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Ok, so its going around, I thought I’d dodged the bullet, but those Angry Dwarfs went and tagged me to explain the names of my toons and where they originated. Prepare to be bored silly.

Davlin: Nexultor had just introduced the game to me and told me I could try it out by making a character. So I made a Night Elf hunter because I was a big fan of Drizzt from the Forgotten Realms series. I didn’t care about the name for a guy I was just trying so I randomized. I got “Dazlin.”  When I finally decided to make my own account, I decided to keep the name but change it a bit. The “Dav” in Davlin, as well as all of my other “Dav” alts (Davlin, Davler, Davner, Davlinster…etc.) , is a part of my real name.

Lerytius: I tried to stick with the same name theme and tried to spell Tyler backwords in a name (Its my middle name). Well I went TOTALLY dyslexic and spelled Tyrel backwords and got Lerytius.

Kaiserblade: The only warrior I ever really care about, but still never play, he’s been a level 22 forever. His name came from the Billy Bob Thornton movie “Sling Blade.” I’m a fan. That’s the only reason.

Since the Angry Cousin’s of mine tagged Nexultor, then I guess I’ll have to break from my cheating norm and tag someone else.

So, tagged today is:




And forgive the boringness of my names. I hope my blog entries and stories make up for it.

If not?



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Recently, I attempted to do what I like to call a “Thought-Beta” on the idea of a Caverns of Time: Gnomeregan. Toying with the concept was fun beyond measure, yet very difficult. A large part of a “Thought-Beta” on Gnomeregan is begging Blizzard to integrate more Gnome lore into our lovely World of Warcraft. The difficult part was in trying to find a means of showing that Gnomeregan would be important for some reason to the Time Dragons/Grand Scheme of Things.

I’ve recently decided that I can’t understand the Gnome’s role in our (I’m a dwarf, so sue me) war with the Horde. The Gnomes, having moved into my fair city and become a burden on mine king, contribute much to the war effort, yet without any really strong strategic reason.

Currently their city is in ruins, overrun with troggs and leper cousins. So it’s not a very strategic point of interest in the Horde’s war effort. On the other hand, my king has graciously laid out the welcome mat for the little mooches and if the dwarves lose to the Horde, then the gnomes would be out of luck.

There are thousands of gnomes in game (I mean, seriously, thousands! Who hasn’t been to Tinker Town’s Tavern and Tassle and watched a few lady gnomes shaking their bum?) all leaping at the chance to be part of the war effort. Gnome warlocks, mages, warriors and rogues FREAKING EVERYWHERE! It’s like a Gnome plague. Heck for the holidays there were even more of them! It would seem to me that all of those little engineers would do themselves well to get on over to the gates of Gnomeregan. If there’s thousands of Gnomes, all carrying weaponry of insane power, they should probably suit on up, grab their engineering weapons of doom, and retake their home. At this point, they are just leaching off of me king, and I fail to understand why.

And yeah, I do get it, there is Gnome lore in game. The whole Gnomeregan thing leads you to suppose that the Gnomes were created by the Titans. And then Mechnozod or whatever his name is (Kneel before Mechnozod?) tells you flat out that they are. But that’s it? Come on, that’s week. Even the dwarves are freakin’ everywhere in the lore.

And what’s up with that guy we helped out to figure out a leper cure? I don’t remember his name, he’s somewhere outside of Kharanos, me ole stompin’ grounds. He sends you into Gnomeregan about 4 different times to get leper juices and stuff off of troggs and the leper gnomes. If I recall he made you do this in the hopes of helping him find a cure. I’ll bet he found a way to turn the disease into an awesome drink…that’s used at raves…like at Tinker Town’s Tavern and Tassle…that ends with dwarves hung over and wearing netted stockings…

What was in that punch?

But I digress. Gnomes, they have their uses and need to be in the lore of WoW more. I know they’ve got a lot of plain ole Warcraft lore, but I want to see more in the way of actually effecting game play.
I love my gnome friends. I want them to get more out of this game.

Oh, I have an idea…let’s find out that Arthas was long ago defeated by some Gnome Warrior/Engineer, and he turned Arthas’ armor into a giant robot that he rides around in. Then we get all the way into IceCrown Citidel, kill the Lich King, and his chest whirrs and cranks and then pops open and an old battered Gnome crawls out yelling. “Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!”

And then Dav shoots him.

Stupid Arthas.

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