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Ok, first things first, Dav’s been a little MIA, in the last few posts. The show, the getting ready for the show, the frustration at not having recorded the show, all kind of contributed to Dav’s lazy postings.


What’s that Jaffa?

No…I haven’t been totally enjoying the spring fever and doing physical things like running…



No…The new Dresden Files book isn’t taking up all of my WoW time…


Durn it ya durned flying snake, No! I am not spending all of my WoW time using my new epic flight ability to make as much gold as possible through mining…


Ok fine! Fine! Fine! Durned wind serpent…more like a durned rat!

Yeah, I’ve been distracted. By both RL and Mining. Turns out that with Epic Flying and Mining you can easily make a TON OF GOLD a day. Also, the new Dresden Files book rocks. If you’re looking for something new to read, this is the series for you. Basically a wizard Dick Tracy. Who could ask for more? Oh, and I’ve been running during the time I usually go all blogerrific.

That being said all, we’re going to ignore Jaffa’s pining to go eat and I’m going to give you a little rant that’s been building up at the last 4 or 5 raids I’ve gone to:

Why the heck is it that when, I do my part, I pull the highest DPS in a 25 man run, against the hard bosses, doing all the tricks and bells and whistles, NO LOOT DROPS FOR ME!?!?!?!? Yeah, I get it. I really do. Its random (supposedly) and if the guys who did the best got the drops then of course the good would only get better and the bad would stay bad. I get it, I just don’t think its fair to me. I’ve ran a bajillion of these durned things and the durned things keep on dropping pally gear!!! THERE’S NOT A DURNED PALLY IN THE WHOLE DURNED RAID!!!

Or how about the Death Knight or Warrior I run with. One chooses to spec tank (DK) and the other chooses to spec DPS (Warrior) the specs that aren’t the norm, but are perfectly viable, and neither of them get gear for their specs. Yay, just what I wanted, a durned chest piece for a DPS DK, when I’m a freakin’ TANK, or a durned defense covered piece of plate that’s not gonna help me out with my dps at all.

Or how about the Druid Healer I run with, who has to wear cloth priest stuff because its the best in slot for her healing? I thought Blizzard just said “but the truth is our original design was that if druids want to raid, they have to heal. Our BC design was okay, you can try and raid with the other druid specs, but you are going to be inferior to other classes in tanking, casting or melee dps. We heard from plenty of druids who thought that was a terrible design and over time we decided we agreed and changed our vision for how raiding works. (Source)”

That’s my rant. I want loot that drops party specific. How hard is that blizz? Ok, Dav did the best on dps, but all that drops is a nice piece of mage gear, Dav smiles, because there’s actually a mage in the group. But if a durn-blasted pally piece drops on a durn-blasted pally-less run again I might just break Blizzard’s door down and let Jaffa loose…

Am I right buddy?


As a quick sidenote, I’ve gone and made Nexultor a contributor to the blog in the unlikely event that I just am unable to type, or unavailable to post something that is ready to post.

Stuff happens, he’s my backup, only because Jaffa still can’t look at a keyboard without hitting it with a durn-blasted lightning blast!


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Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m conducting a sales pitch for what I believe to be one of the most invaluable items in the game. Heirloom loot. Not just any Heirloom loot though, I’m suggesting Shoulder slot Heirloom loot.


But Davlin, Tell us more!


Why yes, the shoulder slot heirloom loot, while not cheap, does come with some remarkable features. Allow me to point out the awesomely easy way it is to now twink out your alts without actually having to play them. These items are better than most you’d find and they adjust to your level.


Adjust to my level?


You heard me correctly; they adjust to your level. If you are level 1, the stats will be proportionate for a level 1. If you’re a level 34, the same stats will be proportionate to that level!


BUT WAIT! There’s more!


More?!?!? How could there be more?


I’ll tell you how. The items aren’t soulbound, but instead are bind on account. This means that if you buy one set of mail shoulder pads, you can send those back and forth between your shaman and hunter alts.


Yeah, but I bet they look like crap.


Not at all, all heirloom loot is based off of models from high end raiding loot. Your level 1 gnome warlock could easily look as though they’ve just ran Molten Core. You’ll be the envy of noobs everywhere.


Looks great? Adjusts to my level? Can be sent to anyone at anytime on my account? You’ve almost got me sold. But what’s the strategic value?


That’s the best part, and the reason you’ll want to buy these beautiful shoulder slot items as soon as possible!




But Dav, you silly oaf, I’ve never seen anything that’s labeled a monster in this game.


