Isn’t she pretty?

So this is nice.


But more importantly, now I’ve gotta get me a durned better gun than Nesingwary 4000.

In other news, Davlin’s been put on the shelf so his real life avatar can play in the sunshine. Turns out that when spring hits, I don’t like playing video games quite as much. I think I’ve signed on twice for half hour periods since last Thursday. Supposed to do Naxx 25 tonight if the group that does it is getting organized.

Maybe I’ll find some incentive to play more, but I’m kinda enjoying the whole not playing.


I could become a LARPer…

haha…Not gonna happen…


What’s up?

Ok, haven’t been up to much.  At all, I needed a WoW break this weekend, and that’s what I did. So here’s a meme:

Davlin was tagged by Rilgon:

1 – Go to “wikipedia.” Hit “random… Read More”
or click Here
The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.
2 – Go to “Random quotations”
or click Here
The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.
3 – Go to flickr and click on “explore the last seven days”
or click Here
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.
4 – Use photoshop or similar to put it all together.’


album cover


I tag Zaralin, Nexultor, Eresin, Sideshow and Syrana (Both) and that guy in the chair way in the back of the Auditorium….yeah, you…don’t look all shy…you’re tagged…deal with it.

SAY WHAT?!?!?!

THE PEOPLE: We want new engineering goggles! These suck!
BLIZZARD: What did they say?

MiniBLIZZARD: Ahh, well sir, they said they love their goggles, they feel they are overpowered now, and thank you.

BLIZZARD: Oh? I kinda thought they sucked…well let’s do what we do…Um…go ahead and nerf them…as a matter of fact, get rid of that whole stealth detection thing. I mean…who uses it?

MiniBLIZZARD: Aye aye, sir. *snicker*

The PEOPLE: WTF?!?!? You just nerfed the goggles!!! NOW THEY SUCK MORE!!!!
BLIZZARD: What did they say?

MiniBLIZZARD: They said “Thanks for Armor Penetration and the Stackable Ammo,” now they feel really overpowered…


But seriously…you’re nerfing our stealth detection on our goggles? I mean come on! That was the cool factor. Yeah, they look cool, but what do they do? Not much, so we could always say “Yeah, but look at that: STEALTH DETECTION.” And noobs would be all “ZOMG!11! DAT ROX!!” And we’d snicker and be happy.

What does Blizzard do? They get rid of that all together.

I’m slightly miffed.



So the live show is no more. Too much strain to get everything right, too much strain to have a specific time, and way too much strain to make two hours of material. Not to mention that evenings in the middle of a work week are kind of difficult.

That being said, the podcast will still go on, but just no longer live. Nukm’s still hosting the show for us, and they, as always, still offer to host anyone elses’ podcast that is interested in making one, free of charge.

This show will be up and ready sometime today (I’m guessing), I’m still waiting for NukmNation to pop it up on their feed for us.

As for the Future of Epic Dwarven Blogger Elite show? Still kicking ass and taking names. Just no longer live, and no longer every Wednesday (Although we will still be weekly). Also, our experience with NukmNation.com was wonderful, and is far from over, as we still are hosting the podcast over there, and I encourage all you wanna be podcasters to go on over there if you are looking for some awesome people to work with. I love podcasting, very addictive, the show shall go on.

In slightly different news, the Contests are extended two weeks. We had one contestant, the lovely Eresin, and she shall be recieving a prize for being the best and only contestant that got everything in by the due date. If, in 2 weeks, she’s the only one still, we’ll send her everything. Piles of free stuff, I just don’t get why y’all ain’t running at this.

On another front, check out Eresin’s Slide on the River Clyde!

Donate to her, and you can donate to the MS-Bike Ride thingy I’m doing off to the side bar here.

Also, Davlin is definitely looking forward to knowing who all is going to BlizzCon. I’d love to see pictures from everyone who’s going.


Naxx Loot! Woot!

Dav ran in, guns a blazin!

Noth the Plaguebringer didn’t stand a chance.

And on Noth’s last, dying breath, he said “Dav, take this butt-kickin chest piece.”
And Dav did.


That being said, I’ve been running with this pug three different times, great guys, but this is only the second piece in three clears that I’ve gotten. I also had to respec a bit so that I could get more points in Focused Aim to make up for the sudden loss in Hit Rating that switching chest pieces got me.

All is well now though, and I’m rocking the new chest piece. Tonight we kick some more Naxx booty!



So Davlin’s been getting tired of doing the same dailies over and over, and therefore, Lerytius, Dranei priest, has come out of the proverbial stable.

And he has respecced discipline.

AND HOLY FREAKIN CRAP! I take it all back. Leveling holy is stupid. Go, level discipline and rock the kasbah! I can kill ANYTHING! Characters three levels higher don’t even stand a chance. I just cast a personal bubble thingy, dot, dot, that thing like smite, and then smite. Dead.


And that makes Dav happy.


IN OTHER NEWS: 2 more days to get in your contest entries. Two more…

seriously…only one contestant so far…

tons of free stuff… I fail to see the hold up… If you’re lucky, we might (I doubt it, I like me some free stuff too…) might might might, push it back another week. But if it stays only one contestant, you can guarantee that she gets all the fun awards. So hurry up, write up a story, make a picture, be COOL and get free stuff.

Episode 11 is up!

Episode 11 (Not Live!) is up and running.

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