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Resolutions? You betchya!! First I’ll give you mine, then I’ll laugh at you with crazy zeal, and then I’ll give you some suggestions.

Here are Davlin’s Goals for the New Year.

  1. Get Engineering to 450
  2. Get Chopper Schematic
  3. *drool* Nesingwary 4000
  4. Epic Flying would be nice
  5. Truesight Ice Blinders are something I need to build for myself
  6. Level Jaffa and Bubba to 80.
  7. Get a moth.
  8. Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
  9. Break 100 blog views a day!
  10. Convince Blizzard that the title “Hunter of Nesingwary” will make everyone love Achievements.(ie: Davlin Of Nesingwary)

I suggest everyone start throwing their resolutions around the area of reputation. I mean, come on…dude…Drakes…guns….rings of Kirin Tor (Just another Hearthstone). That’s my suggestion. Get exalted with everyone.

Get Exalted with Davlin…

I don’t know if there’s a rep reward for that…

We’ll see.


Davlin’s 80! DINGERIFFIC!!!

And he ran his first Heroic. Drak’Tharon or however the heck its spelled.

So here’s the story.

Zaralin: I want the Triage Achievement, so if when Nexultor uses his Jumper Cables on you Dav, I’ll try to bandage you.

<<Rez Dav>>

Zaralin: Shoot, you’ve got more than 5 Percent health.

Davlin: No worries! I’ve got Goblin Global Thermal Sapper Charge!

Davlin puts thumb on trigger while currently having just barely above 5% health. “BAM!” He says for effect.

Nexultor: No Dav!! Don’t do it!

Davling pushes the thumb plunger.

Davlin goes up in a ball of flame and flying body parts.

Nexultor: /Facepalm

Zaralin: <<Rez Davlin>>

Davlin: Didn’t work? Wow…didn’t see that coming. No worry guys, I’ve got another one.

Group: /Facepalm…


–Happy New Year! –Davlin


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DING! 77

Yeah, I know, its not important, there are millions of 80’s,but this isn’t a blog of what you think is important. It’s a blog of what makes me happy. So here ya go.



Helicopter, Oh how I’ve missed ye.

In other news, here are my new stats. I put my new point into my Serpent Swiftness to increase my haste. Me likey fast shooting. Jaffa’s right on my heals too, when he dings I’ll post his stats.



Woot me.

RAID IDEAS!?!?!?!?? THIS WEEKEND Someone gimme an idea. I know that if we’re shy folks that Henrik from Forgotten Heroes has offered his Guild’s help. 

I suggest one of the new ten man raids. I suggest Eye of Eternity. Saturday at 8:30 Server time. Whisper myself or Nexultor for any ideas and whatnot as well as to sign up. Or we’re just grabbing whatever punks…err…PUG’s we run across.

Grats everyone who got the Jenkin’s Achievement.

<<</SIGH>>> Hey all, Dietyman has gone and gotten himself stuck in a rut. He’s got the Avast Admiral! achievement. This means that all goblin neutral towns think of him as murderous scum, and at the same time, he needs goblin town access. While I’m fond of watching people wallow in the graves they’ve dug for themselves, I can’t stand by and watch one of our own suffer. So please send him all Mageweave cloth that you can. Deadwood Warriors in southern Felwood. Go there, kill them. <<<</grumble>>>>

General Macro of the Post:

/script SetRaidTarget("target", n)

where n is:

  1. Yellow 4-point Star
  2. Orange Circle
  3. Purple Diamond
  4. Green Triangle
  5. White Crescent Moon
  6. Blue Square
  7. Red “X” Cross
  8. White Skull

and 0 is no icon. It’s more helpful when used in the same macro call as preparing to sheep (when you as mage are leader) and other CC preps. Alone, this command line isn’t that useful unless with a key binding, since you can just rightclick the unit frame to change the icon.

Class Specific Macro of the Post: DEATH KNIGGIT:

Blood Bath

/cast Vampiric Blood
/cast Rune Tap

This is for Blood Spec. Death Knights. If you have 2 blood/death runes up, one click will allow a nice little heal. Each spell is on a 1 min cooldown. Takes your normal Rune Tap healing aspect and adds 50% to it. Great with Improved Rune Tap. This macro it mostly an “OH SHI-” button, but good none the less.

NEXT POST!!! DAVLIN Hands our most helpful allies the honor of  Honorary Hero of the Alliance!!!!

Stay TUNED!!!


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