Oaf I might be, but not silly today. Everything that can be killed in this game of all games is a monster. Scarlet Crusade? Monster. Troggs? Monster. Baby Murlocs? Not Monster’s yet….but someday…


Wait…Why would you care Dav? I thought you were all “Yay hunters! Down with lesser classes!” Why would you care about items for alts? What are you hiding?


Shoot, you caught me. I do have a few alts, and I still hold to my pro-hunter stance. Every now and then though, servers go down, or you find your guild shy on a specific class and decide to roll one that ends up being not needed so you abandon him, return to him, abandon again, then heirloom loot makes you excited to go back to him.


His name is Lerytius. He’s a level 33 Dranei Priest of the Esoteric Order of Dagon (which is hilarious if you read H.P. Lovecraft). I’m leveling him as Holy and don’t understand the mantra “its impossible to level a holy priest.” First of all, before heirloom loot, he was leveling fast when I’d play him, which was rare. Second of all, since heirloom loot, I play him for an hour, BAM! Ding, leveled.


And yes, I do have other alts. I’ve got a level 22 prot warrior named Kaiserblade (I liked the movie SlingBlade), a warlock at level 18 named Davler, and an alt over on Venture Co. that is really just a low level copy of Davlin, a level 6 dwarf hunter that looks identical but I thought roleplaying would be fun. It’s obviously a hoot as he’s still a level 6… Oh…and then theirs my Death Knight…Davlinster…who gets on my nerves because he’s all “I sold my soul,” and I’d never do that. So….we’ll see if he ever gets played.


So now you know my dirty little secrets and I am still encouraging you to go out and get you some Stone Keeper’s Shards so you can be rocking that awesome heirloom loot. ROCK ON!

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Hey all, here’s a guest blog post from that goof over at Blogger (80 Elite). Enjoy!

Hey Davlin. I read your latest post on the role one played vs. the role one plays now and I wanted to put my own two cents in.

As I play on multiple characters, I feel it is only worthy to mention both of them. Kateff; a level 72 Hunter and Furyen; a level 72 Druid.  Before patch 3.0.2 Kateff’s role was DPS/CC. With Classic content, I found that Kateff would be used as a light CC and high DPS. Classic Dungeons contained many 4-5 sized mobs and just to make things a little easier on everyone, a Freezing Trap was laid down and I wold end up pulling the baddie to me and shwaan. Frozen baddie.  The major thing I as Kateff did in Classic WoW was to actually pull mobs to the party. As a ranged DPS that did lower damage (lower damage = lower aggro) it was the hunter that pulled that hard to get to mob not the mage.  As alliance, shamans did not exist as of yet and 90% of priests were spec’d holy. When it came to Druids back then….they were pretty secluded. Guess most were still sleeping the Emerald Dream. SO, as there was actual popularity for Hunters back then, they were wanted all the time. As Burning Crusade came out though, the huntard initiative was created. Hunters popularity dropped like a bag of dead murlocs…  It was the mage that became the preferred ranged DPSer and it came to be that the Warrior pull rose to almost full activity. Do not get me wrong here, Hunters didn’t just disappear.  They were still used as CCers and DPSers. But their main role was to do some CCing. Nothing beats a Freezing trap for 27 sec if specd Survival. Readiness was fantastic as you could continuously trap two baddies or forever trap one baddie.  Or as Davlin has stated, if you were an engineer you “could” trap around 6 maybe 7 mobs if you knew how to correctly. As it stood, Kateff had no engineering, and could trap two baddies, wryven sting another, and kite a fourth. That is four baddies out of the fight for crucial seconds. When patch 3.0.2 came out, Kateff switched to Beast Mastery due to the trees being switched and plundered. As a beginning Beast Master, Kateff looked forward to the prospect of new pets and abilities. It was time to get back to the hunter’s roots as a DPS pet handler. And it was in WotlK that Kateff was able to do this. In WotlK, the role of the hunter has yet again changed. They are their as a main DPS…yes a MAIN DPS.  Even though they are getting nerfed soon, hunters are high damage dealers now with a 6th party member to assist in the blood letting. As I have not ran too much with Kateff in Northrend my analysis ends here.

