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Yeah…I know Jaffa…but I keep talking about it and not doing it…


How about you let me make them some blind promises that I’ll fail to come through on, and I’ll let you eat that durned tauren leg I’ve been hiding from you?


Alrighty then, that’s more like it.

Anywho, I’m planning to write up a big post this weekend. It might seem like a trend, like “Hey Dav’s only doing it because they did,” but I promise you, I’ve totally been lazy and wanting to do this since January.


Oh, right,I should tell them what it is! I’m going to detail my talent build, why I chose things, and what alternatives you could choose if you don’t want to follow my reasoning. Maybe take a second explain BM’s role as of 3.1, and what a BM hunter can do with a dual spec option.

With the show and all sorts of other stuff going on (I NEED TO RAID!!!) I won’t give you a specific time this weekend. But it’ll be this weekend at some point.



…oh…Davlin and Jaffa!

Durned snake, if it wasn’t for him I’d never stay on task…


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Ok, first things first, Dav’s been a little MIA, in the last few posts. The show, the getting ready for the show, the frustration at not having recorded the show, all kind of contributed to Dav’s lazy postings.


What’s that Jaffa?

No…I haven’t been totally enjoying the spring fever and doing physical things like running…



No…The new Dresden Files book isn’t taking up all of my WoW time…


Durn it ya durned flying snake, No! I am not spending all of my WoW time using my new epic flight ability to make as much gold as possible through mining…


Ok fine! Fine! Fine! Durned wind serpent…more like a durned rat!

Yeah, I’ve been distracted. By both RL and Mining. Turns out that with Epic Flying and Mining you can easily make a TON OF GOLD a day. Also, the new Dresden Files book rocks. If you’re looking for something new to read, this is the series for you. Basically a wizard Dick Tracy. Who could ask for more? Oh, and I’ve been running during the time I usually go all blogerrific.

That being said all, we’re going to ignore Jaffa’s pining to go eat and I’m going to give you a little rant that’s been building up at the last 4 or 5 raids I’ve gone to:

Why the heck is it that when, I do my part, I pull the highest DPS in a 25 man run, against the hard bosses, doing all the tricks and bells and whistles, NO LOOT DROPS FOR ME!?!?!?!? Yeah, I get it. I really do. Its random (supposedly) and if the guys who did the best got the drops then of course the good would only get better and the bad would stay bad. I get it, I just don’t think its fair to me. I’ve ran a bajillion of these durned things and the durned things keep on dropping pally gear!!! THERE’S NOT A DURNED PALLY IN THE WHOLE DURNED RAID!!!

Or how about the Death Knight or Warrior I run with. One chooses to spec tank (DK) and the other chooses to spec DPS (Warrior) the specs that aren’t the norm, but are perfectly viable, and neither of them get gear for their specs. Yay, just what I wanted, a durned chest piece for a DPS DK, when I’m a freakin’ TANK, or a durned defense covered piece of plate that’s not gonna help me out with my dps at all.

Or how about the Druid Healer I run with, who has to wear cloth priest stuff because its the best in slot for her healing? I thought Blizzard just said “but the truth is our original design was that if druids want to raid, they have to heal. Our BC design was okay, you can try and raid with the other druid specs, but you are going to be inferior to other classes in tanking, casting or melee dps. We heard from plenty of druids who thought that was a terrible design and over time we decided we agreed and changed our vision for how raiding works. (Source)”

That’s my rant. I want loot that drops party specific. How hard is that blizz? Ok, Dav did the best on dps, but all that drops is a nice piece of mage gear, Dav smiles, because there’s actually a mage in the group. But if a durn-blasted pally piece drops on a durn-blasted pally-less run again I might just break Blizzard’s door down and let Jaffa loose…

Am I right buddy?


As a quick sidenote, I’ve gone and made Nexultor a contributor to the blog in the unlikely event that I just am unable to type, or unavailable to post something that is ready to post.

