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Davlin hasn’t raided much.

There… I tored the bandaid….its over, you know.

Until tonight!!

I got to do my first Obsidian Sanctum (ten man) and I ROCKED THE DPS CHARTS!

I got to get into Archavon and Archavon Heroic. ROCKED THE DPS CHARTS THERE TOO!!

I’m just really happy and thought I’d share. I didn’t walk away with much…but I kinda did. Yay Bag!

Oh and I totally did my first 25 man Naxx last night too. So I’m rocking it hardcore.

The Naxx thing reminds me. I’m not a Survival Spec hunter, so I need a question answered: Is Patchwerk a good place to place traps that will proc your Lock and Load ability? It would seem to me like Patchwerk would be a great place to use trap dancing yet I saw a survival hunter just sitting back and doing nothing, of course… I also noted that on our second wipe, he never brought his pet into the fight…which, as many of BRK’s survival specced fans have pointed out, pets are about 15-20% of a survival hunter’s DPS. So that’s just silly. I think this guy just got into the group because he knew the right folks. Needless to say though, that aside, What about lock and load? Is it a viable strategy for survival hunters against Patchwerk?

Anywho, OS10, awesome, Arch 10& 25, awesome as well, Naxx 25, pretty fun, although hardly fruitful.

Here’s a nice pic:



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On the suggestion of MissElf, I am setting forth to develop a Thought-Beta on Heroic Deadmines. Since the concept of Heroic Deadmines is as easy as “Make everyone harder to kill.” I shall quickly address it, and then move on to Caverns of Time: Deadmines.

Heroic Deadmines:
Deadmines had several main things that people pulled away from it back when they were level 15.
-Companion pets
-Spell Gear from Cookie
-Some random letter that starts a Quest chain
-Trunk of Weapons
-Awesome Game mechanics (That “Get the Gunpowder to use the Cannon on the Door” was the second thing in game to make me freak out with awesome happy)
-Engineering Mats

The parrots.
The drop rate on those things was insane. I think I ended up putting 5 of them in my bank to figure out what to do with them. For a Heroic Deadmines, we need to have a new parrot…or other type of Piratey pet. My suggestion?

Ole Pegleg. The first Goblin Companion. He’s a small goblin with an eye patch and a wooden leg. When you click on him he grumbles and it sounds similar to “Kill Kill Kill, Die Die Die.”

I love Cookie. Nothing named Cookie is ever bad. Ever. That being said, Cookie loot was the way to go back in the day if you were a spell caster. He would drop a “Wand” that was really a rolling pin and I think he also dropped a rolling pin mace. These things rocked. An alt of mine carried the Cookie wand until he was in his mid 20’s, it was just that good. We need something that good for Heroic Deadmines. I suggest:

Cookie’s Apron!
That’s right, Cookie’s Apron promotes health and wealth through high stamina, spell power, intellect, and spirit. Magic abounds when you’re wearing this wonderfully stained galley apron. Not just that, but it has a use function. “Use: Pull [Cookie’s Treat] from apron pocket.” And what is [Cookie’s Treat]? [Cookie’s Treat] is a food that, replenishes health and mana, and when eaten for 10 seconds gives the buff “Well Fed-Gives 40 Intellect and 40 Spirit.” Can be used once every 20 minutes. Cookie’s Apron can also be used as a Tabard, allowing you to be the official cook of any faction, and allowing you to gain rep with them for every food item that you cook.

Quest Chain Letter.
Deadmines was awesome also for the fact that killing the final boss didn’t mean that the fun was over. You’d pick up a letter, that when read lead to some quest chain that I don’t remember. Of Course! We need this in Heroic Deadmines.

Item:Letter to Dr. Boom!
Ut oh! A connection between the Deadmine Pirates and Dr. Boom in Netherstorm. Somebody better go check it out. This of course will be a long quest chain that leads to you going to every continent, killing spies, and then taking a boat out to the middle of the ocean to help man cannons in a fight to destroy more pirates. When the cannon part of the fight fails, the pirates board and you have to kill a certain number of them if you wish to survive the battle. Dr. Boom’s role? Arms Dealer. Think about it…

Awesome Game Mechanics!

We’ve seen a lot of amazing stuff since Deadmines. I mean, between Kara and Naxx we’ve seen game mechanics that’ll make you shake in your boots. But at the time, Deadmines was pretty darn exciting with the whole “arm the cannon” thing. I suggest:

Arm the Cannon Part 2!
This time, the door is already open, but you want to mess with them. So instead of shooting at them with the cannon, you have to instead fire the cannon multiple times. The first time is to put a hole in the ship. This causes a timer. You’ve now got some random amount of time to beat the bosses and take the ship before it sinks and you lose valuable information. The next cannon shots aren’t to kill anything, directly. Instead these shots are of you loading yourself and your party members into the cannon and launching into the fray! You can aim yourself everywhere, but the point of this Heroic isn’t to kill the final boss, its to kill the last three bosses, the Tauren guy, the final guy, and Cookie. Each of them drops a part of whatever it is that you need to do the daily heroic quest. Also, because your team members each have to aim the cannon themselves, they could each end up in some place different if its not coordinated properly. Talk about Crazy!! Finally, the last shot of the cannon would have to be to collapse the mine entrance to the ship. So one party member would have to stay behind to set it off.  Oh yeah…that’d rock.

And as a final note, the engineering mats scattered throughout would have to be parts that are otherwise impossibly expensive and only used in the construction of the Chopper.

I lied. Heroic Deadmines isn’t boring. Heroic Deadmines Rocks! So much so that I wrote about ten times as much as I had intended and shall now save CoT Deadmines for another post!!

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