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Has been mighty fine.

I signed on, all excited…and got booted…and then signed on again….and got booted….and got booted and got booted…and then….RAN TO THE FLIGHT PATH IN DALARAN AND TOOK OFF.

As soon as I left Dalaran and all those lesser beings trying to sign on at the same time I was, I was fine. I immediately went to Stormwind via teleporter to Netherstorm and than flight path to Shattrah…because come on…Shattrah’s dead…

Call Stabled Pet, 25 gold. Respec Jaffa and Frejya, Dav happy. I’m 100% sure that I’ll be able to get more dps out of them then before, and thanks to Call Stabled Pet, I can afford to test Jaffa in an instance, and if it doesn’t work out, just trade him out for Frejya, she won’t mind sitting bench for a few runs.

Tried to get a good idea of my dps from a target dummy…but Nexultor wouldn’t sit still, so I hit up a real target dummy at Stormwind and the lag kinda made it difficult. I can generally say though that either my DPS is the same, or slightly more thanks to pet attacks.

I have not yet bought dual specs to institute my “attempt.” But as soon as I hit the next 1000 I might….or I might buy those awesome bracers off the AH that drop in Naxx as a BOE. We’ll see….depends on my day.

But mostly…


I spent last night farming.

Can’t do jack if you ain’t got money, and everyone needs stuff on patch day.

Oh, then of course I remembered you could get schematics out of Gnomer now, and ran there to do my monthly run.

I’m a proud owner of the Pet Bombling Schematic now…and soon…the world…

And I’m stoked about the awesome amount of bag space I have now. Seriously, Yay bullet stacking and autoshot haste increase. Dav happy. And everyone knows that a happy Dav makes the world a great place.


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That being said. I’m kinda excited about the patch. Can’t wait to download it. I can’t wait to never use an ammo pouch again. I’m so using Call Stabled Pet as soon as I can. I’m so excited. Gotta do some more show notes and get ready for the Rilgon prerecorded interview tonight. Show tomorrow, at Nukmnation.com at 9 eastern time. Feel free to join us in the chat room!


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Ok, BRK is in an uproar about the new changes mentioned on the PTR, and I normally like to avoid them, but I think these, plus his reaction, warrant a call out of mine own.



They did what they said they would. Marksman got a plus in mana regen. A very nice plus…a “make Davlin jealous” plus.

What’s with the 15% haste in auto shot for marksman? Is that where their throwing the ammo pouch haste bonus?

Survival is getting its explosive shot nerf. Just like they said. Why? Because Blizz believes that they are pulling too much damage. I hate nerfs as much as anyone, but hey, this one doesn’t sound too bad.

Gorilla pummel got nerfed. Why? Because hunters saw it and immediately screamed “PVP!” Could you imagine how insane it would be, trying to cast against a gorilladin hunter? Yeah, Blizz can, so they nerfed it. Why is BRK freaking out? I’m completely unsure. I mean, he doesn’t even like pvp.

Maybe he’s upset at the Explosive shot nerf, especially since, when I checked him out today, he was back into survival.

Personally, I am a little upset by stoneform nerf (no longer 8 second immunity to diseases and poisons and bleed effects after casting it) but I’ll deal, as long as it still cleans the stuff off of me.

Why aren’t I upset?

Because the specs are leveling out, all becoming beautifully viable options, no matter what you choose (and there were no destructive BM nerfs).

Sounds to me like Blizz is getting things right for 3.1.

Dav hopes so.

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