Stuff happens, he’s my backup, only because Jaffa still can’t look at a keyboard without hitting it with a durn-blasted lightning blast!

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Well, WoWInsider asked us to make a loot that we’d want Blizz to put in game based on us. This was brought up by the awesome new chest piece in game as a hat tip the Phaelia of Resto4Life.

So I thought about it. What would I want?

First of all, I think I’d want to be an NPC to be up in the hills in Dun Morogh. A hermit in the hills, giving out hunter only quests. That’d rock my socks. Maybe an engineering quest or two, with a stable behind the house with all my pets, except Jaffa would be at my side. Some of the quests would involve taking one of the pets with you to help you kill things and then returning.

Oh and my bread lady would move in as well. I love fresh bread in the morning.

It’d rock.

But, barring any such NPC awesomeness, what else could I have.

Well I’d need something that helped hunters. Something awesome that could be used by hunters to decimate their enemies and yet, still have the flare with it that explodes “DAVLIN!”

So it’d need to be engineered, have a pet, and be durn near deadly.

Like this:

What’s more? It doesn’t drop in a raid quest or anything like that. Davlin has the schematic for it, and can give it to you after you finish his quest chain.

See how I did that? An NPC and an item…greedy much?

But, shy of Dav’s NPC being the quest giver, I’d be ok with Nesingwary Jr. in Stranglethorn offer the schematic through a level 80 only quest. I’m the world’s biggest fan of yanking people back into vanilla WoW.

Now for the call out. If you have a blog, I want you to continue with this little thing and show me what you would like if Blizzard were to immortalize you. If you don’t, or are lazy, then I’d love to see it in the comments. Get detailed. Make it awesome. USE THIS!

Tell me in great detail, cuz this just rocks.


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Engineering isn’t just a “red-headed step child” of professions. While most of its created items and “Misfires” are rather humorous, they all have a strategic use within the game.

All that fancy smancy intro outta the way…lets get to the juicy bits…

Making Money with Engineering:

Flat out, the first thing anyone wants to know, is how am I supposed to make money off of engineering? That’s actually both difficult and easy. Bullets, guns, Primals, Eternals, and squirrels. That’s right, squirrels. First of all, guns and bullets don’t make you too much money until you get around your higher levels, maybe 60 and up. But big money can be found in pets, ie: squirrels, yeti’s, toads, and the like. Especially since the new achievement system…can I still call it new? Sure…why not… Anywho, pets are the new hip thing, I swear I just saw a gnome wearing like ten of them.



Got it? Good!

Another thing I mentioned was eternals and primals. Say what? That’s right! You too can be a mad collector of this overly needed commodity with the Zapthrottle Extractor! This little baby is a vacuum. That’s right, made by Hoover and all that jazz. What’s it do? That’s easy. The little hose on the end sucks up clouds and turns them into the most valuable commodity on the market. Motes and Crystals. These sell for quite the pretty penny and are used in EVERYTHING.

One more note about money making in engineering: Injectors, Healing or Mana like, all sell for a pretty penny as well. Mostly because the schematic drops are hard to find and the injectors take mana and healing potions and stack them, which is invaluable to healers, tanks, careless huntards, and bag space.

Practicality of Engineering:

Engineering has also gotten a bad rep for not being practical in battle situations. In all fairness, this is probably due to the large chance to malfunction that many engineering trinkets have.

Easily, the most practical reason to get into Engineering is the Goblin Jumper Cables/Goblin Jumper Cables XL/Gnomish Army Knife. These are the reason I got into Engineering to begin with. These each give the user a chance to rez, which comes in handy if you’re the last person standing after a wipe (Thank you Shadow Meld and Feign Death).

