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You read the headline correct! Ghostcrawler of the Dev team over at Blizzard announced today that they had all come to the conclusion that they “Over-nerfed BM.” They’ve planned to buff BM before the opening of Ulduar by making changes to Kindred Spirits and Serpent Swiftness.

What does this mean?

It means that, yes, while our shots have been nerfed, Blizz recognizes that the hardest punch to the BM gut was the nerfing of Pet DPS. Thus the improvement of Kindred Spirits will make pet damage better and Serpent Swiftness will give us a bit more haste, which is awesome, since if we shoot faster, we do more damage over time.

They won’t return us to anything near pre-3.0.8, AND I DON’T WANT THEM TO. Our pets were the problem and our current shot rotation as BM, while weaker than what it was, is more efficient. A boost to pet damage and haste is just what the doctor ordered.

We’ll still see a lot…and I mean a lot of QQ, but heck, I’m pretty sure that this pardigm shift that we call 3.0.8 was just shifted in our favor, so maybe the QQ will quiet down a little.

You’ll hear me rant more about this in next week’s podcast, I promise.

I’m so excited I could cry.

Eresin, I do hope that you haven’t respecced Survival yet.


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Ok, ran Heroic Utgarde Keep, again, as to see more of what might have been done to my dps. (Actually I ran it because it was the heroic daily and just so happened to be the exact same heroic I ran the night before and was all excited).

Anywho, my summary:

Yes, my overall DPS has dropped. By around 400 dps. What does this mean? It means that I still can be at the top of the charts, its just not as easy as it was. Pulling over 2000 dps is still easily done, as long as you pay attention to your rotation.

I use Serpent Sting and the Steady Shot glyph so that Steady Shot can proc 10% more damage, and I just tonight added the Arcane Shot glyph as to save even more on mana costs.

Before I ran into Heroic UK, I went and respecced. I basically robbed points from talents that I didn’t really think I needed and threw them into Improved Arcane Shot, as Arcane shot now makes up around 30-40% of my rotation damage. The way I worked it, I still have Aimed Shot, which I like having as its instant cast, aids my other shots, and ruins the target’s healing. Plus its only one point! What a steal. Anyways, so I respecced. I even got Frejya the Rabid ability in  her tree, which I had avoided previously for reasons I cannot begin to fathom.

Against Ingvar the Plunderer Punk:


Easy peasy. In the words of Pike: “Beast Mastery is not dead, my friends.

A quick call out to you all as well, hunter or not, how has the patch effected you? I’ve been noticing a lot of hunters are split on the issue, and my buddy over at Blogger (80 Elite) seems to have not seen much change for his spec in DK. What about the rest of you? (more…)

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Know your role!

Since my first days running ZF in Tanaris, back before I went to counseling and became a reformed huntard (I used to wear shammy gear and thought professions made no sense), I’ve found that my roles while always the same in an instance, have shifted from instance to instance as well. As a hunter, I’m always the “Heavy Sustained DPS” guy, but versatility is key to any survival situation, and my roles have found themselves shifting.

Most recently, I’ve found my roles being thrown for a loop in the Heroic Dungeons in Northrend.

Aside from DPS, my basic role, assigned by myself, and usually accepted graciously by the target, is “Protect the Healer.” Before Northrend, back when Furyen the Resto Druid of Doom was our healer, this consisted of some form of crowd control, usually a Freezing Trap, that he’d stand on and if any one mob broke off, BAM, instant karma. Of course, I was also a Survival Specced hunter back then, priding myself on my ability (thanks to Readiness being in the Survival tree as well as being an engineer with a Net-O-Matic Projector and having Wryven Sting) to crowd control 7 mobs at least. I was an angel of CC. Ahh…bask in the glory of former days past…


Anywho, the patch 3.0.2 came out. Easily this patch could be called the “Hunters Get Awesomer” Patch, leading to the respec’s and moving Readiness to the Marksman tree. Yeah, to say the least, I got bummed. I started reading up, found Bigredkitty, and he sold me on being a Beast Mastery Hunter, and I’m proud of the choice (it was always trapping or my pet, they took away my ability to CC 7 trash at once, so Pet became priority). Along with said patch, came Wrath, about a month later, and with it, dungeons of crazy mechanics. (As well as the Resto Druid Zaralin coming into her own).

So we run into Caverns of Time, and there are thousands of dead guys. Everywhere. I can’t use a freezing trap to protect the healer. What do I do? I panic. Yeah, they are just little guys, but they are hitting my healer, and I can’t freeze them. So I cover my eyes with one hand, reach into my bag and grab the first thing I touch. An explosive trap.

