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THE PEOPLE: We want new engineering goggles! These suck!
BLIZZARD: What did they say?

MiniBLIZZARD: Ahh, well sir, they said they love their goggles, they feel they are overpowered now, and thank you.

BLIZZARD: Oh? I kinda thought they sucked…well let’s do what we do…Um…go ahead and nerf them…as a matter of fact, get rid of that whole stealth detection thing. I mean…who uses it?

MiniBLIZZARD: Aye aye, sir. *snicker*

The PEOPLE: WTF?!?!? You just nerfed the goggles!!! NOW THEY SUCK MORE!!!!
BLIZZARD: What did they say?

MiniBLIZZARD: They said “Thanks for Armor Penetration and the Stackable Ammo,” now they feel really overpowered…


But seriously…you’re nerfing our stealth detection on our goggles? I mean come on! That was the cool factor. Yeah, they look cool, but what do they do? Not much, so we could always say “Yeah, but look at that: STEALTH DETECTION.” And noobs would be all “ZOMG!11! DAT ROX!!” And we’d snicker and be happy.

What does Blizzard do? They get rid of that all together.

I’m slightly miffed.



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While writing the last post I skimmed this:


  • Added a new Reticulated Armor Webbing engineering enchant that increases the armor on cloth, leather, mail, or plate gloves.
  • Gnomish Lightning Generator: Now has passive critical strike rating. The damage from the activated effect has been reduced. No longer has a cast time. Now invokes a 10-second DPS burst item category cooldown.
  • Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket: No longer on the global cooldown. Damage increased, Cooldown reduced. Now invokes a 10-second DPS burst item category cooldown.
  • Hyperspeed Accelerators: Now invokes a 10-second DPS burst item category cooldown.

My only thoughts at this point are “Ok, I’m alright with that.” Now I have a reason to put at least one of these glove enchants on. Previously I thought the hand rockets not worth it, the accelerators same thing (although I was using it like a second Rapid Fire button…might do that again…don’t remember why I changed my mind on that…) and the Reticulated Armor Webbing is no longer just plate…meaning I’ve got a nice armor uppage if I decide to take it…

Not the changes I was hoping for, but its a step in the right direction.

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I know, its old news: I’m annoyed by the lack of Engineering changes announced in 3.1. Its a new annoyance, born from my own belief that I had just missed some of the changes. I have lower expectations than most concerning engineering. I’m happy with the toys and what-not, so when others QQ, I’m usually ok. That being said, I also hadn’t looked up all of the changes (I had thought) thinking that of course we’ll be getting a few, simply because Engineering is so totally and unnecessarily borked up the wazoo. I mean, I just wanted knew toys that changed a few things around. Or an epic trinket gadget thing that matched maybe some of the lesser trinket drops, but as it turns out, I DID already look up all of the changes, and we’re looking at getting like 4 things!?!?!?!?!


That’s right ladies and gents, Dav’s annoyed with engineering.

Heck, at least make it so the jumper cables work 100%. I think I’ve been 0-7 on the last 6 raids.

Or heck, how about a box we’ll call a Life Rememberer: You can store your life in there once every 30 minutes, then it’ll need to be recharged, has a 60 minute cool down. It’d be like a weaker version of the warlock soul thingy.

I dunno, either get rid of the old “misfires” that are raid harmful (ie:shrink ray problems) so that I can use the old trinkets in newer content, or step up Blizz, and make it useful again.


Your Currently Losing Faith Follower,


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I’m posting out of excitement for the Flexweave Underlay and the Nitro boosts. I mentioned in the Podcast how this was going to happen. I totally rock.


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We were running Heroic Utgarde Keep for the first boss, so that a friend could get some achievement. Nexultor and I decided to teleport to Area 52 for the heck of it.


He turned into a very “me” looking dwarf, and I turned into an orc chick…

Now if you listen to our podcast, Eresin recently suggested running into a city with Aspect of the Beast on so that you couldn’t be tracked. I decided “What better time then when I look like one of them?”

/runs to Undercity.

