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Ok, first things first, Dav’s been a little MIA, in the last few posts. The show, the getting ready for the show, the frustration at not having recorded the show, all kind of contributed to Dav’s lazy postings.


What’s that Jaffa?

No…I haven’t been totally enjoying the spring fever and doing physical things like running…



No…The new Dresden Files book isn’t taking up all of my WoW time…


Durn it ya durned flying snake, No! I am not spending all of my WoW time using my new epic flight ability to make as much gold as possible through mining…


Ok fine! Fine! Fine! Durned wind serpent…more like a durned rat!

Yeah, I’ve been distracted. By both RL and Mining. Turns out that with Epic Flying and Mining you can easily make a TON OF GOLD a day. Also, the new Dresden Files book rocks. If you’re looking for something new to read, this is the series for you. Basically a wizard Dick Tracy. Who could ask for more? Oh, and I’ve been running during the time I usually go all blogerrific.

That being said all, we’re going to ignore Jaffa’s pining to go eat and I’m going to give you a little rant that’s been building up at the last 4 or 5 raids I’ve gone to:

Why the heck is it that when, I do my part, I pull the highest DPS in a 25 man run, against the hard bosses, doing all the tricks and bells and whistles, NO LOOT DROPS FOR ME!?!?!?!? Yeah, I get it. I really do. Its random (supposedly) and if the guys who did the best got the drops then of course the good would only get better and the bad would stay bad. I get it, I just don’t think its fair to me. I’ve ran a bajillion of these durned things and the durned things keep on dropping pally gear!!! THERE’S NOT A DURNED PALLY IN THE WHOLE DURNED RAID!!!

Or how about the Death Knight or Warrior I run with. One chooses to spec tank (DK) and the other chooses to spec DPS (Warrior) the specs that aren’t the norm, but are perfectly viable, and neither of them get gear for their specs. Yay, just what I wanted, a durned chest piece for a DPS DK, when I’m a freakin’ TANK, or a durned defense covered piece of plate that’s not gonna help me out with my dps at all.

Or how about the Druid Healer I run with, who has to wear cloth priest stuff because its the best in slot for her healing? I thought Blizzard just said “but the truth is our original design was that if druids want to raid, they have to heal. Our BC design was okay, you can try and raid with the other druid specs, but you are going to be inferior to other classes in tanking, casting or melee dps. We heard from plenty of druids who thought that was a terrible design and over time we decided we agreed and changed our vision for how raiding works. (Source)”

That’s my rant. I want loot that drops party specific. How hard is that blizz? Ok, Dav did the best on dps, but all that drops is a nice piece of mage gear, Dav smiles, because there’s actually a mage in the group. But if a durn-blasted pally piece drops on a durn-blasted pally-less run again I might just break Blizzard’s door down and let Jaffa loose…

Am I right buddy?


As a quick sidenote, I’ve gone and made Nexultor a contributor to the blog in the unlikely event that I just am unable to type, or unavailable to post something that is ready to post.

Stuff happens, he’s my backup, only because Jaffa still can’t look at a keyboard without hitting it with a durn-blasted lightning blast!


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Woot New Gloves!!!!!!! (bout darn time)


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Also honored with Oracles now, I know, I’m lazy,but I did it.

Dav is happy.

Next goal…*hides face in shame*…Level Jaffa to 80.

–Dav out!

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