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First off…this is funny…


Ok, now onto the fun stuff. These are suggestions but more so, they are just to show you “How I roll.” I encourage you to learn your spec, and make the decisions yourself. So far, this has worked for me, but I’m always learning and always up for suggestions, if you are curious about why I did something one way, feel free to tell me a smarter alternative, and I’ll take it under advisement.

Beast Mastery is, I believe, about pet survival first and pet dps second (and sandwiches made outta things your pets kill third). Your pet doesn’t survive, your dps drops. That’s how it works. Beast Mastery isn’t shots, isn’t traps, isn’t fluffy white clouds of whip cream(mmmwhip cream…)its pets and pet survivability.

Get it? Got it? Good.

Next: imp-hawk

Attack speed increased by 15%. Sign me up. Just because pet survivability is a BM’s primary focus doesn’t mean we ignore the damage. Faster attacks, more dps. Its pretty, take it.

focused-fireWho says your pet can’t help you, and here’s how indirectly. This is another BM must have in my book.  Plus  you increase your pet’s crit when you use Kill Command (which is something you should be spamming when available).

revivepetYou’ll find that a lot of buffs and bonuses, not to mention a large portion of your damage, are only available to you when your pet is active. It’s my personal opinion that that makes this talent necessary for any BM. If your pet dies in an unfriendly fight, you’ll need it back fast. For this reason I also encourage Glyph of Revive Pet.

At this point in the tree to move on you’ll find you have an extra point that you need to spend. I can’t make an actual decision on what to spend it on, but it has to be spent, so basically I just throw it into “Thick Hide.” From what I’ve seen it doesn’t really matter where you throw it though, as long as you move on past this point. Feel free to disagree.

aspectmasteryIsn’t this just plain cool? Since most of the time you’ll be in Aspect of the Dragonhawk you’ll get a 5 % damage reduction on top of a 30% attack power bonus.


Do it. Davlin Seal Of Approval.

unleashed-furyYou’re BM, your pet is around 30% of your total dps. So if you increase that, you increase your awesome factor. Damage increased by 15% means a higher dps. Don’t you want a higher awesome factor?

mendpetPet survivability is the name of the game. No shot priority, no trap dancing. If your pet dies, you lose 30% of your dps, you turn into a goblin after an teleporter malfunction and are no good to the raid. So improving heals on your pet is a MUST! Some people argue that for raiding they expect residual heals from the healers to handle their pets. I disagree with this on the fact that I’ve rarely seen a healer (shy of one or two awesome ones) who watch the pets as regularly as we would like. Do you really want your dps relying on the ability of your healers to watch your pet. Your pet is yours, and therefore your responsibility. If it dies, its not the healers fault, its yours. Not to mention, healers will undoubtedly ignore curses and diseases and whatnot on pets. Healers have bigger fish to fry. Get Improved Mend Pet. Plus the mana you’d be spending on a more expensive Mend Pet with no points in the Improved talent would be better spent spanking Ulduar.

ferocity1Crit strike means a chance at double the usual damage…so you want your pet to have that. I mean…your pet is 30% of your DPS!!!

spiritbondPet survivability first, then dps, pet can’t kill if it ain’t alive. That being said, this talent I could probably be talked out of. I like the increased health regen for myself and my pet. It makes me happy. This one’s up to you! (didn’t think I’d let you make a decision did you? I’m just that kinda guy!)

intimidationThis is more of an ability for soloing, but lets face it,  you can’t get Bestial Wrath without getting this one. And you only went BM for Bestial Wrath, so deal with it. On the plus side, I love this ability for soloing or 5 man tanking with Bubba. You get a ton of threat gen, and stun a target, allowing for more damage, and more threat. Totally wicked. (That’s right, I said wicked, wanna fight about it?)

bestial-disciplinePet focus is like your mana, they use it to cast the hard hitting abilities that cause the more damage. So by doubling their Focus regen, they can put out double the amount of damage faster. (or something like that, the math is there…I promise)

frenzyLess time between attacks, means that the pet puts out more dps. This talent isn’t filled because I put points elsewhere…stay tuned…you’ll see the rest below this post! I promise, Dav doesn’t lie.


ferocious-inspirationYou know what’s better than increasing your dps? Increasing everyone’s dps. Foshizzle?

Also, as BM your Arcane shot is an important part of your rotation. You’ll want to do everything to up that Damage. At this moment I encourage Glyph of Arcane Shot. Rock on.

bwZOMG!! ISN’T IT AWESOME! Like Totally!

