Be sure to update your macros as such. I know that ranks are included in names now. So if you had /cast Phyllis Diller, now you need to have /cast Phyllis Diller (rank 9). I know there’s some new misdirect macros, as well as pet mend things that I’m going to be redoing tonight. Silly thing about being at work is that the ideas pop into my head here, and I’ll forget about them by the time I actually get to the computer with WoW on it.

I think that’s it for this post. Be sure to check the webpage regularly. We rock. Keep up the good work Furyen.


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