Out To Lunch

Davlin’s been major afk lately. This can be explained as: I haven’t been playing. In all fairness, I’m having way too much fun in not playing.

The sun is shining.

Movie madness has been happening.

Tons of new books to read.

Resident Evil 4 has caught my attention.

Heck, the new Ghostbusters game came out yesterday!

Mostly though, WoW just doesn’t do it for me lately and that includes blogging.

Am I still playing? Yup, I sign on at least for a few minutes on most nights just to check on the guild and whatnot.

Is the Blog closing? Heck no! Its a hiatus. Meaning that, until further notice, I’m out to lunch. Plus Blizzcon is coming up, maybe I’ll do some long distance investigative journalism on that.

But Davlin, dearest of all bloggers,we need our Epic Dwarven Fix! Where might we find you? Well, y’all can always e-mail me, at davlinrocks@yahoo.com that address will still be up and I will still be reading and replying to them. There’s a few of you that I would just be saddened not to ever hear from anymore! I actually write for two other blogs, and have been slacking there too, I’ll try to pick it up. If you really really really really really really really really really really really need a Davlin fix you can follow me at those places at http://Sexyarchaeology.org or http://spazenport.livejournal.com/ . Just let it be noted that my PG-13 writing style doesn’t follow to the Livejournal site. Davlin’s got a potty mouth sometimes.

But Davlin! What about the podcast? That’s on a hiatus as well. Not playing, nothing to talk about, maybe I’ll talk Nexultor into doing episodes by himself  (because one of us would be soooo much more entertaining than two….riiiiight…).

Anywho, Hiatus. Blog isn’t closed, just out to lunch.

I like being loved, so feel free to leave really upset/gonna stalk and “miss you” type comments hellbent on inflating mine ego.



Know your Role!

There are tons of different types of guilds. Recently, my guild’s role came into question from some of its members. Several members were upset that we don’t ever get any good raid groups together, or plan for anything that’s a guild only run. At this I scolded “Read our Rules Page!”

Our guild is a self-proclaimed “Family Oriented/Social” guild. Our focus is to have fun and chat. That’s it. If a raid happens: Great! If not: So?

That being said, it brought to my attention that, no matter how many times you ask people to do it, its rare for guildies to actually go and check out any webpage that you might have put together. Because of this in-guild lethargy, many might be surprised when you say “Stop the chatter, we’re trying to PVP here!” or “Stopest Thou Chatter-est! We’re Attempting to RP here…est!”

So here’s a memo: Remind your guildies your guild’s role.

If you want, you can use this example I used:

Guilds are like towns, in which different job opportunities are available. If you come to my town, you’ll find a social type of job opportunity. But if you go to monsterjobs.com and find that a better job is being offered from some PVP or Raiding town, we aren’t going to chase you to the gates with pitchforks. Instead, we’ll wish you luck, and keep the phone lines clear for when you wanna call and catch up on old times, or maybe for when you need some folks for a PUG.

My guild isn’t a prison that you have to stay in until you die. My guild’s a home. Sooner or later, all the little birdies leave the nest.



So here’s a fun fact about Davlin you may not have known:

I’ve never really been to Malygos.

That’s not 100% true, I’ve fought him down to about 90%, but that was a while ago and that shouldn’t count.

So yesterday though I got invited to ten man Maly and decided “Foshizzle yeah!”

We went in, a few wipes to learn it…

a few more wipes, make it farther, learning more.

Dude, I’m totally flying a dragon with an energy bar like a rogue…

Wipe again…

two more times…

Got him to about 35%…

Screw it. I’ve spent too long and too much money on this fight to keep on wiping. Called it quits. But I know the fight now folks. So anyone wanting some Davlin action in their Malygos runs, gimme a holler.

I’m the Dav-man and I know how to kill!



I’m pretty sure I haven’t played since the Podcast (episode 13). I’ve been proudly distracted by life. I’m not gone folks, just a little /Afk.

Please standby.

That being said, here’s something that tickled me pink over at Wow.com:

“Ghostcrawler said last night that they “think it’s probably time to let pets scale, to some extent, with resilience and spell pen.” In fact, he says they have a new pet scaling system, and “assuming it works” (which seems like something they ought to be able to make work), they should be able to make the pet scale off of “all relevant stats” of the master.”

So…Davlin’s going to start looking for defense…get his tanking stuff up?


Cuz I haz crazee.


Nexultor and I broke the podcasting hiatus and brought you an episode last night.

Check it out http://nukmnationgamers.com/podcast/?p=episode&name=2009-05-28_2009_528_episode13.mp3 !


Yawn and Stretch…

Guess I should record a podcast tonight announcing Contest winners and talking general news…

Just gotta stop yawning…



Ok, so after a week off from WoW (it was a beautiful vavation), I played a bunch this weekend and got back into the swing of things. I even downloaded the Peggle addon. I encourage everyone to get this addon, its horribly addicting. I think I’ve also found a new balance with WoW and real life. WoW’s a nice real life break, Dav is good.

In other news, totally got my arse handed to me in Heroic Violet Hold. What the heck was that about? Stupid boss with floaty orbs of death loves destroying Hunter McGee. If I can walk into a 25 man and pull around 5000 dps of awesomeness, I sure as heck shouldn’t have a problem with some jerk with a light show fetish…

I was also in Arch 25  this weekend. Was quite fun and stressing at the same time. We had a bunch of guys that said the words “Only get in Vent if you don’t know the fight.” This was cool, most of us knew the Emulon fight, we were good to go. My buddy Dezaras, who’s tanking and boss knowledge is surpassed by no man, was asked to tank. He ran in there and everytime he had the boss on him, some douchebag named Abandonn would taunt him off. So then we wipe, Abandonn goes ape-poop crazy and starts yelling at Dezaras in the middle of the raid chat about how he sucks and how he should be in vent if he’s going to play stupid. 
Some guy shut Abandonn up, much to my happiness as I probably had the most foul mouthed response ever typed ready to be sent to chat, and we continued, with Dezaras (TANK EXTRAORDINARE) Dps’ing. Dual or not, if you’re good at making pies, nobody should ask you to bake a cake…

We never got Emulon. I blame jerks like Abandonn.

Stoopid monkey.

Anyways, Valorous Chain shirt thingy for hunters dropped off of Archavon. Two hunters, we roll. I roll a Davlin roll, the other hunter rolls a good roll.

Kiss my durned arse ye freakin Nelf.