Furyen was a Restoration Druid throughout Classic and Burning Crusade. As of WotlK, he has specd to Balance to level faster.  When he reaches 80 or close to it, he will regain his tree form as I have noticed Druid healers being a HUGE favorite here in Northrend.  Classic WoW it was Priests, Burning Crusade it was Priest and Paladins, Wotlk I see the Druid. Once ridiculed for main healing, the druid (in capable hands) can heal just as effectively as any other healer. In BC, druids were used a lot just for their Battle Rez. A demoralizing and ridiculing position to fill, but as demand calls supply must answer.  Now that Entangling Roots can be cast inside, Druids can be an effective CCer also. Along with hibernate for beasts and dragon. Effective but not highly wanted.

I know I wrote tons more for Kateff than Furyen, but as I had played Kateff for longer I had more to say. Furyen was always a healer and always will be in heart. He is just taking a breather to laser beam his enemies to death.

Have a good one Davlin. May the hunt be prosperous for you.
Kateff, Furyen, Nexultor

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Ok all, I thought I’d try to do a helpful post about important numbers that we should all be trying to reach for. So here goes. I’ve got a bunch of “this and that” caps. The numbers you should reach in order to max yourself out and if you go over them, its completely uselessness of doom. Or maybe more like uselessnesss of mediocrity. I don’t know.

Anywho: numbers.

Hit Cap! Been there, done that, there was a big post about it. Here’s the numbers again. These numbers work for everyone!

At level 60, you have a 90 hit cap. At level 70 you have a 142 hit cap. and at level 80 you have a 294 hit cap.

As in most things though, these are the max useful ratings for hit. You don’t always need max. When it comes to hit, I’m content with anywhere between 240 and 290. At my current rating of 222, I’ve got a miss chance of 2.2%. Yup, every 50 swings, I miss once. Whoopty-freakin-do0. I’m content at my current hit rating, so now I pour my efforts into leveling other things.

Hey you tanker tanks, here’s some numbers for you. DEFENSE CAP. At 60 you need 440 (210 defensse rating), at 70 you need 490 (330 Defense rating) and at 80 you need a whopping 540 (687 defense rating)! Good luck all you tanking fools.

Ok, now for the one that took me, literally, hours to figure out (ask Blogger (80 Elite)). Spell hit cap.

It took me forever because I just don’t understand it. I’m a hunter. I’m hit rating and attack power mixed with agility and more attack power. So here goes a very lost and weary explanation, don’t hate me if  I mess it up, just explain it, or better yet, write a long, very drawn out explanation and email it to me at davlinrocks (at) yahoo (dot) com. I’d love to have a guest blogger who knows a ton about this subject.

Dav’s attempt at explaining hit cap.

For every 26.23 of spell hit that you get, it gives you 1% spell hit at 80. And you need 17% spell hit rating to get the spell hit cap. This means that you need 446 spell hit in order to reach the cap. But if you’re raiding, there are tons of raiding buffs that raise your personalspell hit, and therefore, having 446 is kind of a waste of points (because people are going to raise it up that high for you when it matters). Because of this, an acceptable and encouraged spell hit rating is 341, allowing for you to place more effort into other areas of your character, as well as allowing for raid wide buffs to do their job. Magic number= 341!

I hope that all made sense. If not, Yay Guest Bloggers. Its a win/win situation. The only ones I like.

In other news, the patch didn’t come out on Tuesday, but we did see some repairs to the game mechanics. I hear that the biggest one was to a warrior and Dk threat bug. Defensive stance and Frost Presence would lose threat generation ability when people died, but would stay active in the buff list for the character. So unless the person reset their buff, they’d have much weaker threat generation and not understand why. Good news though! As previously mentioned, its been fixed! Grats to all you DK’s and Prot Warriors.

What else? Oh me? What have I been up to? I’m so glad you asked.

Running butt loads of heroics when I get the time, that’s what. In real life I hold two jobs. So I don’t get a ton of time to play. Mostly in the evenings I’ve been trying to make up for this with tons of heroicy goodness. Its like chocolate, only it doesn’t make me feel as fat. Thanks to Emblems of Heroism that I’ve been getting, I’ve finally got my crypstalker gloves (check a few posts back) and am loving the extra dps, but I’m not as freaking out about gear as I was before I got them. Beforehand, I was all very excited and anxious, not knowing what to spend my emblems on. I really wanted the chest piece, but the gloves were cheaper. To throw another wrench in my awesome conundrum, I also really wanted the Mirror of Truth, which was even cheaper. Well, I solved said conundrum and can rest easy for now. I solved it by looking at my rep. I’ve been wearing the Argent Crusade tabard into the Heroics I’ve been running. This has led to an almost exalted status. Argent Crusade has this at exalted: Polished Regimental Hauberk. This awesome chest piece isn’t quite the Crypstalker Chestpiece, but it’s awesome enough, and easy enough to get at this point, that I was encouraged to buy the gauntlets and a Pristine Monarch Topaz. This choice was made easier by looking at my rep reward options (I suck at working on rep, the Championing of rep is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me, now I can work on rep without even noticing) and noting that no really good gloves would be available for anything I was even close to exalted with. So I chose to get my Cryptstalker Gauntlets, do a few more heroics, get my chest piece from rep in a day or two, and then when I have enough emblems I’ll get the new Crypstalker one. Or heck, I might just wait for a 25 man Naxx and get the better one. We’ll see.