Other handydandy strategic use items include things like Flame Deflector, Ornate Spyglass¬†(looking at what you’re getting into), Minor Recombobulator(quick heals and anti-polymorphs), Aquadynamic Fish Attractor¬†(improves fishing), Ice Deflector, Discombobulator Ray¬†(decreases attack power), Gnomish Cloaking Device¬†(invisibility that drops all threat), all of the Seaforium Charges¬†(opens locks), Gnomish Shrink Ray(decreases attack power), Gnomish Net-o-Matic Projector (I used this constantly when I was Pre WOTLK Survival Spec, added a whole new dimension to my CC’ing ability), Parachute Cloak (useful everywhere….EVERYWHERE….never fails either), any of the Rocket Boots or Boosts (even with the duration lessened….mmmm rockets in Arathi Basin…good time), Deepdive Helmet¬†(for those classes that can’t breathe underwater), Gnomish Death Ray, any of the teleporters¬†(100% success rate, you just might end up on fire is all), and the injectors(makes potions stackable in higher quantities). Heck, don’t forget the Sweet Goggles too! And that’s just to name a few.

By and large, these few examples¬†are strategic, even with their failure rates (The shrink ray fails almost 2/3 of the time, as does the net gun, and cloaking device, as well as almost everything an engineer can make…). At the very least, they allow for low level trinkets to be had, while otherwise, folks are waiting until the 50’s for the good trinket drops. Heck, the Deepdive Helmet is the greatest Anti-Noob device on the face of the planet, stopping deaths by neglect for air for years.

And if you want an example of how powerful some of these trinkets are, then here’s one: The shrink ray lowers the attack power of the oncoming enemy by 250. That’s exactly the same debuff as King Dred in Drak’Tharon Keep. In other words, you have the same ability as a boss from a level 80 instance in Northrend.

But ranting about it won’t help. Instead I’ll paint an example of a perfect run with some trinkets.

Davlin runs into a mob of Skettis, or whatever those bird guys who look a lot like those bird guys from the Dark Crystal are called. He’s armed with two trinkets (he’s got piles of those engineering trinkets), the Net Gun, and the Shrink Ray. This mob consists of 5 Skettis (are they called Skettis? They are now.). Davlin sends Jaffa at one. One down. He net guns another. Two down. He freeze traps the third. Davlin targets the fourth and Shrink Rays him. Now that bird brain is weaker. Davlin then hits his Discombobulator Ray button. That leaves one as a leper gnome with a much weaker stamina and armor, two Crowd Controlled for at least 20 seconds, one with a weaker attack power, and one’s remains dripping from Jaffa’s mouth. Simply put, I can now one on one each of these jerks into oblivion.

Of course, that’s with 100% success rate on the engineering components. Sometimes these things just mess up. The net gun could have trapped me to the ground right next to an enemy while the shrink ray lowered mine and Jaffa’s attack power instead. In all fairness, its my opinion that the chance of messing up adds another dynamic to the game: spontaneity.

One final note on practical usage of engineering: Repair Bots=Invaluable. Especially for raiding. Nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to run all the way to the nearest town after a wipe. That just stinks. But if an engineer says “Have repair bot, willing to accept tips,” Everyone wins.

Repair bot.

Jumper Cables.


Just Plain Enjoyable:


Not only that, but do you know how awesome it is to know that I only ever have to leave my hearth set for Dalaran, and that if its spent, I still have a means to get back to Old World Azeroth and Outland? Yay teleporters. Plus it’s just awesome to know that when I come out of that teleporter, Davlin might just be¬†Tauren, or a little girly gnome with a beehive hairdo, STYLISH!

Besides…ever seen Keristraza really freakin’ small? I have, yay shrink ray!


Yeah, engineering is humorous. Its supposed to be the profession that makes you laugh and gives Blizzard a means of giving you all that cool stuff that wouldn’t normally make sense in a fantasy game (“make sense in¬†a fantasy game” wrap your head around that one).¬† But, Blizzard didn’t put it out there just for giggles, they gave it a very important strategic base. Engineering is great for allowing classes to experience what other classes can do, and allowing for that experience to be used in a practical and strategic way. Don’t just look at the funny and think “Useless.” Look at the funny, laugh, and then think “How can I apply this?”

