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/sigh Durned website teases me…


In other news, here’s a fan pic from a shammy in my guild, *Shranea* of her favorite wind serpent, and mine, JAFFA.

Thanks Shranea!


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Durned Holidays and their durned achievements.

That’s right I said durned, wanna fight about it.

In the spirit of aiding all you fools for love. Here’s a guide over at WoW Insider.

In all fairness, I was fond of this for the reason that it gave me a reason to come back from the fighting and visit my darling, Myra Turngaarde. Mmm She’s got great…bread. I remember there’s that thing where you give someone something and make them your sweetheart. I gave all of mine to her. Yay dwarf romance.

And yay Love is in the Air, it means I get to take a break and go visit her.

Yeah, Jaffa gets jealous, until she tosses him some bread. He loves bread.


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Over at BlogAzeroth.com, good ole Pixelated Executioner, everyone’s favorite arms specced warrior, went and challenged all of us bloggers to discuss the achievement system and our opinions on it.

Dav’s official opinion?

Achievements suck.

Now let’s get to the heart of the situation. I don’t actually hate achievements. I just hate useless achievements. “Look, I got a haircut, here’s an award.”

When Davlin was just a wee little dwarf, beard barely a foot long, his mother came over to him and gave him a haircut. She nicked his ears with those rusted blades and he had lockjaw for about a week or two. Did Davlin get any type of reward? Nope, he got shots every night before bed and had to eat meat through a straw.

On the other hand: “Davlin has completed the Achievement [Heroic: Utgarde Keep]” and all of the achievements that show that you actually achieved something awesome, something you had to work for, are all achievements that I like. When I got the Karazhan Achievement, I was yelling and wooping like there was no tomorrow. When I got the “Bought 7 bank tabs” achievement, I was beside myself with how useless it was.

On that same hand: Its my sincere belief that Blizzard is trying to make this game more fun for the casual players out there, the ones who don’t want to run Heroic Naxx, or get that Red Proto Drake. For this reason, I understand and almost like achievements. They give a different type of gamer from myself a type of fun goal, something to play with. Like the Companion Pet achievements, if you’re all about new toys, that’s an achievement that you’ll like.

As for Davlin though, achievements are too broad. Getting achievements should be reserved for when you do something that’s super difficult. An achievement should be like a title: You go out, do the remarkable thing and get known as “Davlin, the Guy who Slayed Onyxia by himself!” as opposed to “Davlin, the Guy who…got…a…haircut?”

But most importantly, the achievements are known. There’s no real reward if you know what you’re going to get. A friend of mine got the Superior Achievement last night (where you are wearing an item of 185 value or higher in every slot), she didn’t even know she had gotten close to it, or that it had even existed. For that reason, she was really excited to get it. It was a surprise; a reward for getting all pimped out. They need to make it so that we can’t see what achievements that we can get and instead make it so we can only see what achievements we already have. If the achievements were more of a surprise we’d all feel more rewarded.

Davlin’s opinion? Handing out achievements all willy nilly lowers their value, while at the same time gives casual players to do.

Hmmm. As I think more about this, maybe I understand it more. Maybe the simpler achievements are there only for the casual players, while the more hardcore are supposed to ignore them and be proud of their hard-work achievements.

Davlin’s revised opinion? To each their own. Achievements aren’t for me, but I also can’t stop myself from looking at mine and comparing them to everyone elses.

Davlin’s Encouraged Wishes to Blizzard? Class specific achievements, that are hard…and offer title rewards….such as…

…Davlin of Nesingwary…darn you Blizz….make it happen now.

I think I would stop caring about everything in this game that might even think about getting on my nerves if I could get that title. Y’all wanna see Davlin jump off of the highest peak bare butt naked? Get him that title?

Oh…you don’t want to see it? That works too….If you don’t want to see Davlin jump off of the highest peak bare butt naked then get him that title. Either way…

Oh yeah…achievements: Whatever, to each their own. I’ll like them when I get my hunter title.

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