That leads into qualms with Rating Buster. Rating buster is an addon that I use to determine how good a piece of armor or weaponry is by converting all those little numbers on there into something simpler for me to understand (I really hate numbers). It uses green and red to tell you at just a glance if something is better or worse. My qualm comes with (and I think BRK mentioned in a post that he was hoping they’d fix a problem similar to this) the fact that it doesn’t determine how high it raises your DPS, specifically,  in reference to Armor Penetration. I had Interwoven Scale Bracers, which were nice, very nice. But when I went to Maxdps.com I found that Giantmaim Bracers added more to my dps, even though they lowered my attack power and crit chance. So I went ahead and did my homework. As it turns out, the Giantmaim bracers do increase my DPS (Which is all I , as a hunter really care about, more DPS). They do this by adding 2.23% armor penetration to my stats. While the rest of my stats drop (by small increments, I think attack power dropped by 13, etc) the increase to my armor penetration threw my DPS sky higher.

Don’t get me wrong. I love rating buster. Fast, mid Raid determination of if something is better? Oh hellz yeah! This is more of just a warning, be sure to know what your goals are and to understand that most addons can’t read your mind and know exactly what you want from them. So….yay new bracers.

As for the rest of my Week in WoW, I’ve been doing a lot of reading up on patch notes and such, I’ve been listening to all the newer posted podcasts, and (tonight) I managed to level Jaffa up to 80. Watch out all, he’s got lightning breath and will kill you!

This is super long winded. So I’m going to sign off and go to bed.

Oh! And its my birthday. So for a present I want tons of reader comments and one or two awesome guest blogs to enter my email box.

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Due to a high amount of requests for information about Death Knights, and since i do my homework and have the top Death Knight in the guild (hehe) I decided to make this page to fulfill all if not most of people’s questions.

Let’s first introduce Death Knights. Old story Death knights were the embodiment of orc souls within armor. Now truthfully these types mean nothing now but back stories. The new death knights or more commonly known as second generation are the immortalized body, soul, etc of a hero. These Death knights pledged themselves to the Lich King and became powerful forces in the Scourge. (link to WoWwiki)

So, Death knights are plate wearing, runeblade wielding, spell casters. Not to say that they throw fireballs around. They mearly dabble in magic compared to other casters.  A Death knights primary roles will be Tank, DPS, off-tank. Figures seeing that they wear plate armor. The weapons a DK can use are as follows: 1h axe, 1h sword, 2h axe, 2h sword, polearms, and of course the old left and right fisticuffs. No shield for DKs if you are wondering. So how do they tank? Well we will get to that soon enough. DKs do not use mana to cast, they use runic power and runes. DKs have two blood, two frost, and two unholy runes. If you are spec’d for it, you can also recieve death runes which can be used as either blood, frost, or unholy. Runic power is built up as a DK attacks, much like rage and warriors, and is expelled by using specific spells.

DPS role: You start off with some very good DPS gear. Attack power, crit, and hit rating are your tops. Double wielding is great as a DPS. A DK can generate several sword swings as well as some abilities swings like Heart Strike. To add to this, a DK gets three presences. These are similar to warrior stances but of course different stats and abilities. These three presences are different from the talent specs. All DKs get these presences. The first is Blood Presence. This presence strengthens the Death Knight with the presence of blood, increasing damage by 15% and healing the Death Knight by 4% of damage dealt. Only one Presence may be active at a time. So high powered attacks along with incoming healz.  The next presence concerned with DPS is Unholy Presence. This presence infuses the Death Knight with unholy fury, increasing attack speed by 15% and reducing the global cooldown on all Death Knight abilities by 0.5 sec. Only one Presence may be active at a time. Faster attacks and faster global cooldowns on your abilities. So more Heart Strikes in a certain time period or other such abilities.