To my shock and surprise, it works, killing all the little guys, but it even goes as for to go one better. If my tank lost any aggro, and the healer managed to pick it up, they’d run at her (Poor Zaralin) and they would roar and slobber and get almost to her when an explosive trap would catch them in the face. They would then stop…freak out even more, and redirect their attentions towards me. While yes, I’m only a mail wearer, and stamina has never been my strong suit, I do have a ton more armor than Zaralin, silly resto druid. So, I’ll either throw on Misdirect or kite the jerk back to the tank. I’ve never been happier with the results. (as a sidenote in reference to patch 3.0.2, with the changes being made in the PTR to Deterrence now being able to parry and dodge 100% of attacks for a limited amount of time, how much stamina you have will matter little when conducting this maneuver)

As a result of this, I’ve come to start using explosive trap in such a manner on many occasions that involve multiple mobs that might swarm the healer. Yeah, I might pull way too much down on myself, but it saves the healer long enough for the tank to pick back up aggro.

What can I say? If you ain’t got healz, you ain’t got win.

Another example of a role shift comes in the form of Drak’Tharon Keep. This one makes me almost cry and rejoice at the same time. This role makes my job of protecting the healer impossible, but not fulfilling this role means healer dies. The role is to collect the baddies that come running down the stairs to help the big ole troll boss. You know the ones, they get there, die easily and then explode, killing everyone. Well, my newest role has been to set traps and volley the stairs in between blasting the big troll punk. I consider it a new role, because it involves me protecting the whole group and trying to shoot the boss at the same time. What can I say? I’m talented.

What I guess that I’m trying to say is that Wrath, obviously, changed game play by altering the repetitive role and making the situations more detrimental to how you’ll play your character. I love my new roles, they involve more concentration and thinking outside of the box, and at the same time, they haven’t changed. I still, protect my healer and I still put out insane amounts of Sustainable DPS.

Time for another Call out! How has your role changed since you’ve installed Wrath? Other than something as simple as “I changed specs.” I’d love to hear stories about how you were running into an instance to dps, but now you’re all about picking flowers or something like that. Or maybe how you’ve specced for a specific resistance type. There is a ton of frost gear out there now. Send me an email at davlinrocks at yahoo.com

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Damage vs. DPS

So, I’m sitting at work (that place I go to between WoW and sleep) when an irate Mustafah comes storming into my office and starts ranting with gibberish and spit flying from his mouth and a furious red faced fury that can only be described as both scary and cartoonish ( Yup, I work with Mustafah, who also happens to be a fury warrior from my guild).
“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Stafah! Calm down, buddy, speak English, I don’t understand Rabid Orc.” (See…Mustafah in real life is exactly like Mustafah in game. He’s a fury specced warrior. He’s hot tempered and likes things that get him hot tempered to die. So, since he can’t legally get away with killing things, he tells me to make a blog post.)
“I am so (bleeping) tired of all those (bleeping) (bleepers) that don’t understand the difference between DPS and Damage (bleeping) output! Everyone gets (bleeping) dps meters and completely forget how to (bleeping) play! All that (bleeping) matters is being at the tops of those (bleeping) dps charts. Write a (bleeping) blog about that!”
Okie dokie!

Davlin’s Definition of DPS: A number that tells you the average amount of damage that you have done in 1 second.

Davlin’s Definition of Damage Output: The amount of damage that you do during an entire fight.

What’s the difference?
The confusion comes from the fact that people think that if they are doing high dps that they are the doing everything that is needed of them for that fight. Because of that they fail to realize all the negatives to being at the top of the DPS chart.

If you are concentrating on being at the top of the dps chart, than you are using all of your hardest hitting attacks at the beginning of the fight. Hard hitting attacks cause large immediate quantities of threat. Therefore being at the top of the dps chart means that you have a high threat. Whether or not you are actually stealing threat isn’t important, because being at the top of the chart means that you are making the tank’s threat management much harder because yours sucks.

On the other hand, Damage Output is quite a different story. You can do a ton of your attacks that don’t put you at the top of the dps chart and put out tons and tons of awesome damage. Just ask any hunter. A hunter’s shot that does the most damage? Auto-shot. Why?  Because it fires a constant stream, never giving up and puts out the same amount of damage without stopping for anything. Its not a hunter’s strongest shot, it won’t raise the hunter’s threat level, but it does the most damage OVER TIME out of any hunter shot.

What’s the answer to putting out the most damage?
Sustained High DPS.
NOT sustained highEST dps.
Sustained High Dps. No bursts of “Oh (bleep)!” Damage.

Yes, being at the top of the dps chart is cool. Everyone loves to see that they made that number one slot, but dps isn’t what wins the battle. Dps is specifically meant to be a bench mark, so you have an idea of what type of damage you’re doing every second. If your dps drops, then you should note that you’re doing slightly less damage. If it goes up, you’re doing slightly more damage. You should use it just to keep an eye on your progression.