Seriously though, it speaks for itself. 50% additional damage. I don’t need the “Don’t feel pity or remorse” I’m Davlin, those words are foreign to me.

Everything after this is icing on the cake.

serpentsswiftnessBecause of this ability, BM doesn’t really have to worry so much about haste. Haste makes you hit faster, hitting faster increases your DPS. That rocks.

cobrastrikesLook!!! More abilities that increase pet Crit chance!!! Seriously, you should be rocking the pet crit. Pet crit is pretty. Why? Pet Crit= More DPS!

beastwithinBestial Wrath isn’t near as cool without this. Plus, with a hunter’s ability to drain mana super fast this helps big time.

Oh, and that whole pity thing again here. Heck, I take candy from kids. Its easier then beating up the homeless for their change and then buying it.

longevityThis is one of Dav’s favorite talents. 30% cooldown reduction means more Bestial Wrath and less time between the pet’s special abilities or what I like to call them “Kick Ass” abilities. Tied up with Bestial Discipline, this means that the pet will be able to, in essence, spam its abilities, increasing your dps by butt loads. Seriously, not thin person butt loads either, like fatty at the fair butt loads. I did the math, its there.

kindredspiritsPet damage yay!!!

I don’t really care about movement speed, although, its always fun to out run everyone’s favorite Death Knight on runs back from the graveyard.

beastmasteryEveryone treats this like the only good thing to come from it is Exotic pets. Its not, as a matter of fact, if that was all it did and I didn’t have Frejya the spirit beast, I’d say screw it and save these points for something in the Marksman tree. What it actually does is give you four more points to spend in your Pet’s Talent Tree. You can spend these however you want, but what I do is put them all into more dps abilities. Oh, and improved cower…for some reason, even without growl on, Frejya and my moth, Boop love taking threat.

That gets us out of the BM tree and into Marksman, I’m going to do a quick screeny of how my points are spent and a cursory explanation of why.


18 points in the Marksman tree, each with the idea of making me crit more and making me shoot faster. Careful Aim, Lethal Shots, and Mortal Shots are all for upping my crit and improving my attack power. You’re a BM hunter, that means that your pet is all fine and dandy, but what about your shots. You still shoot, and you’ll need these.

The next points, I threw into Improved Arcane Shot, and this is why: Your BM basic rotation is Serpent Sting, Arcane Shot, and 3 times Steady Shot.  That’s the basic rotation. Some people throw a point into Aimed Shot, adding that to their rotation, but that lowers your initial damage and makes you kinda weak on fast fights. How important is Arcane Shot?

25manThis is at the end of a 25 man up to Patchwerk (back in the day). Arcane made up 18% of my damage. That’s a high percentage when it comes to shot output, so you’ll want your rotation pumping out the pain. Thus, Improved Arcane Shot FTW!

Finally, my last two points go into Rapid Killing. I just love this ability. I can use Rapid Fire more often (more Rapid Fire=More Haste=Able to put out more shots=MORE DPS) and I get a 20% increase to my next heavy shot. Woot! Me likey.

Ok y’all, that’s my BM Talent Tree spec and my thinking behind certain talents. Its humorous, not too serious, but I’m truly behind this thinking. Feel free to critique, I would yours. Also feel free to copy it. Cuz I rock, and you know it.


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So I just interviewed Nassira from Diaries of a Marksman Hunter about 3.1, her Ulduar review, and engineering and I’ve only got one question…

Why do all the fun ones have to be Horde?

The interview was a blast, if you’d like to hear it you’ll have to wait until the show on Wednesday at 9Eastern or wait for the podcast which should be up that evening or the next day.

To be fair, its no where in the same caliber as the BRK interview she did, but that’s not what I was going for. I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I did.

By the way, sometime today, Dav’s spec and why he likes it.

Stay tuned.

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Well, WoWInsider asked us to make a loot that we’d want Blizz to put in game based on us. This was brought up by the awesome new chest piece in game as a hat tip the Phaelia of Resto4Life.

So I thought about it. What would I want?

First of all, I think I’d want to be an NPC to be up in the hills in Dun Morogh. A hermit in the hills, giving out hunter only quests. That’d rock my socks. Maybe an engineering quest or two, with a stable behind the house with all my pets, except Jaffa would be at my side. Some of the quests would involve taking one of the pets with you to help you kill things and then returning.

Oh and my bread lady would move in as well. I love fresh bread in the morning.

It’d rock.

But, barring any such NPC awesomeness, what else could I have.

Well I’d need something that helped hunters. Something awesome that could be used by hunters to decimate their enemies and yet, still have the flare with it that explodes “DAVLIN!”