I run in the doors, avoid the all-knowing guards, and forget that there is an elevator. So as I wait, and get pummeled by guards, someone realizes that the pvp symbol by my name isn’t the Horde insignia and a few other start pounding on me. During the time the door to the elevator opened and I disengaged through…

…and somehow missed the elevator being at my level and fell the whole way, losing what was left of my health bar.

So I run back, figure what the heck, I’ll rez in the elevator (Which was empty).

I rez in the elevator and a DK runs in and stands next to me.

Every scene in every movie that has an elevator is running through my mind. I’m standing there…he can’t get what’s wrong…but he’s sure it is….elevator music…sweat on my brow.

Door opens, Dav leaves the elevator, DK did nothing. I then aggro a few guards, feign and ditch them and then go and stand at what I think is the middle of Undercity.

At this point, I start getting eyed by some low levels. I know my cover is going to get blown, so without thinking I slam the teleporter button that I haven’t used yet.

I’ve got one of them targeted and can see that this little level 68 is about to cast Shadowbolt on my sorry behind.


Yay Everlook!

End of story. Yay teleporters.

At least it didn’t light me on fire this time.

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Engineering isn’t just a “red-headed step child” of professions. While most of its created items and “Misfires” are rather humorous, they all have a strategic use within the game.

All that fancy smancy intro outta the way…lets get to the juicy bits…

Making Money with Engineering:

Flat out, the first thing anyone wants to know, is how am I supposed to make money off of engineering? That’s actually both difficult and easy. Bullets, guns, Primals, Eternals, and squirrels. That’s right, squirrels. First of all, guns and bullets don’t make you too much money until you get around your higher levels, maybe 60 and up. But big money can be found in pets, ie: squirrels, yeti’s, toads, and the like. Especially since the new achievement system…can I still call it new? Sure…why not… Anywho, pets are the new hip thing, I swear I just saw a gnome wearing like ten of them.



Got it? Good!

Another thing I mentioned was eternals and primals. Say what? That’s right! You too can be a mad collector of this overly needed commodity with the Zapthrottle Extractor! This little baby is a vacuum. That’s right, made by Hoover and all that jazz. What’s it do? That’s easy. The little hose on the end sucks up clouds and turns them into the most valuable commodity on the market. Motes and Crystals. These sell for quite the pretty penny and are used in EVERYTHING.

One more note about money making in engineering: Injectors, Healing or Mana like, all sell for a pretty penny as well. Mostly because the schematic drops are hard to find and the injectors take mana and healing potions and stack them, which is invaluable to healers, tanks, careless huntards, and bag space.

Practicality of Engineering:

Engineering has also gotten a bad rep for not being practical in battle situations. In all fairness, this is probably due to the large chance to malfunction that many engineering trinkets have.

Easily, the most practical reason to get into Engineering is the Goblin Jumper Cables/Goblin Jumper Cables XL/Gnomish Army Knife. These are the reason I got into Engineering to begin with. These each give the user a chance to rez, which comes in handy if you’re the last person standing after a wipe (Thank you Shadow Meld and Feign Death).

Other handydandy strategic use items include things like Flame Deflector, Ornate Spyglass (looking at what you’re getting into), Minor Recombobulator(quick heals and anti-polymorphs), Aquadynamic Fish Attractor (improves fishing), Ice Deflector, Discombobulator Ray (decreases attack power), Gnomish Cloaking Device (invisibility that drops all threat), all of the Seaforium Charges (opens locks), Gnomish Shrink Ray(decreases attack power), Gnomish Net-o-Matic Projector (I used this constantly when I was Pre WOTLK Survival Spec, added a whole new dimension to my CC’ing ability), Parachute Cloak (useful everywhere….EVERYWHERE….never fails either), any of the Rocket Boots or Boosts (even with the duration lessened….mmmm rockets in Arathi Basin…good time), Deepdive Helmet (for those classes that can’t breathe underwater), Gnomish Death Ray, any of the teleporters (100% success rate, you just might end up on fire is all), and the injectors(makes potions stackable in higher quantities). Heck, don’t forget the Sweet Goggles too! And that’s just to name a few.

