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So Davlin’s been getting tired of doing the same dailies over and over, and therefore, Lerytius, Dranei priest, has come out of the proverbial stable.

And he has respecced discipline.

AND HOLY FREAKIN CRAP! I take it all back. Leveling holy is stupid. Go, level discipline and rock the kasbah! I can kill ANYTHING! Characters three levels higher don’t even stand a chance. I just cast a personal bubble thingy, dot, dot, that thing like smite, and then smite. Dead.


And that makes Dav happy.


IN OTHER NEWS: 2 more days to get in your contest entries. Two more…

seriously…only one contestant so far…

tons of free stuff… I fail to see the hold up… If you’re lucky, we might (I doubt it, I like me some free stuff too…) might might might, push it back another week. But if it stays only one contestant, you can guarantee that she gets all the fun awards. So hurry up, write up a story, make a picture, be COOL and get free stuff.


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Contest update:

Two contests with great prizes…


No contestants yet and we’re about a week in…

Seriously, we’re giving away an Arthas:Rise of the Lich King book, a keychain, and a Papa Hummel’s Pet Biscuits card…plus a surprise.

Go here for rules.

Lets get the entries flying in folks. I like to give away things. Seriously, ask Nexultor where my car is!

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Alright, if you download tonight’s show, episode ten, the milestone of milestones. You’ll hear about two contests I threw out to y’all because I was a little drunk…


Anywho, the money where my mouth is and all that:

Contest 1: Design a banner for our podcast that incorporates both blogs and doesn’t involve any form of Copy Right Infringement. We’ll take the image we like the most, put it on a keychain and send y’all one. We’re cool like that.

Contest 2: Write a short story adventure about Nexultor and Davlin. More than 1000 words, but no limit as to how long. You can define short. If we get less than 10 entries submitted, we’ll post our top four favorites on our blogs, my two here, Nex’s two on his. If we get more than ten, we’ll pick one winner and send him or her a Loot Card, a Papa Hummel’s Pet Biscuit Card. If we get more than 20 we’ll add an Arthas: Rise of the Lich King book to it and invite you onto our show on the day we announce the winner to describe the process you went into to write the greatest story ever. No matter what though, we’ll post our 4 favorites.

The final date for submission is May 12th, as we’ll be announcing the winners on the show on May 13th.

Make us proud!

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Yuppers Davlin is actually working on Noble Garden! Can you believe it, the most boring of all the holiday achievements and Davlin is working on it! That’s two slams, I’m doing achievements and they are as boring as fishing.

Why is it boring?

You pick a spot, you wait for said spot to spawn an egg, you collect egg.

Rinse, repeat, about 400 times.

Why am I doing it?

I want a title. Davlin’s found no titles worth his effort except for “The Noble” and maybe one or two others that I just don’t have the ambition to work towards. So I’m putting myself through this very sexually laiden innuendo of Achievements (seriously, if I hear one more time of how cute it was that bunneh’s were getting it on while we’re running Naxx, I’m not only eating bunneh stew, but I’m darn well going to be carrying around a bunch of lucky baby bunneh feet) for the title. Woot, Here comes Davlin the Noble.

In other news, I’ve ran a great 25 man Naxx with a group of great folks this week. Freaking awesome. I only ended up with some nice pants, but it was still a fun run.

I’m also currently working on two new stories for Davlin. One spawned by BigBearButt’s contest that I didn’t notice until after it happened, and one based on Davlin’s trips into the Caverns Of Time.

I’m slow and lazy and a whole list of other things, so don’t expect a deadline, deadlines make it feel like work, work is no fun, and I won’t write the stories if they feel like work.

That’s how I roll.

Also, call out for edumacated bloggers who haven’t been interviewed before. We’re looking for someone who isn’t a hunter (we’ve done a lot of those lately) to come on and maybe talk shammies or pallies or rogues or about 9:00 central time (about when we do the interview) over skype during our live show. We kinda pulled a /shrug and forgot to ask anyone this week. So any help would be hot, otherwise I’ll be hitting up the “oldies, but goodies” file and finding us a comeback interview for our tenth, landmark, episode. Landmark and all that, I want it to at least be kinda good, so someone better durned well respond.

I’m thinking of doing a Make a Davlin Story contest too, thinking about it…it’ll have a prize, but Dav is poor, so don’t expect super duper, maybe some Pet Biscuit cards or something.

But just thinking about it, don’t get your panties in a bunch yet. Unless you’re into that kinda thing.


PS: Nexultor’s been getting very pissed off at Blizzard’s inability to fix his Talent Points issue. I suggest everyone go over to his blog at http://lvl80elite.wordpress.com and pick on him for getting his game messed up.

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