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I might be one of the few, but I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a blogger who doesn’t troll forums. Sorry, it just ain’t my style.

That being said, Rilgon posted a comment on how Marksman spec was looking to get improved mana regen, and in posting this, he linked a Ghostcrawler statement I wanted to note…


This is interesting since the previous goal had been to aim at bringing Survival and BM closer to MM, with MM being where the Blizz said that they wanted hunter damage to be at.

This kind of gives me a warm fuzzy feeling for BM, a “I wonder” feeling for what they are going to do to Marksman, and an indifferent feeling about the future nerfage of SV.

As a sidenote, I’d believe that the Mana Replenishment improvement aimed at Marksman is going to have to be talent based…Which makes me wonder what talent is getting changed or what talent is getting the axe…?

This was just Dav pondering the ponderable.


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First of all, you hear it here, and I heard it from Eresin, and she heard it from MMO Champion and they heard it from Ghostcrawler who heard it from some magical fairy of awesomeness…

The need for stables is gone.

Hunter’s rejoice.

I’m happy.

In other news::

Blogger (80 Elite), AKA Nexultor my cohost on the podcast, I encourage you all to read his blog. He’s got some nice pointers he makes about DK’s, Druids, BM hunters, and Shammies (/sigh….shammies…again).

Check it out

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You read the headline correct! Ghostcrawler of the Dev team over at Blizzard announced today that they had all come to the conclusion that they “Over-nerfed BM.” They’ve planned to buff BM before the opening of Ulduar by making changes to Kindred Spirits and Serpent Swiftness.

What does this mean?

It means that, yes, while our shots have been nerfed, Blizz recognizes that the hardest punch to the BM gut was the nerfing of Pet DPS. Thus the improvement of Kindred Spirits will make pet damage better and Serpent Swiftness will give us a bit more haste, which is awesome, since if we shoot faster, we do more damage over time.

They won’t return us to anything near pre-3.0.8, AND I DON’T WANT THEM TO. Our pets were the problem and our current shot rotation as BM, while weaker than what it was, is more efficient. A boost to pet damage and haste is just what the doctor ordered.

We’ll still see a lot…and I mean a lot of QQ, but heck, I’m pretty sure that this pardigm shift that we call 3.0.8 was just shifted in our favor, so maybe the QQ will quiet down a little.

You’ll hear me rant more about this in next week’s podcast, I promise.

I’m so excited I could cry.

Eresin, I do hope that you haven’t respecced Survival yet.

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