By and large, these few examples are strategic, even with their failure rates (The shrink ray fails almost 2/3 of the time, as does the net gun, and cloaking device, as well as almost everything an engineer can make…). At the very least, they allow for low level trinkets to be had, while otherwise, folks are waiting until the 50’s for the good trinket drops. Heck, the Deepdive Helmet is the greatest Anti-Noob device on the face of the planet, stopping deaths by neglect for air for years.

And if you want an example of how powerful some of these trinkets are, then here’s one: The shrink ray lowers the attack power of the oncoming enemy by 250. That’s exactly the same debuff as King Dred in Drak’Tharon Keep. In other words, you have the same ability as a boss from a level 80 instance in Northrend.

But ranting about it won’t help. Instead I’ll paint an example of a perfect run with some trinkets.

Davlin runs into a mob of Skettis, or whatever those bird guys who look a lot like those bird guys from the Dark Crystal are called. He’s armed with two trinkets (he’s got piles of those engineering trinkets), the Net Gun, and the Shrink Ray. This mob consists of 5 Skettis (are they called Skettis? They are now.). Davlin sends Jaffa at one. One down. He net guns another. Two down. He freeze traps the third. Davlin targets the fourth and Shrink Rays him. Now that bird brain is weaker. Davlin then hits his Discombobulator Ray button. That leaves one as a leper gnome with a much weaker stamina and armor, two Crowd Controlled for at least 20 seconds, one with a weaker attack power, and one’s remains dripping from Jaffa’s mouth. Simply put, I can now one on one each of these jerks into oblivion.

Of course, that’s with 100% success rate on the engineering components. Sometimes these things just mess up. The net gun could have trapped me to the ground right next to an enemy while the shrink ray lowered mine and Jaffa’s attack power instead. In all fairness, its my opinion that the chance of messing up adds another dynamic to the game: spontaneity.

One final note on practical usage of engineering: Repair Bots=Invaluable. Especially for raiding. Nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to run all the way to the nearest town after a wipe. That just stinks. But if an engineer says “Have repair bot, willing to accept tips,” Everyone wins.

Repair bot.

Jumper Cables.


Just Plain Enjoyable:


Not only that, but do you know how awesome it is to know that I only ever have to leave my hearth set for Dalaran, and that if its spent, I still have a means to get back to Old World Azeroth and Outland? Yay teleporters. Plus it’s just awesome to know that when I come out of that teleporter, Davlin might just be Tauren, or a little girly gnome with a beehive hairdo, STYLISH!

Besides…ever seen Keristraza really freakin’ small? I have, yay shrink ray!


Yeah, engineering is humorous. Its supposed to be the profession that makes you laugh and gives Blizzard a means of giving you all that cool stuff that wouldn’t normally make sense in a fantasy game (“make sense in a fantasy game” wrap your head around that one).  But, Blizzard didn’t put it out there just for giggles, they gave it a very important strategic base. Engineering is great for allowing classes to experience what other classes can do, and allowing for that experience to be used in a practical and strategic way. Don’t just look at the funny and think “Useless.” Look at the funny, laugh, and then think “How can I apply this?”

Does engineering need help? Heck yes, Blizzard totally skipped out on engineering with WOTLK. I want more toys. Should you roll Leatherworking or some other profession over Engineering? That’s up to you. I’ve rolled them all, I’ve had the most fun with Engineering out of all the other professions (yup, I’ve tried them all except for enchanting and tailoring) and have worked all of my little trinkets and whatnot into my armory. I’m sticking with it, and encourage everyone to give it a try.

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/grumble louder


Fine. I’m going to do it. This is something that I said, as a blogger, I would never do. I’m promising you a post.

A post project.

The best post ever.

Maybe not.

But its this:

I promise to give you every reason why Engineering is not a horrible profession, how you can make easy money with it, and what engineering needs and is getting, needs and isn’t getting, and what it doesn’t need and for some odd reason is getting (I’m gunning for you Gadgetzan Wormhole.)

I always said I’d never promise a post so as to not make you sad when it failed to appear.

Screw that. Its coming. Its been in the works for a while, and its gonna be huge.

You might wanna wear a hardhat.

You’re about to get engineered.

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