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Ok, so after a week off from WoW (it was a beautiful vavation), I played a bunch this weekend and got back into the swing of things. I even downloaded the Peggle addon. I encourage everyone to get this addon, its horribly addicting. I think I’ve also found a new balance with WoW and real life. WoW’s a nice real life break, Dav is good.

In other news, totally got my arse handed to me in Heroic Violet Hold. What the heck was that about? Stupid boss with floaty orbs of death loves destroying Hunter McGee. If I can walk into a 25 man and pull around 5000 dps of awesomeness, I sure as heck shouldn’t have a problem with some jerk with a light show fetish…

I was also in Arch 25  this weekend. Was quite fun and stressing at the same time. We had a bunch of guys that said the words “Only get in Vent if you don’t know the fight.” This was cool, most of us knew the Emulon fight, we were good to go. My buddy Dezaras, who’s tanking and boss knowledge is surpassed by no man, was asked to tank. He ran in there and everytime he had the boss on him, some douchebag named Abandonn would taunt him off. So then we wipe, Abandonn goes ape-poop crazy and starts yelling at Dezaras in the middle of the raid chat about how he sucks and how he should be in vent if he’s going to play stupid. 
Some guy shut Abandonn up, much to my happiness as I probably had the most foul mouthed response ever typed ready to be sent to chat, and we continued, with Dezaras (TANK EXTRAORDINARE) Dps’ing. Dual or not, if you’re good at making pies, nobody should ask you to bake a cake…

We never got Emulon. I blame jerks like Abandonn.

Stoopid monkey.

Anyways, Valorous Chain shirt thingy for hunters dropped off of Archavon. Two hunters, we roll. I roll a Davlin roll, the other hunter rolls a good roll.

Kiss my durned arse ye freakin Nelf.


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