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Woot! I’m now exalted with the Argent Crusade! This is great! Amazing, awesome and fantastic. My attack power, unbuffed, is over 3000, my hit rating is 283, and my attack speed is 1.8. Throw on a quick Rapid Fire or Hyperspeed Accelerator and I’m at my 1.5 second global cooldown haste cap! I rock!

Now that that’s out of my system: My usual group ran Halls of Lightning last night and I find myself wondering about the construction and mechanics of that instance. First of all, the instance is beautiful. It manages to be sci-fi, Norse, and Chinese (the statue army) all at the same time. It’s gorgeous. Not to mention that its both difficult, yet easily tackled by a group that knows what its doing and how to work together (yay us).

That being said, the darn place causes framerate problems up the wazoo. I’ve never been to a place that caused that many issues. What’s worse? It’s not consistent about it at all. Framerate will drop to as low as 5 until you’re done with the first boss (General Bjrinmashmdmasnddnmsnam I think his name is…he drops a nice ring). After he’s downed, framerate jumps up to 15. Woot! I can walk and actually see fluid movement! Everything runs smoothly…running smoothly….BAM! Next boss likes to call a ton of adds that like to explode as well as do said exploding thingy right next to our healer who I’m dutifully trying to protect. Said protection sucks. Why? Because I’ve got a lower framerate than I do height.

I die. Our wonderful healer manages to keep herself alive with aid from our resident group Death Knight. Another comrade falls. It’s a prot warrior, a frost death knight, and a resto druid smashing their “Oh Shoot!” buttons as fast as they can. They down him. I get rezzed, we move on to the next group.

Framerate is magically back up to 15 or higher. Woot?

No framerate problems for a while.

Even make it through the lightning freak out guy. That’s my name for him. He likes to hit you normally for a while then makes giant lightning spiders that chase you, but give up easily. Then you run back and get him again. Stupid Lightning Freak Out Guy.

The last framerate issue (for myself, as I cannot see what’s going on on my comrade’s computers) happens on trash mobs. Nothing major happens. My dps drops a little, but nothing that’ll cause me to freak out.

/scold pet for not picking up the slack.

Get to final boss. He’s a punk. Really bored. I asked him. He just sits there all day waiting for people to kick him in his very large shins. Then he kicks back. If you’re a dwarf, this sucks, because you’re really about the size of a soccer ball to him. Needless to say, we kicked, he kicked, and he’s the only boss we had trouble with. Didn’t beat him last night, but the future holds hope.

Of course, I wasted no time. During said instance, I got the Argent Crusade Exaltedship. I Hearthed to Dalaran. Then I flew on down to the Quartermaster in IceCrown. He saluted me, hugged me, showed me the baby he named after me, and awarded me a beautiful chest piece.

But Dav, why are you so excited about the chest piece? In a few more emblems you can get the Cryptstalker one.

Well, friend, its all part of my master plan.

Master Plan?

Master Plan. I had a freak out fest previously. I had 59 Emblems of Heroism and no idea how to spend them.

On the one hand. I needed gear. Gear gear gear. It was needed like water in Tanaris. The fastest means to this ends was to get the one more emblem and get my Cryptstalker Gloves. On the other hand, I wanted a rocking chest piece, chest pieces are big, I wanted big, but I’d have to wait until I had 80 emblems. The final strain on this poor dwarf, was the fact that the trinket, Mirror of Truth, was only 40 emblems. Yay more crit chance. Boo not enough emblems for them all at once. So I freaked out. No solutions were available….until….

I remembered that I was championing the cause of the Argent Crusade. I hit my “U” key (hot key for bringing up the reputation stats) and what do my little squinty, goggle covered eyes behold? That’s right, Davlin was only 2000 rep from exalted with the Argent Crusade. So the plan formulated pretty quickly: Step one-Buy Cryptstalker Gloves and enchants. Step two- Earn exalted with AC for chest piece. Step three-use earned emblems to get Mirror of Truth. Step four-use emblems earned with your current awesome gear to earn the rest of Cryptstalker gear. Step five-give self high-five.

Yes, the Hauberk isn’t as good as the Cryptstalker set, but its still very awesome, has a gem slot and can be enchanted. Best of all? It’ll last me until I get my Cryptstalker chest piece! I wouldn’t feel like a noob when someone wanted to look at my armory and saw me still sporting the Hauberk that drops in Heroic Drak’Tharon (sp?…whatever)!

So, I’m past step 2 now. I’m 16 emblems in, so I’ll have the Mirror of Truth soon. I’m gearing out like a space cadet (I don’t even know what that means) and it rocks! Currently, the only thing I’m not happy about is my crit chance, at a weak 18%. But the Mirror of Truth will fix that.

Now for the call out. I want to hear some of your awesome gear getting plans. Send me an e-mail about your goals and how you have, or are working on, achieved them and I’ll take the fun ones and post them! (ie: things like “I haz spammed LFG chanel for Naxx runs” we’ll be summarily ignored by me and lightning blasted by Jaffa. So sayeth Davlin)


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