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Folks, Davlin here, and I’d like to talk to you about my affinity for fist weapons.

Why Davlin? Why fist weapons?

I just think they are cool.

This being said. Davlin went and messed up. I’m running around with Greed right now, (Yay Greed!) and the Fang of Truth (still, eek!). Yeah Fang’s an older weapon, but I don’t get out much and the hit rating is still nice. That being said. I totally did two wings of Naxx last night with my guild (Thank you Guild)! And it totally rocked socks!

But Recount messed up! How? By having a big X button that I can click on accident. So it disappears, and I love recount because I can look at my shot rotations at the end of the big run and see what shots I used the most and which ones produced the most damage. SO I FREAK OUT! 

Five minutes later (on vent the did a “Bio Break”) I figure out how to bring it back, scroll down in text and see that we rolled on a very…very…pretty Fist Weapon.


Guess who was too busy messing around with Recount to get in on the freakin roll!!!!

Anyways, Spider Wing went down faster than a Noob off of Aldor tower. We smashed Military wing all the way up to 4 Horsemen, where (I think) a combination of late night “I’m Tired” mixed in with a few of us (myself included) not being 100% on how the fight goes (wasn’t so bad for me, a quick explanation of “DPS DO THIS” saved my bacon and I didn’t know because, like I said previously, I haven’t raided much. I’ve done the Patchwerk and Spider wing side of things, not the other two… that live side vs. dead side thing rocked) led to us not being able to complete it. Probably see about going back some time soon though. Davlin loved that. Maybe I’ll bring the moth and cut her teeth on that a bit.

Anywho, that’s Dav’s weekend of things.

OH! I got Mechanical Yeti Schematic. This makes me happy just because I’m an engineer and those things are freaking expensive.

Woot me!

Next Up: Dav looks into weapon upgrades…again…


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Also honored with Oracles now, I know, I’m lazy,but I did it.

Dav is happy.

Next goal…*hides face in shame*…Level Jaffa to 80.

–Dav out!

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