But if I’ve got a high dps doesn’t that mean that I’ve got a high damage output?

Yes and no. The difference between damage output and dps isn’t that dps doesn’t measure damage, its that dps is directly related to threat (a 1 to 1 ratio with threat per second, or TPS). Dps is an average, so if you do a large amount of beginning burst damage (making it hard for a tank to keep aggro) then you will look like you’ve got a high dps, even when your damage gets weaker throughout the fight. All you’ve managed to do is make the dps meter put your name at the top and make the tank angry because of your poor threat management. On the other hand, if you start with your attacks in a smooth rotation, doing high constant, sustainable, damage for the entire fight, you’re threat will be low, but your damage output will be huge. Yes, you’ll only be second or third on the dps meter, but what really matters is killing bosses, not numbers, because numbers suck.

This leads me into another point, the reason Mustafah was angry in the first place. On a recent Naxx run, the leader of the 25 man raid was threatening to boot people who weren’t at the tops of the charts. This was probably some sort of poorly thought out motivational speech or something, but all it did was illustrate his ignorance across the raid chat. What he should have done (to stick with his theme of rude and cranky) is threaten to boot people who weren’t at the top of the damage output. So what if everyone can make his or her averages look higher. Instead, recognize the amount of damage people are putting out. Keep the folks with high damage output (also known as sustainable high dps), not the people with the highest dps.

I hope that that makes sense, if not please leave a comment and I’ll try to clarify. I’ve read it about 4 times and it keeps making sense to me…but reading it to myself doesn’t make me see it from any angle but mine own.

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The Best?

Recently, I’ve found that there a lot of folks out there asking for the “best.” And I don’t mean they are asking for me….although they should be. What I mean is that they are going around asking what class is the best {Insert Group Role}.

Ie: A guildy recently asked me “What’s the best class for a healer?”
And of course, one of our resident shamans felt it necessary to boast his class pride. Sadly, before I could voice my lengthy and rather well-informed opinion about the subject, the curious guildy felt compelled to take his new information of “Shammy haz healz” to his Horde alt.

As to properly answer this, I feel as though I’m forced to instead address my belief in the term “the Best.”

Simply put, the Best is a myth. I think that there have been reports of it being sighted in Sholozar Basin, every six hours, and only for ten minutes…

Seriously though, the Best is relative. In all honesty, I can’t even say I’ve ever met anything I would say is the Best in terms of “all of Warcraft.” There are just too many variables and with the way the Blizzard has been revamping classes over the last year or more the classes for each group role all have the capacity to be just as good at the group role as any other class.

So here’s Davlin’s short list of the Best’s.

Healer: Anyone that can keep me alive through almost everything.
Tank: Anyone who can hold aggro through most situations and earned the title of “Dav’s Meat Shield.”
DPS: Anyone who knows how to properly ride an aggro wave without pulling aggro and causing a wipe.
Hunter: Me.
Pet: Any pet that’s special abilities and armor/health fits well with your play style.
Profession for making money: Any profession….period.
Northrend Starting Zone: Howling Fjord, don’t take my darned Cobalt Nodes and Steam Clouds in Borean Tundra!

This is, of course, all from my point of view. Over here in Hunter land, where I’m putting out DPS and trying to keep my mana up and pet alive, what matters to me is making it through a mob. As long as I’m watching the Aggro Wave, I’m the happiest little Hunter when I see that my tank is holding aggro, my healer is healing through the pain, and my other dps isn’t trying to steal aggro. If your choices for your group can carry you through every mob, then they’re the Best.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is:
What’s the Best? The Best is that small group of players that knows their class and their role in a group. The Best are also always courteous “good” players.  There is no best class for anything. You want the Best? Run with PUG’s until you find the Best. You want the Best? Run with Guildmates until you find the Best. You want the Best? Take me with you, cause it doesn’t get any better than this baby!

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Psst….come here….

Um…have you seen Jaffa?

No? Good!

Have you seen the new acid spit ability on worm pets? Its a stacking Sunder ability that has a DOT. STACKING SUNDER!!! It has a 7 second cooldown, so every seven seconds you can hit it again and just keep removing armor from your enemy…

Still no Jaffa? Well, tough, I want him to hear this next part.


Hey there Jaffa buddy, Check this out!! I just saw a really cool video that showed me something I already had a hunch about. Wind Serpents are pets from the Cunning Talent tree (duh!), but because the higher my RAP (Ranged attack power) the mightier the Lightning blast that you can do bud, it means that you also hold aggro really well. Not only that, but with your armor almost double mine, and the awesome healing buffs from the Beast Mastery talent I can throw great heals at you!!


So revelation that I already knew? Jaffa, you’re a great DPS tank.

I knew it, you knew it, now we’re affirmed.


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Kara DPS

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