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Its amazing that the resignation of one man can have such an effect.

Thank you BRK.

Now everyone reading this go to his blog and watch the tribute video made by Teremity Jane. Go now. Its amazing.



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Bye Bye BRK!

Hey all, BIGREDKITTY, aka Daniel Howell, it retiring from WoW for a while to work on his real life rep points.

First of all, you’ll be missed, sorely, everyday the first blog I check is BRK’s. You’re the reason I started my blog and podcast, and you’re the reason I know more than nothing (Which is ten times more then I knew pre-BRK) about my class and class mechanics. Most importantly though, I think that its a beautiful thing that you, as a leader of the WoW and blogging community, took this step and moment in time to point out the importance of real life and real life relationships and how life is more important than any game. You will be missed, but more than anything, you’re respected. Keep up the good work buddy.

Second of all, its gonna take a lot of hunter bloggers a lot of work to fill that void. Y’all, here’s your call out!


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Wow, there’s so much to report on since the release has come out. I’ll try to sum up everything I’ve done and some of my goals.

  • I’ve explored all of Borean Tundra.
  • I saw a Tuskar repair guy, I went to repair, next thing I know I’m in Dragonblight…Turtle Boats, Dav want.
  • I’ve done almost all of the Borean Tundra Quests.
  • I’ve ran Nexus with Meleah, Mustafah, Furyen, and Dezaras. See previous post for Dance Party.
  • I guilted everyone into putting more money into the guild bank.
  • In a silly effort to find…flightpaths?…Dalaran…? I don’t remember….Mustafah and I searched most of Sholazar Basin. Found Nesingwary, and discovered that fighting level 77’s isn’t that hard….yay PVP gear and kickbuttedness.
  • Have only leveled to 71.5. I’m happy with that. Taking my time has been more entertaining than I thought it was.
  • I’ve made friends with Murlocs….it upsets and excites me….I can understand them now too….makes me want to go back to Wetlands and see if I understand them when they yell at me.
  • I’ve said the words, “They are so cute.” in reference to Murloc babies.
  • I’ve learned that Orcas will NOT teleport you to Dalaran….and am laughing because I told a bunch of people in General chat that they do… (thanks BRK)
  • I’ve taken screenshots that I need to post.
  • Thanks to Engineering, I now have more toys than ever (I’m Batman).
  • I’ve seen Jaffa level, and it made me very happy.
  • I got a Rhino, his name is Carl.
  • Gold is easy to get in Northrend, and I think this is why mammoth mounts cost 20k.
  • I’m still fighting the good fight against DEHTA (I killed me some mammoths….even the babies….it gave me the “covered in blood” buff….Yay!)
  • ….sigh….Made a DeathKnight. He looks exactly like Davlin, his name is Davlinster. I’m original like that. No Jaffa….that saddens me….this DK obviously lacks taste.
  • Helped a hunter find a kickbutt worm pet. Dueled him, defeated him. I still rock.
  • Made an explosive decoy
  • Ran Old Hillsbrad dressed like a female gnome with a Beehide hairdo because the Old Hillsbrad instance won’t let you enter as a Female Dranei. I was a female dranei because of a transporter malfunction….sadly….this happens a lot….
  • Went AFK in the middle of a bunch of level 70’s and 71’s to make dinner, came back ten minutes later and there were corpses all around my body, and Jaffa was just finishing with the last one…Good Jaffa…you still rock.
  • Thanked Elune for the Teleporters and Hearth stone, now I can make it anywhere with just the click of the button, unlike all you other guys who have to wait for boats or find Dalaran. HAHA. I WIN!

I’m pretty sure that’s everything I’ve done that’s noteworthy, although its easy to see that I might have been forgetting something. I’m contemplating moving on from Borean Tundra to the Howling Fjord or Sholazar Basin after I’ve finished this ton of quests (at about 10 left now I think, although they could easily be chain starts). We’ll see… But I shall fully explore every aspect of this game in all my Huntery Goodness. Death Knight Davlinster be Darned!


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