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Yeah…I know Jaffa…but I keep talking about it and not doing it…


How about you let me make them some blind promises that I’ll fail to come through on, and I’ll let you eat that durned tauren leg I’ve been hiding from you?


Alrighty then, that’s more like it.

Anywho, I’m planning to write up a big post this weekend. It might seem like a trend, like “Hey Dav’s only doing it because they did,” but I promise you, I’ve totally been lazy and wanting to do this since January.


Oh, right,I should tell them what it is! I’m going to detail my talent build, why I chose things, and what alternatives you could choose if you don’t want to follow my reasoning. Maybe take a second explain BM’s role as of 3.1, and what a BM hunter can do with a dual spec option.

With the show and all sorts of other stuff going on (I NEED TO RAID!!!) I won’t give you a specific time this weekend. But it’ll be this weekend at some point.



…oh…Davlin and Jaffa!

Durned snake, if it wasn’t for him I’d never stay on task…


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You read the headline correct! Ghostcrawler of the Dev team over at Blizzard announced today that they had all come to the conclusion that they “Over-nerfed BM.” They’ve planned to buff BM before the opening of Ulduar by making changes to Kindred Spirits and Serpent Swiftness.

What does this mean?

It means that, yes, while our shots have been nerfed, Blizz recognizes that the hardest punch to the BM gut was the nerfing of Pet DPS. Thus the improvement of Kindred Spirits will make pet damage better and Serpent Swiftness will give us a bit more haste, which is awesome, since if we shoot faster, we do more damage over time.

They won’t return us to anything near pre-3.0.8, AND I DON’T WANT THEM TO. Our pets were the problem and our current shot rotation as BM, while weaker than what it was, is more efficient. A boost to pet damage and haste is just what the doctor ordered.

We’ll still see a lot…and I mean a lot of QQ, but heck, I’m pretty sure that this pardigm shift that we call 3.0.8 was just shifted in our favor, so maybe the QQ will quiet down a little.

You’ll hear me rant more about this in next week’s podcast, I promise.

I’m so excited I could cry.

Eresin, I do hope that you haven’t respecced Survival yet.

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