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That whole live thing we talked about in the podcast? Looks like its coming true. Stay tuned for show times and all the what-not. When we know, you know. Jaffa’s nervous, but I keep telling him, its just like the podcast, sit back there and look pretty and I promise no one will laugh at you (or know you are there).

I’m taking a picture of Eresin’s gift to me, CheekyBeasty, tonight and posting it just as soon.

Other than that, not too much happened last night in WoW. I ran a few lower levels (78) through Halls of Lightning. Yay! Things died because I shot them. That’s about it. Then, as a premptive strike (since I’m sure someone is going to suggest some sort of Huge BRK run) I went and made another Davlin on BRK’s server and started leveling him up. He’s a 4. I only played for about 20 minutes. I was tired.

That’s about it. Tonight, I think, is OS 10 man and Archavon 10 man. Rock on!



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Davlin hasn’t raided much.

There… I tored the bandaid….its over, you know.

Until tonight!!

I got to do my first Obsidian Sanctum (ten man) and I ROCKED THE DPS CHARTS!

I got to get into Archavon and Archavon Heroic. ROCKED THE DPS CHARTS THERE TOO!!

I’m just really happy and thought I’d share. I didn’t walk away with much…but I kinda did. Yay Bag!

Oh and I totally did my first 25 man Naxx last night too. So I’m rocking it hardcore.

The Naxx thing reminds me. I’m not a Survival Spec hunter, so I need a question answered: Is Patchwerk a good place to place traps that will proc your Lock and Load ability? It would seem to me like Patchwerk would be a great place to use trap dancing yet I saw a survival hunter just sitting back and doing nothing, of course… I also noted that on our second wipe, he never brought his pet into the fight…which, as many of BRK’s survival specced fans have pointed out, pets are about 15-20% of a survival hunter’s DPS. So that’s just silly. I think this guy just got into the group because he knew the right folks. Needless to say though, that aside, What about lock and load? Is it a viable strategy for survival hunters against Patchwerk?

Anywho, OS10, awesome, Arch 10& 25, awesome as well, Naxx 25, pretty fun, although hardly fruitful.

Here’s a nice pic:


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Met him…

RanĀ  ten man Archavon last night. It rocked. I didn’t get anything, but it was a blast.

Other than that, not much new to report.

I was much too tired to do too much last night. But I did spend a good deal of time working on my two-handed axes skill. And, praise be to Elune, it paid off. Yay Master of Arms achievement that GIVES ME NOTHING. /sigh at achievements.

In other news:I rolled a tauren druid, not for the class, the race, or boredom. I wanted to meet Ezra. I’m happy I did. Here’s a pic.


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