Does engineering need help? Heck yes, Blizzard totally skipped out on engineering with WOTLK. I want more toys. Should you roll Leatherworking or some other profession over Engineering? That’s up to you. I’ve rolled them all, I’ve had the most fun with Engineering out of all the other professions (yup, I’ve tried them all except for enchanting and tailoring) and have worked all of my little trinkets and whatnot into my armory. I’m sticking with it, and encourage everyone to give¬†it a try.

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/sigh Durned website teases me…


In other news, here’s a fan pic from a shammy in my guild, *Shranea* of her favorite wind serpent, and mine, JAFFA.

Thanks Shranea!

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Totally Begging…

So, I’m one of those dwarves that looks at the fan art on the Blizzard page and gets all depressed because no one makes wonderful images of Dwarf hunters with goggles and Red Wind Serpents that look anything like me.

So, I took one of them and tried to make mine own by altering certain aspects of the original.


I suck.

Don’t judge me.

Anywho, I’m not artistic, I’m more like a child with a crayon and a magazine and a lazy eye.

So here’s the call-out…

Make me an awesome pic please.

I’m begging. Don’t judge me.


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Ok, You can finally subscribe to the podcast over at iTunes. They never tell you that after you submit it that it could take days to actually be available to subscribe to. But all that aside, you can now, and I suggest you do, its wonderful. Or you can just listen to it on the side there.

Davlin got a new belt!!! Rejoice and praise and all that jazz. Check it out!


Who needs a gem bonus when you can add that much awesome attack power in just gems alone. mmmm…./drool.

I also got the Incisor off of King Dred finally, special thanks to the guys and gal who ran me through it (Mustafah, Zaralin, Dezaras, and Nexultor).

Tonight I spent a large amount of time ignoring Jaffa my wind serpent and Frejya my spirit beast in order to level up Bubba my big butted Gorilla. He’s jumped from 76 to 78 tonight and I figure he’ll be 80 by Thursday.

In other news, I’ve decided to start fishing, as I think getting fish and selling them on the AH might be profitable and doesn’t really cost me anything other than my downtime between stuff…so yeah…it might not make me much money…but I’ve started to care a little about it.

So tonight we ran Drak’Tharon….incase you didn’t pick that up with the King Dred comment….and I took Bubba…incase you hadn’t pieced that together either. And I must say, we’re getting either super well geared, or just becoming an incredibly well oiled machine (I had previously already thought we were a well oiled machine, so I’m gonna say “Wow, we’re pretty durned well geared! *yeah, I know I used durned, I went all dwarf there…) because we walked through that place WAY easier than ever before.

And another thing, if you want to make sure that none of the adds in either boss fight, the one with Big Ugly Troll face dude who’s corpse buddies explode, or the one with big glowy angry person who calls for reinforcements while immune, then it helps to have an AOE pet like a gorilla. I don’t normally bring a tenacity pet into a heroic, but with Bubba up there hitting adds, it was a lot easier for me to yank aggro. Of course, Nexultor and Mustafah were throwing down their AOE’s and other attacks, but in comparing between Bubba versus my other pets, Bubba comes out on top at being able to hold adds and make them do what I want them too. That’s what a tank pet’s for, I know, but its awesome to be reminded in an actual scenario. Normally, as awesome as Frejya is, she’s no good at tanking multiple adds. And Jaffa’s just big into burning nice round holes into them. But Bubba likes to grab them by the scruff of their undead flesh and say STAND HERE.

Yay Tenacity pets. Oh how I fall in love with you all over again.

The entire run was easy, I think I was the only one who screwed up. I hit my arcane/steady macro too many times as we were fighting and pulled an extra big mob. We handled it well…but that’s one of those, hide your head and pretend you don’t know what they are talking about moments. Promise guys, it’ll never happen again.

/hangs head in shame.

That’s right up there with the time I disengaged right off of one of the high spots in Karazhan. I freaked out so bad I couldn’t find my parachute button. /facepalm

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