Tank/Off Tank role: The last presence is a tanking role specifically. It is Frost Presence. This presence increases armor contribution from items by 60%, total health by 10% and threat generated by 45%, and reducing spell damage by 5%. Only one Presence may be active at a time. Major increase in armor and increase in health are great things to have. The main things you want as a Tank or OT are defense defense defense. This means Dodge and Parry. DKs can’t get block because there is no shield. So we have to make up for it in dodge and parry. More armor and stamina follow these closely. The more you can be beat on and the more you can dodge an attack means a lot.  How do you keep aggro? There are a few abilities in your arsenal that you can use. Pestilence, Death and Decay, and Dark Command are the big ones here. Pestilence and Death and Decay are primarily AoE type spells that inflict damage and thus gain you aggro. Dark Command will redirect single mob to the Death Knight if not already attacking him. DKs have a little hard to gain aggro like a warrior or paladin would, BUT a DK can tank jsut as well or better as a Druid or maybe some Hunter pets.  Give it some practice and you will get a pattern down. The biggest problems I have run into are aggro stealers. This meaning purposefully trying to steal aggro away from a tank to gain bragging rights or “high” DPS. This also means accidental aggro stealing by attacking the wrong baddie or have some crits in a row. Do not get frustrated, just learn from the experiance and move on.

The three talent specs a DK can learn from are Blood, Frost, and Unholy. Blood centers around weapons, armor, and attacks. Frost centers around control, counters, and combos. Unholy centers around spells, diseases, and summoning. I am spec’d Blood. I won’t switch to anything else and I will explain this in the following.  In my opinion Blood is the main tanking spec. Yes all three specs can tank so do not think yo have to go out and respec.  Blood gives you several key abilities that will help you become a great tank as compared with the other trees.  Lets go down the list. Rune Tap refunds a portion of health in exchange for expending a blood rune. This ability can be added upon with Improved Rune Tap to give even more health. (I also have the Glyph of Rune Tap which gives 10% base health back to the party members you are with.  Mark of Blood places a banner on an enemy which causes the enemies target to gain a portion of health. Now if you are a tank then you are getting the health. Vampiric Blood increases the amount of health gained through attacks and spells for a duration of time. Heart Strike is an attack that deals damage plus more damage per disease on the target and also makes it so the target can not use haste effects. Sounds silly in instances tanking but helps out because it is high damage. The next abilities are nice to have in a spot. Hysteria causes a friendly target to have their physical damage dealt increased by 20% but at a cost. The target of Hysteria suffers 1% health damage per second this is on them. All great things come at a cost eh? Dancing Rune Weapon is a runic weapon wielded by mysterious forces…well it is a direct copy of your main hand weapon that does the same strikes you do for a duration of time.

Now many out there would say that frost is the tanking spec, but I have done my research. The first few tiers in the tree of frost give extra armor contribution, but this means anyone can get them and I highly recommend it no matter how you want to run your DK.  The rest of frost deals with crowd control or attack counters on your enemy or combos you can use.  Combos as in a string of attacks that would work well with each other resulting in high damage.

My own build is an almost full blood (meaning down to and including the last ability Dancing Rune Blade) and also going into frost and unholy one to two tiers. From frost you can gain more armor and from unholy you can gain more dodge.

Here is a fast run down of an example fight. Three mobs (Skull, X, and Triangle). Skull is a caster, X is a melee, and triangle is a melee. Use Death grip to pull skull to you. Then use Death and Decay at your feet to aggro X and Triangle. Use Icy Touch then Plague Strike to deal damage and lay diseases on your target. Then use Pestilence to spread those diseases to X and Triangle. At this time your aggro on all mobs should be sufficient to last the fight. If say Triangle gets away from you, then quickly select him and use Dark Command to pull him back to you and follow up with one attack then immediatly get back to Skull. Watch your diseases cause they help a lot with damage and with Death Strike.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please send Nexultor a message.

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I hate 133t speak….

Anyways, long time no blog.

I’m practicing my adaptablity to pugs. Other than that, yay new engineering recipes and Mustafah’s sending me an Eternal Belt Buckle. Dude, you rock.


Death Knight Analysis: Brought to you by Furyen/Nexultor.

He and I dueled the other day, we’re the same level and I can tell you right now, it was close, but they aren’t overpowered. I defeated him at each duel, and he’s a damned good player. So, to all of you that think Dk’s are overpowered, they aren’t, they’re just different. Just like every other class, different abilities, same pilot.

Furyen’s report: LATER THIS WEEK! Be prepared!

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