So it’d need to be engineered, have a pet, and be durn near deadly.

Like this:

What’s more? It doesn’t drop in a raid quest or anything like that. Davlin has the schematic for it, and can give it to you after you finish his quest chain.

See how I did that? An NPC and an item…greedy much?

But, shy of Dav’s NPC being the quest giver, I’d be ok with Nesingwary Jr. in Stranglethorn offer the schematic through a level 80 only quest. I’m the world’s biggest fan of yanking people back into vanilla WoW.

Now for the call out. If you have a blog, I want you to continue with this little thing and show me what you would like if Blizzard were to immortalize you. If you don’t, or are lazy, then I’d love to see it in the comments. Get detailed. Make it awesome. USE THIS!

Tell me in great detail, cuz this just rocks.


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Hey there loyal fans! Tomorrow night we’ll be doing a special Hunter Podcast with special guest Eresin!

WOOHOO! We’ll be recording tomorrow night and it will be up on iTunes (hopefully) that same evening.


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Davlin hasn’t raided much.

There… I tored the bandaid….its over, you know.

Until tonight!!

I got to do my first Obsidian Sanctum (ten man) and I ROCKED THE DPS CHARTS!

I got to get into Archavon and Archavon Heroic. ROCKED THE DPS CHARTS THERE TOO!!

I’m just really happy and thought I’d share. I didn’t walk away with much…but I kinda did. Yay Bag!

Oh and I totally did my first 25 man Naxx last night too. So I’m rocking it hardcore.

The Naxx thing reminds me. I’m not a Survival Spec hunter, so I need a question answered: Is Patchwerk a good place to place traps that will proc your Lock and Load ability? It would seem to me like Patchwerk would be a great place to use trap dancing yet I saw a survival hunter just sitting back and doing nothing, of course… I also noted that on our second wipe, he never brought his pet into the fight…which, as many of BRK’s survival specced fans have pointed out, pets are about 15-20% of a survival hunter’s DPS. So that’s just silly. I think this guy just got into the group because he knew the right folks. Needless to say though, that aside, What about lock and load? Is it a viable strategy for survival hunters against Patchwerk?

Anywho, OS10, awesome, Arch 10& 25, awesome as well, Naxx 25, pretty fun, although hardly fruitful.

Here’s a nice pic:


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Nexultor: They need more spirit beasts…like a boar or something…

Davlin: That’d be cool…


Its not a boar, but its a new skin, I’ll stick with Frejya, but I’m excited about hearing stories of this hunt. Plus…its just the first notice…their might be more…

I’ll bet Nexultor sends Kateff out for a boar hunt soon…

Also, I totally have a “What just happened…?” rant about my Second ever 25 man raid experience.

This is just more important, expect rant this afternoon.


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Slow week

Its been a slow week for mine blogging. Not too much in the world has been going on. Tonight I’ve got my first OS run scheduled (yeah, its my first, I can’t seem to ever get anyone to go or I’m too busy). Other than that not too much else.

BRK went and showed a video expressing how the dual specs are currently looking in the PTR, I suggest all classes go and take a look. He also did a hunter training video, his first in a series, and it was really well done.

In Dav news, I’ve been helping a friend level her druid by playing an old Warlock alt named Davler. Its been kind of fun. I don’t mean it offensively when I say there are tons of parallels between hunter and warlock mechanics. I tried helping my friend with a warrior…its not for me… so I went back to my old warlock that I used to play (so much so that he was a whopping level 18 when I found him and needed to be respecced after the 3.0.2 talent wipe…lol). Its been fun. Of course when my friend (Hi Sondaris!) gets up near the late 30’s I’ll switch over to my priest (I like Lerytius a little more than this warlock), but until then its nice to run around and blast the heck out of stuff. I’d be remiss in saying that I didn’t like the whole RAIN OF FLAMING HELL I can drop on mine enemies. Plus I’ve been reading a lot of the Harry Dresden books lately and playing Davler satiates my need for wizardy magic.

Off of that topic, Davlin is totally stoked about OS. If guildies read this, me and Wandrit/Dezaras are going to pug that punk tonight, starting with guildies and then picking up whatever we need to fill the gaps. Dav wants OS like he wants epic flying (Still don’t have it…so sue me…).

Oh, and expect updates to my “Dav’s Approved Blogness” and maybe my banner, same concept, new design…we’ll see.

But if you’d like a link posted off to the side, I’ve got a few in mind already, then go ahead and drop a comment begging for my recognition of your awesomeness.

I’m easy. Just ask.

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