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Podcastulator 6000!

Today is podcast recording day, and its totally getting revamped!

Background music for the transitions…

New intro….

New Segment…hosted by none other than ERESIN!! Yay WoWer’s in Scotland!

Be prepared. When we’re done recording it tonight I’m going to do SUPER EDIT! And try to get it on the iTuney thingy before tomorrow!!!!!


Oh! And we’ve got a special guest host in the form of Zaralin, RESTO DRUID! To talk healers with us!!!!



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Hey all, here’s a guest blog post from that goof over at Blogger (80 Elite). Enjoy!

Hey Davlin. I read your latest post on the role one played vs. the role one plays now and I wanted to put my own two cents in.

As I play on multiple characters, I feel it is only worthy to mention both of them. Kateff; a level 72 Hunter and Furyen; a level 72 Druid.  Before patch 3.0.2 Kateff’s role was DPS/CC. With Classic content, I found that Kateff would be used as a light CC and high DPS. Classic Dungeons contained many 4-5 sized mobs and just to make things a little easier on everyone, a Freezing Trap was laid down and I wold end up pulling the baddie to me and shwaan. Frozen baddie.  The major thing I as Kateff did in Classic WoW was to actually pull mobs to the party. As a ranged DPS that did lower damage (lower damage = lower aggro) it was the hunter that pulled that hard to get to mob not the mage.  As alliance, shamans did not exist as of yet and 90% of priests were spec’d holy. When it came to Druids back then….they were pretty secluded. Guess most were still sleeping the Emerald Dream. SO, as there was actual popularity for Hunters back then, they were wanted all the time. As Burning Crusade came out though, the huntard initiative was created. Hunters popularity dropped like a bag of dead murlocs…  It was the mage that became the preferred ranged DPSer and it came to be that the Warrior pull rose to almost full activity. Do not get me wrong here, Hunters didn’t just disappear.  They were still used as CCers and DPSers. But their main role was to do some CCing. Nothing beats a Freezing trap for 27 sec if specd Survival. Readiness was fantastic as you could continuously trap two baddies or forever trap one baddie.  Or as Davlin has stated, if you were an engineer you “could” trap around 6 maybe 7 mobs if you knew how to correctly. As it stood, Kateff had no engineering, and could trap two baddies, wryven sting another, and kite a fourth. That is four baddies out of the fight for crucial seconds. When patch 3.0.2 came out, Kateff switched to Beast Mastery due to the trees being switched and plundered. As a beginning Beast Master, Kateff looked forward to the prospect of new pets and abilities. It was time to get back to the hunter’s roots as a DPS pet handler. And it was in WotlK that Kateff was able to do this. In WotlK, the role of the hunter has yet again changed. They are their as a main DPS…yes a MAIN DPS.  Even though they are getting nerfed soon, hunters are high damage dealers now with a 6th party member to assist in the blood letting. As I have not ran too much with Kateff in Northrend my analysis ends here.

Furyen was a Restoration Druid throughout Classic and Burning Crusade. As of WotlK, he has specd to Balance to level faster.  When he reaches 80 or close to it, he will regain his tree form as I have noticed Druid healers being a HUGE favorite here in Northrend.  Classic WoW it was Priests, Burning Crusade it was Priest and Paladins, Wotlk I see the Druid. Once ridiculed for main healing, the druid (in capable hands) can heal just as effectively as any other healer. In BC, druids were used a lot just for their Battle Rez. A demoralizing and ridiculing position to fill, but as demand calls supply must answer.  Now that Entangling Roots can be cast inside, Druids can be an effective CCer also. Along with hibernate for beasts and dragon. Effective but not highly wanted.

I know I wrote tons more for Kateff than Furyen, but as I had played Kateff for longer I had more to say. Furyen was always a healer and always will be in heart. He is just taking a breather to laser beam his enemies to death.

Have a good one Davlin. May the hunt be prosperous for you.
Kateff, Furyen, Nexultor

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