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Just remember…

On the cusp of the new year and all that jazz there are some things I’d like everyone to remember.

–Pugs, even the worst ones, aren’t bad. You learn playing styles and strategies, or (worst case scenario) you learn who ISN’T fun to play with.

–If you offer “free with mats” they’ll offer “free with mats.”

–No matter how much of a NOOB, or jerk, or whatnot someone is being, be the better person and be nice, never miss an opportunity to teach them a better way or lead by example. Be a Hero!

–10 days away from WoW leads to insane withdrawals that also lead to crappy blog posts about things to remember on the cusp of the new year.

–Set fun goals for yourself that fall outside of the realm of achievements. Want a special reputation or drop only cloak? Work for it. Want your profession up by a certain time? Do it! Want a Spirit Beast? Do it! And don’t let anyone take away the fun of working for your goals.

–Help out a guildy. Whatever guild you’re in, Heroes of the Alliance, or all the other…not quite as cool as HotA guilds, you’ve got members that, even though they might not ask for help, may want it. Offer. Usually it’ll end up being you just spreading a word or two of wisdom.

–Finally, REMEMBER TO JUST HAVE FUN. Who cares if you are hardcore or casual. I don’t. And you shouldn’t either. You play like you want to play. Its a video game. When I play Halo 2, or Age of Empires, or that Hulk Wii Game that I really suck at but love throwing people so I keep doing it, I laugh, I have fun, and down a brew and if I lose, I just keep playing, because its fun. It should be, and WoW is no different, except that there are 11 million other folks out there drinking brew with you too. *Clinky Clinky* Cheers.

A special thank you goes out to Furyen this week for helping a down and out fellow Hero out. When I was otherwise indisposed he helped me get some achievements I’d have otherwise missed. Thanks buddy.


PS: I’ll return to doing Macro’s of the Post when I get back to my home state and can properly put some much needed time into the blog. Woot!!!

PPS: Jaffa says hi and Happy Holidays. You should have seen him, Freyja, and Bubba wrestling over the reindeer antlers I wanted on of them to wear. Bubba one, only because of the opposable thumbs. It was really not fair.


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I hate 133t speak….

Anyways, long time no blog.

I’m practicing my adaptablity to pugs. Other than that, yay new engineering recipes and Mustafah’s sending me an Eternal Belt Buckle. Dude, you rock.


Death Knight Analysis: Brought to you by Furyen/Nexultor.

He and I dueled the other day, we’re the same level and I can tell you right now, it was close, but they aren’t overpowered. I defeated him at each duel, and he’s a damned good player. So, to all of you that think Dk’s are overpowered, they aren’t, they’re just different. Just like every other class, different abilities, same pilot.

Furyen’s report: LATER THIS WEEK! Be prepared!

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So other than brave a horde city and get a really wimpy achievement, what else did Davlin do last night?  He came to Teopolois’ rescue, that’s what. I ran in and helped him and his group take down the final boss in Sethekk Halls. Yay Bubba tanking, yay superduper hunter awesomeness, yay goblin jumper cables xl, and yay being the only one to survive. Here’s a pic.






I did promos and bootings last night as well…seriously I think I booted a ton of people, even my own alt, if you want them to stay in the guild guys, you’ve got to keep them active.

Next, we have what everyone else did. (surprise!!! I’m not the only person who matters! I know, I was shocked too. Jaffa still hasn’t recovered, and Bubba is trying to nurse him back to health with blood from an orc).  Our own Lotticey ended up joining with former guildy Kelipal and his guild to take down Onyxia’s Lair. WOOT! In her own words, if they could do it, then HotA’s gonna fly through it.

I’m also acutely aware of Dockery and Haetri getting a run-through of Scarlet Monestary with Zaralin and Mustafah. Good work all.

Next up is good ole Furyen. Being a healer has so many perks, I’m jealous. He ended up going to Serpentshrine Cavern, and “No, Davlin, I asked, they don’t need an extra dps…or a tank…” Here’s his discription of what went down:

Ran 3 bosses

– Hydross the Unstable- The Lurker Below

– Leotheras the Blind

Loot that I recieved was Idol of the Crescent Goddess

The Tokens of the Vanquished or T5 tokens dropped. I didn’t win mine.

The main guild we ran with was Legendary along with Immortal Crusaders, and several others.

They tried to recruit me, lol, but i declined. Got and reinvite however so yay.”


Yay indeed…

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I got a peek at the webpage (thus far) and darn!!! It’s awesome. Mostly the look is about the same. But it looks like he went and brought in our old buddy Deanger for a “Scavenger hunt” type game. Just watch that Deanger, he’s got an attitude. There was one time where I brought him a pile of orc skulls and he wouldn’t give me full price. We haggled for hours before finally he caved in and gave me a pile of bolts that I needed for a shrink ray. He can be stingy, but I’m sure Furyen will keep him in line. 

Don’t forget though, just because Davlin is an awesome guild master, and great with blogs, doesn’t mean that its the only one on the net. As a matter of fact. Furyen/Kateff has a blog too (check it out). He’s never been too fond of the title “blog” so its listed as a guild report.

Also, if you are offering your profession for the guild to utilize to its fullest potential than please send me or Furyen a mail explaining what you can offer.

Finally, Macros, I’ve noticed that a lot of abilities have been altered, changed, or renamed. Be sure to update your macros as such. I know that ranks are included in names now. So if you had /cast Phyllis Diller, now you need to have /cast Phyllis Diller (rank 9). I know there’s some new misdirect macros, as well as pet mend things that I’m going to be redoing tonight. Silly thing about being at work is that the ideas pop into my head here, and I’ll forget about them by the time I actually get to the computer with WoW on it.

I think that’s it for this post. Be sure to check the webpage regularly. We rock. Keep up the good work Furyen.


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