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See, told you I was pretty.



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Davlin of Nesingwary

Alright folks, my greatest Achievement has arrived. I’ve succeeded in getting the only achievement in game that matters to me. I present to you….


Yeah, I know, loooooooong overdue. So sue me. The “hard” part and only reason I didn’t have it was that those “Green Hills of Stranglethorn” pages were annoying the first time I saw the quest, and I skipped Nesingwary all together.

Now for what matters.

Achievement Earned. Where’s my title of “Davlin of Nesingwary?”

Blizzard, its the only thing I want. Take away all of my toys and make me start over if you have to, just give me that title.

Its the only title I want. Until you officially give it to me, I’m going to unofficially go by that title.

I am Davlin of Nesingwary.

Rocking out.

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Merry Christmas!!! Happy Winter’s Veil!!! It is here and with it a ton of achievements. Feel free to ask your guildies to tag along to help you out with them.  If you’d like all the quick and dirty ways to complete each achievement, then yay, Dav is here to help. Here’s a link to WoW Insider’s Winter’s Veil Achievement list. Go there and you’ll see the easy answer to every achievement!!


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Dual Specs are coming. Achievement loot is coming. Probably around the time of patch 3.1.0. We’re currently looking at getting hit in the face by patch 3.0.8. So be patient.

Meanwhile, you can read up on this stuff here.

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Ready for silly  yet difficult achievement number one:

Defeat Ragefire Chasm. Jaffa and I ran in, him on aggressive, smashed it flat, the hard part was getting there. Nothing like rezzing 4 times and using rocket boots to fly into RFC. Crazy I tell you! Crazy!!!

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