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Out To Lunch

Davlin’s been major afk lately. This can be explained as: I haven’t been playing. In all fairness, I’m having way too much fun in not playing.

The sun is shining.

Movie madness has been happening.

Tons of new books to read.

Resident Evil 4 has caught my attention.

Heck, the new Ghostbusters game came out yesterday!

Mostly though, WoW just doesn’t do it for me lately and that includes blogging.

Am I still playing? Yup, I sign on at least for a few minutes on most nights just to check on the guild and whatnot.

Is the Blog closing? Heck no! Its a hiatus. Meaning that, until further notice, I’m out to lunch. Plus Blizzcon is coming up, maybe I’ll do some long distance investigative journalism on that.

But Davlin, dearest of all bloggers,we need our Epic Dwarven Fix! Where might we find you? Well, y’all can always e-mail me, at davlinrocks@yahoo.com that address will still be up and I will still be reading and replying to them. There’s a few of you that I would just be saddened not to ever hear from anymore! I actually write for two other blogs, and have been slacking there too, I’ll try to pick it up. If you really really really really really really really really really really really need a Davlin fix you can follow me at those places at http://Sexyarchaeology.org or http://spazenport.livejournal.com/ . Just let it be noted that my PG-13 writing style doesn’t follow to the Livejournal site. Davlin’s got a potty mouth sometimes.

But Davlin! What about the podcast? That’s on a hiatus as well. Not playing, nothing to talk about, maybe I’ll talk Nexultor into doing episodes by himself  (because one of us would be soooo much more entertaining than two….riiiiight…).

Anywho, Hiatus. Blog isn’t closed, just out to lunch.

I like being loved, so feel free to leave really upset/gonna stalk and “miss you” type comments hellbent on inflating mine ego.



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